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  1. Seems like the same firm has designed the logos as well. Outside the Jousters, they’re all shadow-heavy designs.
  2. I kinda miss the lycra pants. The shine looks great under the sun. Super early 90s style. BTW...what the hell happened to sock stripes? Do people not believe in them anymore ? It’s either socks that match the pants or all white. Also, is piping considered a premium?
  3. Soooooooooooooooooooooo these? (I'm sucha mark (no pun) for these)
  4. Yesssss! That looks awesome to me. I did some edits without the wordmarks and resized it in a similar fashion.
  5. They should definitely look into tweaking the badge. Keep the colors but change what used to be pretty much "San Jose Quakes" badge--"restylized". That logo still has MLS 1.0 smell of it. That whole name protruding from whatever shaped shield is straight up 1.0. I'm definitely down with a logo retouch for sure. I would say to take cues from the "unrelated" Dynamo/Dinamo teams from Europe but with no connection, that would straight up be labeled "eurosnobbery" by some.
  6. As a Dolphin fan, I also dislike that look. For years teams have been doing "THAT THING" of wearing socks, or sock color breaks, which match pants. Yuck. In my world, Colored pants should always be broken by a secondary color (Ravens) OR white sock with stripes (Browns). (this years quick examples) I'm surprised at the Ravens. They're usually one of my least favorite but that white, purple pants (with piping!) and black/white socks is nice! To add, some Color Rush uniforms do the opposite. They'll have a completely white sock with no strips or color break and project a white leotard look. For example, the Giants' CR uniform is basically the Lawrence Taylor Era uniform set with no color break.
  7. As a lifelong Phins fan, I have to say that the patch is a little underwhelming. Not sure why they picked that shape but man, they could've really personalized this a lot more with items that would not only look good on uniform but be a little more memorable. It didn't have to be much to be honest but that weird shape and plain font reeks of a rushed job. To me, It looks kinda like an advertisement more than a commemorative patch. Personally, I think they should have gone with something sort of like this:
  8. Doesn't sound right but did they change it? Been looking for it.
  9. Any LA Charger fans know if they've adjusted the Super Chargers fight song, or if they're even gonna use it? I always thought it was cool. SAAAAN-DIIIII-EY-GO, CHAAAARGERS! works so well! I'm not really show how they'd fit LA in it.
  10. Personally, I think that loss would have probably convinced him to A) go somewhere else or B ) retire. That would have been his 3rd Super Bowl loss in a row (Giants x 2, Seattle). He'd have gone somewhere else and who knows what he wins then.* I also think that win vs Seattle gave that franchise a 2nd wind. That was the catalyst for the 2nd part of the dynasty. Tom Brady, man. When you win a Super Bowl, you play house money. He's been playing with house money since year '01. So, glad he's out of our division. *my alternate universe.
  11. They'd probably look at Duke University and convince themselves that .... "Hey! The kids love it!"
  12. They've had these similar colors in the past. As long as they're not worn in the same fashion, it shouldn't be an issue. I posted a Chargers/Rams game from '79 if you wanna see how close it can get in motion.
  13. I've noticed a little inconsistency on the Chargers' navy CR uniform. The bolts on jersey and pants are not filled in with white, which I guess is done to match the helmet logo? The numbers on the jersey are white which goes against the uniformity pattern they used on the other color rush uniform, which matched everything. I think if they'd have filled the bolts white instead of navy it would improve the look; even better if they'd use their historical navy helmet. Not sure the navy bolt has any historical significance but it doesn't feel balanced with it.
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