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  1. It's not my favorite rebrand, New England, but I honestly think about anything would be an improvement on Crayola. That's just me. I don't hate it, the "R" works, I just don't get the wavy lines to it. Saw one a few years ago that was drop-dead gorgeous, it was a roundel with a Revolutionary-era New England flag waving and I thought it was incredible, but I can't find it now. Bummer. Also this one on behance is pretty great imo, though I get why they wouldn't want to play up the "gun" part today. Credit https://www.behance.net/gallery/74933341/New-England-Revolution-Rebranding
  2. Imagine how much better that Colo kit would be if they made the lines visible in the dark green, or at least more visible if nothing else. The colors are nice so it's not bad, but the pattern is lost so completely you won't even be able to see it on broadcast closeups.
  3. The Lavender actually does look pretty good, smart call. I think the Orange would make sense given the Hendrix link, and seeing the logos in all-orange makes me wish that was how it actually ended up looking. If they ditched the Hendrix link altogether, then that blue number in the bottom right is the best of all of those kits there. That'd be toff man.
  4. with seattle, I like the pattern, it's the color balancing up-top that bothers me. If they put the crest, adidas, and sleeve logos/sponsors in the pure orange, then had the shoulder stripes with that like orange-yellow lava lamp look like on the inside of the sleeve cuff, this kit would be complete and utter flames. The balance is just all off for me as it is. With LA, it's amazing how getting a decent looking sponsor can honestly elevate what would otherwise be a pretty bland (if clean) kit. The away kit doesn't look half bad now. Still pretty boring, but at least less so than before.
  5. I think this is one of those instances where the sponsor helps the kit. I don't know what it is but it definitely looks better with than without it.
  6. Man, That Sounders kit is some doo. I get the history, and the story, and I dig that part of it, but they could've just used the orange/gold color from the album for the logos and stripes instead of using the orange shoulder and almost like dehydrated-piss yellow for the crest. I don't get the usage, and it definitely makes the crest itself look pretty horrific.
  7. LAFC kit dropping Sunday the 28th. With the sponsor, it'll be interesting to see how it all shakes out. Based on the leaks it looks better on the home kit than the YT-TV logo, so at least in principle I'm not against it, though I was still hoping for Tesla. Also, the stadium is still Banc of California branded even though the deal ended early. Wonder how that'll go. "Tesla Field" doesn't sound too bad, but it'll always be The Banc.
  8. Honestly, with the exception of the Galaxy, there's been no kit this year so far that I've actively strongly disliked, and even with the Galaxy it's really just severe ambivalence more than anything else. Jury's out on Seattle, if that leak is even close to true than dear god boys I'm sorry you're going to be dealing with that for two years. *Raspberry*. Your home kit is flames at least, there's solace in that. Otherwise, the rest of the leaks have been pretty encouraging, from Toronto especially. LAFC I no longer hate the leak but I still don't like it, again ambivalence. Colorado's if they can do it justice that'll be amazing but we'll see. All of that considered I'd say it's one of the better years for kits in this league since I've started closely paying attention. The fact that, thus far, there only appears to really be one Raspberry kit (and that was not even a "leak" it was a mockup), I'd say that's a pretty good year, mercifully.
  9. Am I the only one who thinks that two weeks out feels a bit early to say they're dropping then?
  10. Man, Houston is just fine right? just uninspiring, and I agree if they paired it with black shorts it'd be pretty good. Glad they kept the orange and didn't go to black for the primary, but it feels like a missed opportunity to lay claim to a look with the new badge.
  11. So hopefully that Seattle leak isn't the real kit, cause woof. Nashville's is pretty good, the navy is much better than the yellow base and I think this one's a lot more well balanced. Plus I get some strong (and very cool) Umbro vibes from the pattern on it. Umbro usually make my favorite kits any given year so that's a complement. Minny's looks nice, the blue is a good look and it's nice that it's more sort of "popping" than KC or NY cause it very easily could have used the same shade. And ATL's has honest to god grown on me. It's still not *amazing* like either of their last two home kits, but I don't think it's entirely bad. Disappointing sure.
