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  1. *Deleted* old account. Mod please delete this account if possible.
  2. Yes I would love to see the Reds make a comeback with the Tomohawk A hat. Not the reds with the stars in the script, but the ones previous to those.
  3. By no means did I think State would wear a striped helmet. The helmets in this graphic are simply place markers to hold color or design for said game, yes you are correct. But sometimes, the team will correspond to to the crowd, not always. I was simply pointing out the possibility of the cream and maroon uniform that has been conceptualized and rumored to exist some time now that has that same color/striping combo. It can be seen here in the bottom right corner, and this photo comes from the Hail State Uniform tracker.
  4. Looks like we will be seeing the Mississippi State maroon and cream striped "throwback" for their homecoming game against Samford. Interested to see how this comes out, because done right I think it has some potential. But then again, it is Adidas.
  5. Is there any away I could get an email with this again? Computer got wiped, lost the other one. huntermatthewjones13@gmail.com
  6. huntermatthewj13@yahoo.com PSD please.
  7. Got me a Shuckers hat while home for break. I've got to admit, it's growing on me. http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag79/hmjones13/Mobile%20Uploads/image_zps8e2a9f10.jpg
  8. Yeah, Bama is tough. I think Saban gets the nod because he is arguably the best coach in college football. He brought Alabama back into relevance and delivered 2 National Championships in a row. I like Namath on there as well, but if we are talking championships, AJ McCarron is in contention for it, winning 2 in a row as a starter, and being the winningest QB in the history of the program. So I'll just do one for the Rebs. 1. Johnny Vaught 2. Archie Manning 3. Eli Manning 4. Chucky Mullins
  9. Solid list. Having trouble with Bama other than Bear and Saban. To many other greats to choose from. Would like your opinion.
  10. While its nowhere remotely close to what Ren is doing, the old Alabama script A for what its worth. As seen here:
  11. Don't know if it's been posted yet, and also won't be playing until next year, but Biloxi has received a Minor League team from Huntsville. As a coast guy, it's a pretty exciting time to be from the Gulf Coast. No word on team name or logo yet though.
  12. No they went with the black bear. But just as an on field mascot, and kids merchandise. I would have to say he is not very popular among the students. There is still a Colonel Reb that frequents the grove, no university affiliation, that takes Rebel's (The name of the black bear) thunder.
  13. Speaking of the Colonel; weren't they going to drop him and go with a black bear a few years ago? What happened with that? Yes, unfortunately they did drop him. But around campus he is still the favorite of a vast majority of students, and the main logo seen hanging in the Grove at tailgates. The official visual identity of the university athletics is almost exclusively the script Ole Miss for everything.
  14. You do realize this thread hasn't been posted in an almost a year, right? Sure do.
  15. How about this old jersey patch from Alabama It reads, "Century of Champions" and "1892 - Alabama Football - 1992" Or the "A" From this hat of the Bears?
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