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  1. The St. Louis Browns one is the winner for me, classic and an awesome throwback. I love that, and what's more, no other teams in the league use a comparable scheme. I would roll with that one. I'm imagining how awesome the kits could be with those colors, is making me geek out real talk.
  2. For Boston, there are two potential names I would add if you are open. Hub City FC (From "Hub of the World," referencing Boston as being the hub of the world), or even just Boston City FC or SC, whatever. Harbor City FC too.
  3. The red YT logo on the orange kit looks not good man, and I felt that way about LAFC too. If you made, on both kits, the YT logo all-black, it would be way cleaner imo.
  4. Like how you put the blue sleeves back on RSL. Third kit is solid. Took me a second to see it but I love the change kit. I love the pattern and the colors, tight. also love how the fade leads into the shorts as it gets more solid. Clean touch, big fan. Looks tuff. With Portland, dig the home strip but the Green and Gold is class by itself, like the simplicity and the wood-grain around the crest is nice without being too much. I do think the away kit if it had black instead of white would be rad, as is kind of looks just like if Nike made Ajax kits. Which would be tight, but the red and black was such a sleek look for them. Third kit I love the idea, and I don't know the Portland flag *super* well, but if you put the cross-section of the flag where the crest is that could be a clean look, also fits with the crest-centric design on the home strip. So love all of RSL's, and Portland's are super clean with high potential. Loving this series, makes me dream of the league with actual variation in the kit manufacturers. Also, all of Nike's NWSL kits have been tight this year, at least the ones they've announced, and if they went that hard in MLS, damn man that would be class.
  5. Colorado is tight, I dig bringing back the flag second kit. Class. One thing I would say, I'm not a huge fan of their white-sleeves look irl, such that whenever they dig more into the powder blue I always love the look way more. Sort of that Villa / West Ham look that I think is just so clean looking. It's tight as is, don't get me wrong, but personally I think powder blue sleeves is a dream look for them that I wish they'd actually do for real. Also, perfect choice for their sponsor. Logo works with every kits color scheme, esp the second, so good work with that, hard to nail down the right one for the look but I think you hit that one perfect.
  6. Love the Phoenix logo you got. Personally something always set me odd about their logo. It was like too narrow, the phoenix ball never quite fit it, and the font is not my jam. Yours literally addressed every part I didn't like about the crest: I like the font way better, I like how the gold is almost more like desert-sun than pure gold, and the phoenix-ball actually fits in the crest well. Super excited to see the kits for them. Sacramento also tight, love how you kept the tan and brown but added that extra red. Looks *super* clean, will be fascinating to see how it looks on the kits.
  7. I personally think with STL that the home kit would look better with red shorts, the yellow with blue. And the third is kind of what I imagine Sacramento's kits being like. So STL I think is rad but some things I'd do different. SKC is about the most perfect set in the whole series. Home kit is nice, secondary is clean, and the third kit is tight as :censored:. Wish they would just do exactly what you did with their kits.
  8. Houston home strip clean as hell. Love how you drop a little blue accent in the chest pattern on the second and bring it into the number font. Was first confused, then saw it, then was like "Oh, that's tight."
  9. REally love that home strip. Though I picture it with white shorts or blue shorts and I think that locks in the look (but it'd also probably be fairly garrish). Really love the Burn-era throwback, always forget how dope that color scheme was. Only thing is that I'd say would be either do the kit with no sponsor, or sublimate the stallion pattern. Since they're both sort of wire-frame thin, they kind of run into one another and neither component is like clear. I think if you did the sublimation on the old chest logo, the colors themselves are enough of an obvious nod-of-the-hat without needing the stallion center stage in full color. But that's just me. This series has been super dope so far. Excited to see how LAFC shapes up, and really all of the Western teams too.
  10. The secondary is perfection. The like neon-blue on the black with pink is so *nice*
  11. Montreal home strip is clean. Toff dude, would buy. Series is rad, excited to see how it shapes up.
  12. Dig this. Enough to be a "New Era" sort of deal while also keeping the now-classic base and cleaning it up too for modern times. Fantastic.