  12. Well we have a new winner for worst kit in the league. Congratulations Seattle, the Razzie is yours this year.
  13. So I don't dislike Cincy but I'm imagining how much nicer it'd be if they swapped the navy for royal blue with orange and navy pinstripes. As it is though, not bad. with Chicago, I really don't hate the navy with red accents, I like the double red cuff stripe. this home kit is an improvement. Also makes sense that if they're changing the branding again, they'd keep it fairly simple. Really not bad though. The away kit is better, but I wish the logos and stripes were red not black, just to really tie the flag into the design. As it stands though, not a bad attempt for a club we know are going to have a new logo next season.
  14. https://www.footyheadlines.com/2021/02/new-england-revolution-2021-away-kit.html New England kit leaked. I'm actually super into it. Admittedly yes it's just a graphic of it, so wait to see the full thing in reality, but if it's much the same look as that, then I'm into it.
  15. I am the only who's not a huge fan of the Galaxy kit? I like it, and I like the throwback quality it has, but something about the white on it just throws it off balance for me. Still figuring it out.
  16. That jock tag though. In all seriousness, cool they have their stadium opening this year. Again, pin stripes could be tight.
  17. So I think Cincy with pin stripes *could* look tight, we shall see whether or not that works out. I don't hate Portland's, the homage is nice and it's honestly not too bad. It's not as good as their last two home kits, but it's not bad. Minny with blue away again *could* be awesome. Time will tell but on broad principle already a smart choice.
  18. Agreed on Philly, their new away kit is flames.
  19. I personally don't like the RSL kit because it looks like a semi-pro kit, to me, no offense to those who like it I can understand why one might, I just don't. The latter two are fresh as hell, especially SKC. Which leads me to ask... Is the trend that pretty much everyone has been piling on, of kits in MLS becoming a bit more rote, because Adidas isn't coming to the table with as bold designs, or because the League doesn't want bold designs? Is it both, or one more than the other? Because I know Adidas pitches several kits to clubs, usually, for them to sign off on. At least with DC a year or two ago that Athletic story came out saying they had a Marble kit and a Cherry Blossom kit that both got rejected by the club. So is it Adidas not bringing their game, is it the league setting stricter criteria, or is it on the clubs themselves making boring choices, or a combination of all three? Cause LAFC have yet to have a really, really good kit by my standards and it'd be helpful to know if that was coming from Adidas, the league, or the club itself. And both of the DC kits, the Marble and cherry blossom ones, that leaked in that Athletic story looked dope as hell. Just I always see people pile on Adidas but the clubs and the league are the ones signing off on the kits and setting the criteria. Hence me asking, I know there are people far more well-versed in the specifics and underlying facts of MLS kit design and selection who post in here on the reg.
  20. Getting strong Umbro vibes off that Nashville kit. I dig it though. Just wish they had swapped their yellow kit because I thought that was much more in need of changing than their navy kit last year.
  21. I think the MTL kit is hot. Look at other leagues. Historically, if you obscured the crest on West Ham United and Aston Villa's kits, you couldn't tell them apart. I don't think that's a fair nor reasonable criticism for kits.
  22. https://www.footyheadlines.com/2021/02/all-new-cf-montreal-2021-home-kit-leaked.html New MTL kit fuller leak. I think it's hot. Yeah the stripes going is something for discussion, but I truly dig this new look. Blue and Black is just such a solid color combo. Plus I like how the pattern actually corresponds to the crest and something specific rather than some generic Adidas pattern. It's dope for me, big W.
  23. Hot. But that crest being black-and-red instead of blue-and-red is going to kill me every single time I see this kit.
  24. Unequivocally *that* is better than the real kit. The badge stands out a lot with the black, so what you did is what I wish they had done. It's a big improvement, which goes to show how important it is that they get the smaller things right.
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