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  1. The only numbering change that should happen is allowing WRs to wear 1-9. To avoid any further numbering changes, team should simply unretire jersey numbers, which is an unsustainable concept, as, over time, they will just run out of numbers. A 315lb DT wearing number 6 is stupid. A QB wearing #95 is stupid. A CB wearing #99 is stupid. There is a numbering system for a reason. It's amazing that some of the same people who flip out over half a sock not being white, are okay with obliterating a traditional numbering system that helps identify positional players on the field, makes the rules of the game more manageable and enforceable, and facilitates continuing tradition.
  2. I understand keeping the helmet, but this is a pretty fantastic concept.
  3. Absolute shame they didn't keep this as their Away and add a Home built on the same design. The 1-color block numbers, black neckband, and black sleeves made this one of the great uniforms over the past several years. These will still be an upgrade, but the new number font is terrible compared to this traditional block font and the white/orange 2-color setup takes away from the stripes. They could've kept this uniform, switched the "B" to "BENGALS", changed the stripes to orange & black, and added a black jersey with orange or white 1-color numbers and had a terrific, timeless set. And, there's just no need for an Orange Alt whatsoever.
  4. Remove the number outlines on these, and keep the current White Color Rush as either the official Away set or just retain it as their CR set. Big believer in that the 2nd color outline on the number competes too much with the bengal stripes; uniform should be simple, black & white, with pops of orange (Swoosh, team name, logo) unless it's in the bengal stripe panel, which I agree, should only be on the pant. I also feel that there's no need for an Orange jersey or pant.
  5. Judging off that picture alone, his jersey is just tight against his pads due to double-sided tape. Linemen have used this for years to keep their jersey tight against their pads so other linemen can't grab it. I didn't watch the game, so maybe I'm wrong, but I don't believe this is an image of his numbers "peeling off".
  6. So weird that they're wearing their Aqua jerseys only 2 times. That's less than they're wearing throwbacks.
  7. Yes it most definitely is. Hopefully the Chiefs wear their White pants for it, which they haven't worn with White jerseys in awhile.
  8. I'd be shocked, since it would not compliment the silly "shard" of Green on the jersey. Sadly, this is an upgrade we won't get. As another commented, the NFL Equipment patch signifies this is official practice gear.
  9. Nike's "Authentics" line has been severely delayed by COVID-19 factory closures. We sell it to our college & high school customers and plenty of it has not delivered or delivered complete yet. It typically delivers in late May/June. However, a good deal of the new fanwear is available on Fanatics so not all of it is delayed, and the NFL & premier NCAA programs will get their gear first, as they book it earlier.
  10. MOD EDIT: That is enough. This is not the place for that discussion.
  11. Yes, let's forego all the meaning, history, and symbolism of the capitol city of the greatest nation on Earth, and instead honor its pride & joy: the subway system.
  12. I don't mind it. MOD EDIT: Let's try to avoid the rhetoric. Thanks.
  13. Red Wolves makes absolutely no sense to me and seems more generic than Warriors.
  14. Rumor has it that they're going away from Native American imagery entirely, which is probably the right move, so I don't think we'll see Braves, Warriors, etc. That being said, I don't think the team goes "patriotic" either, because the colors don't jive with it. When you think of USA, you don't think of.....Maroon & Gold. Unless they decide to change the colors. That's why it's the perfect time to rebrand. I would go nameless in 2020...it's going to be a screwed up season anyway...with the old leather-look helmet and no mascot/team name. Scrap the Redskins uniform and wear throwbacks all year long, minus the sleeve logo. Make this the last ride in Maroon & Gold. Then, I would rebrand as something that is more aligned with our nation's capitol. Color scheme? NAVY SATIN GOLD GREY Military-inspired uniform. Borrow some elements from the Army-Navy Game and that rivalry. Dress Blues & Greys. Not overly patriotic (the Patriots have that on lock) since Gold would be in place of Red, but making the team respectful and in tribute to our nation's military and the ideals of our nation's principals of equality, strength, honor, and loyalty would really bring the franchise a lot of goodwill. With some creativity (either a White helmet or rules change allowing for alt helmet), they could even work out a way to have an Army Green alt uniform...no one else has done it (except Army West Point) and "Medium Olive" has officially been added as a Nike Team color and is available for use in custom uniforms nationwide now. The Naval Academy is 30 minutes from FedEx Field. Hundreds of thousands of military members, active & retired, likely live & work in the DC area. Pay homage to their service. [MOD EDIT: Unnecessary political statement.]
  15. While I don't like it, it is logical. I'm sure somewhere, the Anti-Pork mob would be ready to pick up their pitchforks. Or at the very least, PETA.
  16. One suggestion that I read and liked was to not choose a new name immediately - let this breathe for awhile and let people get over the Redskins name being gone - and go nameless, logo-less for 1-2 years. They could bring back the "leather look" helmet full-time. And they could take the appropriate amount of time to do focus-groups with fans and complete the appropriate research and legwork to land on, as the team said today, the right name for the next 100 years. If that means changing the colors and uniforms, so be it. In my opinion, as long as they keep those, fans will always cling to them being the Redskins. Personally I feel this whole thing is insane, but they're changing, so it is what it is...the mob won. Hopefully they've had a longstanding plan, and that this won't be rushed.
  17. GREAT work. So much better. Again, insane that the powers that be couldn't figure this out. So simple.
  18. I said this way earlier in the thread, and this shows why it works so well. Black helmet, black jersey, black socks....grey pants. It's a tremendous look, and translates well to the White jersey/socks. The fact that this didn't happen shows that the world is run by the wrong people.
  19. These would've been 100% acceptable. Invert the body to Royal and the numbers to Gold/Yellow for the Home, and could've called it a day.
  20. Can't defend Nike or the Rams or the NFL on this one. It looks like at some point, they had a good solid set, but at a roundtable others insisted on shoehorning stuff in. The left chest patch is horrific, as is the back neck patch. Those look like last minute add-ons that someone insisted on. The Bone is interesting, but White would have been so clean, as shown in the mock-up above. I actually really like the helmet, and the Royal jersey from the shoulders up is not bad at all, but from there down it gets tough. The number design I like, but I hate the font, and I absolutely hate the gradient. The Gold pants have an acceptable side stripe pattern, but they go all to hell on the Royal pants and Bone pants. The worst part is that the elements from home to away or alternate don't match. The shoulder design, tv numbers, numbers front & back, and pant stripes should ALWAYS match between home/away/alt. This is just an egregious error and I can't believe the NFL actually approved it. Good work ruined by trying to get too much :censored: in. Like the rest of the redesigns this year, these are a few tweaks away from being really good, but sadly, we don't get to fix them.
  21. The Grey pants are absolutely needed. I don't care about the TV numbers, but we've gotta have those Grey pants.
  22. They've definitely upgraded. Makes the previous sets look really 90's-dated. They look good.
  23. Any date on a Rams reveal? Assuming with the Draft starting tomorrow night, we could be surprised today.
  24. It's just too busy having both a helmet number AND a logo. Even if the logo is an arched bolt. If you're going to do a helmet number, it needs to stand alone. I think these are going to look funky in real life. Anxious to see the rest of the numbers in the font set. They could've scrapped the unnecessary Royal completely and just added in a Powder pant in lieu of the Yellow pant and had: Powder over White Powder over Powder White over White White over Powder Navy CR Oh well. Still an upgrade.