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  1. *Deleted* old account. Mod please delete this account if possible.
  2. Yes I would love to see the Reds make a comeback with the Tomohawk A hat. Not the reds with the stars in the script, but the ones previous to those.
  3. By no means did I think State would wear a striped helmet. The helmets in this graphic are simply place markers to hold color or design for said game, yes you are correct. But sometimes, the team will correspond to to the crowd, not always. I was simply pointing out the possibility of the cream and maroon uniform that has been conceptualized and rumored to exist some time now that has that same color/striping combo. It can be seen here in the bottom right corner, and this photo comes from the Hail State Uniform tracker.
  4. Looks like we will be seeing the Mississippi State maroon and cream striped "throwback" for their homecoming game against Samford. Interested to see how this comes out, because done right I think it has some potential. But then again, it is Adidas.
  5. Homer picks. Two baseball only logos used.
  6. Is there any away I could get an email with this again? Computer got wiped, lost the other one. huntermatthewjones13@gmail.com
  7. Ole Miss Home Road Alternate
  8. Up next is Ole Miss Basketball. Recently moving into the state-of-the-art Pavilion, it's easy to see a more modern update of Rebel Hoops, including the floor. Uniforms will follow.
  9. Up next are the Diamond Rebels, and keeping to the uniformity of the concept, there is a navy jersey, red jersey, white jersey, grey jersey, and powder throwback set. You will find that the uniforms correspond (mostly) to their football counterpart. Friday night games at home are meant for the navy jersey, saturday is white, and sunday is powder set. Grey is the road primary, followed by navy and red. Red is interchangeable with the sunday powder. All hats are interchangeable with any set, as are pants (except for the powder pants, though white or grey pants could be worn with the powder jersey) but the primary look for all colored tops is grey pants (like football). The primary hat with the navy jersey, white jersey, and grey jersey is the all navy hat. The primary hat with the red jersey is the navy hat with the red bill. Powder hats are meant to be used like the powder football helmets, and the red hat is for the powder uniform (but the powder hat can be used here too). The hats are up first (putting them alone so it doesn't seem like there is an overwhelming number of uniform options due to only changing hats like it seemed for football with the helmets), to be followed shortly by the uniforms. All Navy Hat Navy with Red Bill Hat Powder Blue Hat Throwback Red Hat
  10. Full retro here at Swayze. Ole Miss in Powder Blues, Louisville in the sunset uniforms, or whatever they are called.
  11. Well aside from the grey and powder jersey, it is the same amount of combinations as now, actually less with no white or navy pants.
  12. The grey face mask are meant to tie in the grey pants, and here are the alternates. All university grey, with corresponding shoulder stripes, and the brand new, baseball-inspired, powder blue fauxback jersey (that I wasn't too sure about, and still am not quite, but it's grown on me and I really like it) featuring the throwback script "Ole Miss" as well as a new red helmet with the throwback "UM" logo.
  13. Up next are the football uniforms and their various alternatives, but for the purpose of my concept, there is only one set of pants that are to be worn no matter the top (unless it is my fauxback), and that is grey. I feel like keeping the same, classic pants style at all times adds to the sense of belonging in the discussion with the Alabama's (not that Ole Miss hasn't proved it the past 2 seasons) and Ohio States of the college football world. No gimmicky pants options, especially with the heinous word mark down the leg. The primary is the navy top, and the red top is meant for those Saturday night prime time games, say when LSU is in town for example. Then there are two variations of white jersey, one emphasizing navy for playing against teams with red in their color scheme, and one emphasizing red for the same reason but with blue or any other dark color. Remember, the basis of this concept is to unify the athletics brand across the board, so the numbers and scripts will be different than the Ole Miss we know, but I think for the better (and more classy since I borrowed from the diamond on this one). The home tops will feature "Rebels" because obviously we all know it's Ole Miss, that's where it's being played, and the away tops don the "Ole Miss" in representation of the school on the road. Of course, the powder blue helmets are included as alternates, and can be used in combination with any jersey. Players were chosen solely off of trying to show off various numbers, and no current player used. C&C very welcome! Home Sets (Navy) Home Sets (Red) Road Sets (Red) Road Sets (Navy)
  14. Anybody know what in the world Louisville is thinking with these L's on the back of each leg? And who actually got paid to design this?
  15. First up, the football field. Recently announced with the new addition of natural grass replacing the turf. Here is my concept:
  16. Now for further explanation. The script "Ole Miss" is relatively the same, only slightly differing on the end of the "s" and top of the "M," as well as the length of the overlap on the "O." The "Rebels" wordmark is relatively new, using the lettering from the "Ole Miss" to add uniformity, as well as the "R" from the current baseball jerseys. The number font is to pay homage to the uniforms of the Eli Manning era in football, and will be used uniformly through all sports, as will the scripts. There is a new script "Ole Miss" with a tail that is to be used as a "throwback" script, and it was recently seen on the new powder blue uniform in baseball. There are also the familiar "M" and "UM" logo's that make it over from the previous brand. The official colors are also listed and are known as "UM Red," "UM Navy," "University Grey," and added to the official scheme is the infamous "Powder Blue." Football is up next.
  17. At the University of Mississippi, the athletic teams are the heart of the student body. Whether it is a crisp Autumn Saturday Locking the Vaught, getting weird at the Pavilion, or a sunny and 75 beer shower at Swayze, it is safe to say that the Rebels are the largest entity that can unite the students, faculty, fanbase, and state as one giant, high-spirited, hospitable, and often inebriated, family. With that being said, why not try to unite the different sports teams, at least in uniform aesthetics? With this concept, that is exactly what I have attempted to do. What it will consist of are football, baseball, and basketball uniforms and their various combinations, as well as a "new" group of wordmarks and number font that will send Ole Miss into this new era of national recognition and success in one recognizable and "fresh" brand, while still encapsulating and embracing the traits and nuances of the Rebel legends before them (How ya like that for "Nike-speak," eh?). Forward Together, Rebs. We are Ole Miss.
  18. Ole Miss going with a Powder Blue jersey and Pants today.
  19. Ole Miss' uniform combo for Opening Day. The best combination we have IMO. I just love that Navy jersey and Rebels script for some reason.