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  1. Saw this mockup from WreckThisLeague on twitter. Now I'm really missing the orange... it looks good here.
  2. This might seem stupid... For me the only way orange pants works is with a white facemask. I'm not sure why, it just doesn't really work with this jersey/facemask combo. It worked better with the last set, but not so much here.
  3. The alternate might be boring, but I actually like it. I bet it looks great on the field.
  4. That color rush alone should be disqualify this "leak". Giant Cleveland across the chest with no stripes? No way. It's 18 month old files, and there isn't anyway they have the same design they had 18 months ago. But maybe I'm just in denial.
  5. The argument of "lol browns bad" as an excuse for them to change their identity has always been stupid to me considering the Browns are one of the most storied franchises in all of football.
  6. College and High School football is home to some of the ugliest alternate uniforms in sports. They're always stupid gimmicks clearly trying to appeal to 8th graders who wear knee high neon green socks and Phiten sports necklaces. My high schools alternate is military digital camo and they aren't even a military school. They are absolutely horrendous. Stuff like that doesn't belong in professional sports.
  7. Clay Matthews and Eric Metcalf at least. There might be a few more but that's all I noticed.
  8. It's weird that they teased this today when the rumored release date is April 15th. I bet they release either tomorrow or Monday. Edit: obviously I don't know anything, it just seems odd that they tease a uniform unveiling a week beforehand to this extent.
  9. I believe that they are keeping the same colors.
  10. https://www.wkyc.com/amp/article/sports/nfl/browns/report-browns-making-minor-tweak-to-helmets-with-new-uniforms/95-ae098b01-2aa0-4065-bbea-790c9fdaa74b?__twitter_impression=true Browns are reported to be tweaking the current helmet
  11. Well, the Bucs reveal gives me extreme amounts of hope. Hopefully the Browns follow suit and go back to basics like they said they're going to. Browns are apparently set to reveal on April 15th.
  12. Holy :censored:. Those actually give me hope for the browns set. So clean. Maybe too simple for some, but those look great.
  13. This is the exact look they need, love the matte pants.
  14. Can we all drop this conversation?? It's stupid. If I wanted to see a conversation like this I'd go to Twitter or Reddit. I and others come here for discussion about things other than manufactured outrage about a :censored:in hat, that very clearly to rational people isn't even what you're claiming it is. Now back to discussion about uniforms. I honestly wouldn't hate seeing those matte type pants from the Brian Sipe era make a comeback. I bet they would look really good in the new orange they have with a grey facemask.
  15. So clearly these two helmets are different. The one on the top seems to be a different shade of orange and even looks like a different material. The logo on the front of the helmet is also different. The stripes also seem to be different sizes. The top is from OBJ's girlfriends Instagram, it got deleted rather quickly.
  16. Definitely not a leak. Clearly its a fan made concept. Nike would never put out a template like this, especially because it has a 8 year old, and mostly rejected, Revo Speed 360 helmet.
  17. The L and A in the logo not being parallel really bothers me.
  18. I don't think it should happen, I think stuff like that is corny. The point was is that it isn't out of the realm of possibility.
  19. Yes it does. If it mattered they would change their name to something else. Do you actually think there is currently any bad blood between the Browns and Paul Brown for creating the Bengals? Do you even know anything about the Browns v Bengals dynamic, or the fanbases??
  20. Except it was Art Modell who fired Paul Brown. He didn't just "leave". My grandfather, who was a Browns fan during that time, never rooted for the browns again after what Art did to Paul. He became a Bengals fan instantly.
  21. Has anyone seen the full shirt design that Odell is wearing here? It kinda looks like an updated/redesigned brownie the elf. I believe it's the weight room shirt, but I can't seem to find a clear pic of the logo anywhere.
  22. They've only been worn twice in 5 years. I always liked the orange better than our primary.
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