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  1. That. Is. Awesome.
  2. Only difference I'd say is "Houston Apollos" and Racing Indy (without the club). Oh and also just Music City F.C., but otherwise I agree. Solid list.
  3. For Kearny only the crest is loading for me. It's rad as hell though.
  4. That's nice. Looking forward to this series. I always felt like international baseball missed a lot of aesthetic opportunities because a lot of the designs were pretty just alright (in my own opinion, though I do remember through the years there being some pretty solid ones). Also, really looking forward for Baseball to be back in the Olympics (as it should've been all this time. Hockey at the Winter Olympics, Basketball at the Summer, it only feels right to me. So yeah, stoked for this series!
  5. Stoked to see what you do with LAFC
  6. The crest is AMAZING. I dig it big time.
  7. Love how you incorporate the DC flag into the stripe scheme on the home strip, also like how you build red more into it. I love DC's home kit from this year and last, but the red looks class.
  8. Macron, the Italian brand. They make kits for the CPL, Stoke City, Hibernian (Scotland), and a handful of other "big" clubs and a ton of others too. They rebranded slightly hence the more modern logo as opposed to the older one.
  9. DETROIT IS CLASS. I really love Detroit City's whole look and vibe so I really dig that you kept that influence intact and gave it a cool backstory.
  10. I would buy both Boston kits in a second. THEY. ARE. CLASS. I sort of have my own deal like this I've been working on for years, a what-if soccer/football never went out of popularity after the early 1900's and continued to grow. The history as it is is completely fascinating, let alone imagining what-if it had never really gone away as it did. Point being I love this series, I literally scrawl through the board every day hoping to see a new update. AWESOME. WORK.
  11. These are amazing! I love Brookhattan, the kits look SO good.
  12. everything about Vancouver here looks RAD
  13. Was just drinking La Fin. Hope sincerely that MTL signs up Unibroue for real when MLS makes the new beer rules active, it looks SO good on the home strip.
  14. NYC looks GREAT, the kits as well as the sponsor. The Away kit is absolutely high class.
  15. Was literally just talking to .a friend at the LAFC game about how great Angel City would look as our kit sponsor. Nailed on.
  16. ATL looks surprisingly good with that logo. Change is rad, only thing I'd say is the recolored peach crest would fit better imo
  17. Holy :censored:, you are churning these out, and what's more is they're all class.
  18. Not huge on the name Sockeyes. Really hoped they had gone with Metropolitans or Rainiers. BUT, if they do, then man I hope they do exactly what you made. Love the logo, LOVE the jerseys.
  19. Looking forward to your take on Buffalo, as I think there is so much potential for them IRL, visually, if they just updated their crest a bit. Buddy of mine (from there) tried writing a fan-chant for them called "Nickel and Lightning," and if nothing else I think that name is badass.
  20. League should really do Gold sleeve patches for title-holders, a-la Premier League, because man does the gold star look like on ATL's peach kit. It looks so terribly out of place, do bronze-gold sleeve patches or idk, some special color, and then have them put silver stars over the crests for follow up years. Would look so much cleaner.
  21. Already asked for one before, but is a Liverpool FC request on the cards? With the quote saying "Walk on you reds." We had the league in our hands and we dropped the ball. We have a chance now at making this season mean something in history.