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  1. I feel like ALL solid colored mono sets look like that. One colored leotard. White just always seems to work EXCEPT in cases where an otherwise awesome full white uni uses total white sanitaries instead of stripes or solid color for break-up. The Giants and Saints would have awesome "color rush" "Throwbacks" uniforms if they just added stripes or color block opposite of pant color.
  2. Oh JuJu. Nothing about the way you wear your socks or black cleats says '79. A lot of the issues with throwbacks is how the players wear them. Today the untucked jersey on long-way of wearing socks just doesnt give throwbacks that feel. Granted, some teams...players do it right but most don't care. Homework JuJu. Do it. Lynn Swann. C'mon guy.
  3. In 1994, the NFL's 75th year anniversary, we saw the whole league do the throwback thing for the whole year. Come 2019, the NFL's 100th anniversay, I think they should do it again with uniforms from the 80s and early 90s. I think teams should wear TB's they haven't worn in a while or worn at all for that season (stadium/field graphics included) .
  4. Marino injured his achilles in week 6 @ Cleveland. Steve DeBerg started this game @ Dallas (week 13). Sucha nightmare season . Remember it like it was yesterday.
  5. All i have to say is, great job, Sir! You've actually given OKC some kind of identity with these concepts alone. The circle logo (dream-catcher) has always been a desired branding element the current team should have aimed of adopting from the get-go. The USL's OKC Energy uses a similar design in their badge and it looks pretty decent.
  6. Actually, MLS does have their own proprietary package. You can see it on MLS Live (channel/website/media) or in FIFA '18. They're one of the few leagues that have their signature package in the game.
  7. oh, I love this thread. For me, NFL on NBC (1990-1994). The font, the helmets, line-ups, game-updates/ favorite. Really enjoyed how things like the line-ups were subtle and were adjusted based on a certain formation. I think I prefer the minimal stuff than today's photo or live clip of a players torso on a stat line or line-up.
  8. I remember a while back, Japan's X-League had the Nissan Skyliners. Thought it was a really cool name since one of the more popular cars in it's inventory is the Skyline. Their logo was a chopped up Miami Hurricane's logo made to look like an "N". Can't find a picture anywhere! X-League
  9. Hahaha! True, BUT I'd love to see what the talented individuals on this forum can do with it. They kinda have a start of concept with their stylized "sparkle A" wordmark.
  10. Est1980

    MLS kit concepts

    I dig the kits, dont get me wrong but I would leave to see more Miami concepts with no black. I know it's tempting but it just seems so many teams have black already. I'd love to see a Zenit type scheme with that teal you have there combined with aqua and a darker aqua-blue (think ocean gradient). That third kit (County Flag) colors are a nice touch but the dang Sounders already claim those colors. I'd use the city flag (Green/Orange) for that tertiary kit. You and Victormrey have good concepts for the logos, btw. Funny, you're the second guy I see use TESLA as a sponsor, which I like. Sprint and Royal Caribbean look good as well, plus, have a Miami connection to it...especially Sprint.
  11. Sprint. Marcelo Claure is Beckham's partner in this and is also the CEO for Sprint. Royal Carribean is also a great choice.
  12. Est1980

    MLS kit concepts

    Yes! That's a great touch. I'm sure there would be options to go monochrome at any time but the third can be considered as such in this case. Man, great job again!
  13. Est1980

    MLS kit concepts

    Man, all of these are rock-solid concepts! A few things I would like to see: MIN - Grey kit; seems to be a thing with the Loons. COL - Replace Green and Black concept w their homage to the Colorado flag. They try to make it work now but fail. CLB - Black Shorts version with yellow shirt would be nice. Would like to see more non-monochrome kit combos. They are our BVB.
  14. Yeah, might be a little too girthy, but as far as the whole club name, I don't think it's always needed. The less the better. The art deco thing is a good idea. I've seen some concepts from (skramerdesign) using the Freedom Tower in Biscayne.
  15. How long does that take, though? They left Seattle in '08!