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  1. Penguins literally were in the midst of a change in their first of the back 2 backs, then went full time back to their tried tested and true current jerseys. The worst jerseys to look at are the Oilers ones. They're god awful on TV and in person, that Orange just isn't pleasing to look at, at all. They need to go back to the lighter blue and less neon orange that they used to wear in the 80's. I kid you not, even with a high def TV here, I am 100% fine with every team on tv, but when it's vs the Oilers, I just can't watch. It triggers my migraines.
  2. Ottawa, I thought, already confirmed they were going back to their 2D logo that they entered the league with, no?
  3. Dude, I still have the Grizzlies winter jacket from the first year they entered the league here in Vancouver. It's still in damn good condition too.
  4. One just doesn't work. Either it looks cartoony like their actual JC logo, or it looks down right pedophile'ish with that picture of the dude with the most god awful beard I have ever seen. The only person that I ever saw, handle that Johnny C logo, was I think Humanot? He did a fantastic one. That is probably the only one I saw where I said to myself "Jesus christ I still hate this hometown team and their fans, but that's a fantastic logo.." Vancouver sports have some of the worst logo's to begin with. BC Lions logo and their current marketing is beyond annoying with those stupid orange heads and black silhouettes. Then you have the Whitecraps and Giants. I see more Grizzlies merch out on the streets.
  5. Yeah the colors they chose are more vibrant versions of what we're seeing in this pic. Seattle Steelheads...reminds me of that really bad canadian hockey show that had the team "Hamilton Steelheads" or something like that. At least this one could have potential to not be bad.
  6. Their full on Johnny Canuck logo is fine, looks ok, I despise the team and their fans to my core and I am born and raised in Vancouver. But that V logo always looks idiotic to me and reminds me of that pastry logo. This team will go through like another 50 changes of the same logo before they finally settle on one, at least it passes the time for never winning a cup ever. I get some teams going retro, but it has to be the right retro. The Black skate jerseys were some rough times too but also some of their best times in terms of who came out of those colors with Bure, Linden, Smyl, the trades to land big pieces, Kirk, etc. But the stink n rink, its now synonymous of being baited into losing a cup finals by the Bruins and the Sedins.
  7. It's also one of the douchiest beards. Grow a real manly beard or get out. Is he best bro's with Benning's nephew from Nordstrom? This guy looks like the kind of ass you'd see in Yaletown, walking to eat at "MeeT" to get some near meat burger and then try to convince you it's great food (it's not, it's really not.).
  8. Not a fan of Kraken, Totems, or Sockeyes. They can do better than that. I still can't stand that Las Vegas is "Vegas Golden Knights" and everyone just calls them VGK.
  9. Having friends here in Vancouver that work for the Canucks, I got a good laugh out of the research thing about the Canucks being very good at it with their fans and what not.
  10. Joe was his biden' his time with that one. Noice.
  11. I mean, what else can they do with their branding? It's supposed to be on a big ass sign on the front of their buildings and their website header. It looks clean, not everything needs to be amazeballs branding. I do wish they did more with the \\W thing, for sure.
  12. Speaking of rebrands... I have always loathed the Hyundai logo, it just looks like a poorly drawn out italicized Honda logo.
  13. Having your stuff stolen is just the worst feeling. You put in the work and you draw up a lot of options from the research you've done and have narrowed it down to a logo you can be proud of to present to the clients and then they pick it. Then some :censored:(s) steal it and claim it as their own work and a lot of the times, they get away with it. I've had it happen a few times and in one of the times, someone posted their logo and alerted me that they ripped off my work (not particularly great work mind you, something I did for a local DJ..etc, but my work nonetheless).
  14. I'm glad they kept the same bias and terrible criticism and reviews of movies though.
  15. Their logo is as bland as their "Reviews" that are incredibly biased.