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  1. I will take any of those over anything Drake related. Here's a guy that has been grooming teenaged girls and somehow no one wants to actually investigate or call him on it. So I'll hard pass on anything related to any design he's taken part in.
  2. I wish the Sharks used a lighter teal, the color teal is just really nice in sports. Grizzlies (Vancouver) used it and looked amazing with it. I hate that the orange/yellow in the logo, it should be Teal, Silver, Black, and White.
  3. As long as the laces are out and Einhorn isn't Finkle.
  4. That's a shame because you do have some very good work that you should put together as a portfolio. Never know right?

  5. No sorry... I really should get one put together but this is just something I do for fun so never really put a portfolio site together.

  6. You don't have a site where you post all of your work? After the Wolverine, curious to see your other work!

  7. Nice work, you don't have your own website?