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  1. Really love the Greys and the crest for Nickel City is AMAZING.
  2. Well with Moncton, you could reference the railroad heritage, since CNR had their headquarters there until they shut down. Just an idea. That, the old shipbuilding industry, or that the place was founded by Pennsylvania Dutch immigrants. Just throwing darts at a board.
  3. I think the name here works better, personally, than the first. All of these rebrands have been goddamn amazing! Loving this series!
  4. Well with NBA jerseys the format is very different. The team name and player number take up a lot of space on the front, and on the back the player name too. There's just more open space on football/soccer kits than basketball jerseys. Though I agree there is a lot more variety, I think it's more structurally benefitting basketball than soccer.
  5. Cincy still takes it cause the stripes are white too but yeah, DC supes disappointing. Their primary is arguably my favorite in the league.
  6. I think Hou would look better if they used black in the pattern instead of two-tone orange.
  7. I really like it. The grey doesn't bother me, and the red in the YT logo looks miles better with the gray-scale than having it clash with the gold accents we had last year.
  8. City looks tight. CO incredibly disappointing. Based on that logo they tweeted out I was anticipating some white-and-black dopeness a-la Monchengladbach's 17-18 home kit. That, I would've been down for. As is I don't think it's bad, just very disappointing.
  9. Didn't think it was. But their teasers for it have all had the mountain motif/imagery so I'm *Hoping* they actually use a mountain-like pattern, and the GK kit made me think of that. I know it's not what their kit will actually look like.
  10. Colorado GK kit. I think the mountain pattern looks tight. I think a black-and-white kit for them if they use anything approaching this pattern could be super tight. I was a big fan of the state-flag motif but I'm all for this. People hate white kits (and when we see something like Minny I can start to see why), but I'm not against it on principle. Kind of stoked to see what CO brings to the table.
  11. Kingston kits are great but not huge on adding the orange to the crest. Looking forward to the rest of the series! Love that NPSL is getting the all-star treatment.
  12. God, I hope they do the navy collar piping and the navy shorts. Looked pretty tight last year so I hope they keep the navy shorts rolling.
  13. Carson FC. Herbalife FC. They have a bunch of billboards along Exposition Boulevard as one is heading toward LAFC's stadium. Not a huge fan of that kit tho. I can respect style outside of rivalry bounds but that kit (what little we've seen) I'm not big on.
  14. LAFC announcing their new kit the 23rd from 12-4 at the Banc, before the game against Vancouver. Season ticket holder, get the new duds and rock em at the game. Hope we get to see Van's new strip too, even though it's only preseason. Their new duds are my favorite on the year so far (ATL, Portland, and Philly close behind, and the Philly part shocked even myself but I think it's total class).