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  1. Love the Phoenix logo you got. Personally something always set me odd about their logo. It was like too narrow, the phoenix ball never quite fit it, and the font is not my jam. Yours literally addressed every part I didn't like about the crest: I like the font way better, I like how the gold is almost more like desert-sun than pure gold, and the phoenix-ball actually fits in the crest well. Super excited to see the kits for them. Sacramento also tight, love how you kept the tan and brown but added that extra red. Looks *super* clean, will be fascinating to see how it looks on the kits.
  2. I personally think with STL that the home kit would look better with red shorts, the yellow with blue. And the third is kind of what I imagine Sacramento's kits being like. So STL I think is rad but some things I'd do different. SKC is about the most perfect set in the whole series. Home kit is nice, secondary is clean, and the third kit is tight as :censored:. Wish they would just do exactly what you did with their kits.
  3. Houston home strip clean as hell. Love how you drop a little blue accent in the chest pattern on the second and bring it into the number font. Was first confused, then saw it, then was like "Oh, that's tight."
  4. REally love that home strip. Though I picture it with white shorts or blue shorts and I think that locks in the look (but it'd also probably be fairly garrish). Really love the Burn-era throwback, always forget how dope that color scheme was. Only thing is that I'd say would be either do the kit with no sponsor, or sublimate the stallion pattern. Since they're both sort of wire-frame thin, they kind of run into one another and neither component is like clear. I think if you did the sublimation on the old chest logo, the colors themselves are enough of an obvious nod-of-the-hat without needing the stallion center stage in full color. But that's just me. This series has been super dope so far. Excited to see how LAFC shapes up, and really all of the Western teams too.
  5. The secondary is perfection. The like neon-blue on the black with pink is so *nice*
  6. Montreal home strip is clean. Toff dude, would buy. Series is rad, excited to see how it shapes up.
  7. Dig this. Enough to be a "New Era" sort of deal while also keeping the now-classic base and cleaning it up too for modern times. Fantastic.
  8. Damn, Alexi Lalas is personally offended.
  9. Saw the SKC leak, and I honestly really dig that kit. It looks classy. So best ones, imo, so far: Atlanta, DC, LAFC's, Miami's away kit, Minny, Red Bulls, NYC, Portland, Seattle, Sporting, Toronto, and I don't dislike Vancouver's really. That's not that bad a hit rate by MLS standards, especially after last year I really only was down with 4 kits. But man, off jump, I'm not big on the collar this year. It works for some teams, granted, but just overall, when the torso is a different color than the shoulders, it's kind of stupid looking.
  10. What time will the kit reveal kick off tonight? Every article I can find on MLS doesn't say a time, which is you know something of a salient detail.
  11. I really thought that their current (about to be replaced) home strip was great.
  12. https://www.footyheadlines.com/2020/02/charlotte-mls-2021-kits-leaked.html Charlotte's potential kits got leaked, apparently. That first one is DOPE looking.
  13. Yeah that impact kit is uninspiring. To say the least. I get it though. Black and Blue home strip, but you're kind of limited when it comes to away. I'd love them to do white top, blue shorts, with like a fleur-de-lis sublimation on the kit.
  14. See, I know not having a red primary is a sacrilege for Chicago. Barring that, I really don't think this kit looks bad. It masks the crest well, the red on the Motorola logo looks good, and it's also vastly better than this year's model when it comes to the shoulder stripes.
  15. https://www.footyheadlines.com/2020/02/after-just-one-year-leaked-chicago-fire.html Chicago getting another new crest for 2021? See kids, this is what happens when you focus test anything in a vacuum.
  16. Oh, I've always loved Vancouver's kits. They've always been the cleanest, imo. Bell looks SO good on kits.
  17. Yeah, I could build that kit on miteam, but the thing is that, imo, the pin-stripes are the same thickness as the red on CHI's badge, and I think it works. Also, great that they don't have the stupid collar/shoulder design. I think were it not for the shoulder-stripes / collar motif, a lot more of these kits would be pretty good honestly. At least by MLS standards. and, for argument's sake, as I've seen it posted before, the A-League in Australia is single-entity, and all of their clubs have individual kit deals. In fact, this past year, I think all of their kits were pretty great, especially Western Sydney, Sydney, Western United, and Melbourne City. So I get the argument about it being financially lucrative for a whole-league deal, but when I see the A-League, none of their clubs' kits look the same. And they're not rueing lost revenue from merch. I don't know how much MLS is making off kit sales considering even the crap replica kits are $100 plus. How many people have the ability to reasonably chuck at minimum $120 on a kit? I know for me, LAFC haven't come with anything that motivated me that much considering they are my second-team. I'll buy a Liverpool kit in a heart-beat. So it's not as though they are making a whole lot of money off merch sales. Now granted, A-League has 12 teams now, not 26 going on 30, but the argument still stands. Even of manufacturers made team-wear designs, if they were different manufacturers, they wouldn't look all that similar. I imagine LAFC with some clean-looking Nike kits and it makes me mad and happy all at once. Or hell, New Balance, Umbro, Macron now, Coq Sportif, they all have a habit of making pretty awesome kits. And there are small-ish American and Asian ones that if they got a peak MLS team it could be their highest profile client. When you restrict it to a single manufacturer, in a vacuum, you get years like this, where every kit looks VERY similar but not in a positive way. It *would* have been cool if the three stripes and collar were reserved for OG "founding" clubs, but for every team, it's not cool, it looks stupid.
  18. Okay. So I don't think they are bad. I think MIA's home is bad, and Dallas' home kit is just such a massive downgrade from their last strip. Was so clean. Toronto's new one is :censored:ing sick. I love it. Portland's is also dope, loathe am I to admit it. MIA's away kit isn't bad. Minny's home kit is tight. I think I really just hate the way the sleeves are sewn into the torso of the kit. And the collar. I just don't think it looks good in that way. Portland, Seattle, and Toronto leverage it well though. It's bothersome when it looks like two different tones of somewhat the same color. So when the pattern is subtle enough to blend and the sleeve colors appear to be the same shade, it's nice. I was really hoping LAFC was going to do hoops or stripes in gold on black. So that's massively disappointing, even though I think it'll probably grow on me.
  19. Okay: I know the pattern on Vancouver's appears to be the same as Seattle's (and Yokohama's for that matter), but I really dig the navy and white. Off jump it's already frustrating (Adidas using the same pattern in the same league for multiple clubs is just peak 'clubs should sign their own kit deals' reaction). For what it is, though, I think it's perfectly fine by itself.
  20. Ah, I see. Well that was my presumption as well, was just murky on the specifics of their ownerships, fair play.
  21. Are Etihad not also owned by the same people who own CFG?
  22. See, I don't think the Zullily logo looks bad here. The collar and sleeves are tight, and I do actually think the white shoulder stripes serve the whole thing. Which I never would've thought would be the case, considering how bad the Zulily logo is.