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  1. Doesn't sound right but did they change it? Been looking for it.
  2. Any LA Charger fans know if they've adjusted the Super Chargers fight song, or if they're even gonna use it? I always thought it was cool. SAAAAN-DIIIII-EY-GO, CHAAAARGERS! works so well! I'm not really show how they'd fit LA in it.
  3. Personally, I think that loss would have probably convinced him to A) go somewhere else or B ) retire. That would have been his 3rd Super Bowl loss in a row (Giants x 2, Seattle). He'd have gone somewhere else and who knows what he wins then.* I also think that win vs Seattle gave that franchise a 2nd wind. That was the catalyst for the 2nd part of the dynasty. Tom Brady, man. When you win a Super Bowl, you play house money. He's been playing with house money since year '01. So, glad he's out of our division. *my alternate universe.
  4. They'd probably look at Duke University and convince themselves that .... "Hey! The kids love it!"
  5. They've had these similar colors in the past. As long as they're not worn in the same fashion, it shouldn't be an issue. I posted a Chargers/Rams game from '79 if you wanna see how close it can get in motion.
  6. I've noticed a little inconsistency on the Chargers' navy CR uniform. The bolts on jersey and pants are not filled in with white, which I guess is done to match the helmet logo? The numbers on the jersey are white which goes against the uniformity pattern they used on the other color rush uniform, which matched everything. I think if they'd have filled the bolts white instead of navy it would improve the look; even better if they'd use their historical navy helmet. Not sure the navy bolt has any historical significance but it doesn't feel balanced with it.
  7. Great job, Chargers! Their regular sets are so just right! Now, I'm not a huge color rush guy but If they're going to go with the FOUTS era jersey on one of those uniforms, they might as well have gone with the off-color-dark-navy helmet they used to wear in that era. That is if the whole "helmet" switching rule is not in effect.
  8. I also have a thing with shoulder/sleeve stripes matching as well. In order to this, they'd have to take a page from their 80s uniform and add an extra stripe to their pants. It would be: jersey color/white/color2/white/jersey color.
  9. Mono-white or a white base has always been there for quite a while because it's neutral. Teams just broke up the uniforms with socks and add features to make them stand out the most. I have no issues with mono-white unless it's just one big white onesie.
  10. To be honest, it's not a bad re-design. It would've been cool if they brought a little of the older design with the new. Maybe a white helmet/red jersey/white pants combo. The problems i always have with some of those "color-rush" style is the monochrome design. Look at some of the touch-ups people are making on this forum. Just by adding proper "sockage" it makes it look so much better. The Giants' and Saints' "color rush" (really their old uniform) would be even better with proper socks. I'm not a fan of any monochrome uniform because they just end up looking like leotards. In my opinion, or in my school of thought, socks should never be the same color as the pants. If you wear white pants, the easiest thing to do is to break it up with one of the team colors. If pants are colored, then you should go with an opposite solid color or multi-color stripes (see Browns return to niceville).
  11. Great job! I prefer the first set without the circle around it. Circles and 3 point badges have been over-used. The flag badge looks super nice. The only other thing I guess I could do without is the color black (too many! Even my Inter Miami has it). It's conflicting since the race flag has black squares by default BUT having seen concepts using Charlotte Hornets colors, my preference for anything Charlotte defaults to that combination.
  12. Actually, it was the World League of American Football (or later World League/NFL Europe). WFL was a different league played in the 70s. That being said, the Montreal Machine had a nice color scheme which hasn't been used yet. By the way, PROPS to both the WLAF for giving us some pretty unique and original color schemes. (Orlando Thunder <3)
  13. I feel like ALL solid colored mono sets look like that. One colored leotard. White just always seems to work EXCEPT in cases where an otherwise awesome full white uni uses total white sanitaries instead of stripes or solid color for break-up. The Giants and Saints would have awesome "color rush" "Throwbacks" uniforms if they just added stripes or color block opposite of pant color.