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  1. As a Savannahian, I'm liking what you came up with. Although, you misspelled "Oglethorpe."
  2. Why would St. Louis be in the western division and then Kansas City in the east? It makes no geographical sense whatsoever. Also, you misspelled Ottawa.
  3. My whole issue is how Cleveland has been playing the Blue Jays in Toronto for 40+ years, and just now Ontario has issues with it? And in 2016, Ontarians (?) are all of a sudden offended with Chief Wahoo and their team name. Aren't their bigger, more pressing issues than a sports team's name and logo in Ontario?
  4. I am incredibly indifferent on Majestic, since I do not buy jerseys. However, I am bummed about the fact that Nike would no longer be able to have the ability to produce MLB merchandise, since it's hard to beat one of their golf polos. Does anyone know if '47 will still make caps?
  5. The arena used by the Tampa Bay Lightning is Amalie Arena, which is not Philips. The Hawks are the main tenant in the one and only Philips Arena, which is in Atlanta, not the Tampa Bay Area.
  6. While I agree that UGA can pull off a black jersey, I don't agree that they are the best in college football. I'll raise you the classic green jerseys that Notre Dame wore with adidas before their Shamrock Series one-offs.
  7. Montréal going with white helmets against Winnipeg. Did the unveil show the Alouettes with an alternate helmet??
  8. I would hope and assume so. It would be awful to see a team of their magnitude to be playing nationally-televised games with mismatching oranges.
  9. Hate to be "that guy," but this was completely avoidable by simply one of the outfielders calling for it. Even as a Cardinals fan, it sucks to see someone with his potential to not only get hurt, but to get hurt this bad this early on in the season.
  10. I know it's the lighting from the picture, but it looks as if the orange team from the upstate changed their orange to a shade that is similar to Texas'.
  11. As much as I don't like that orange team from the upstate, they do have a great set of uniforms, but only without the paws on the shoulders.
  12. Could either be good or really, really awful. I just hope that the "tail feather" helmets Carolina wore against UF will never again be used in any capacity. In a perfect world, they'd just wear the regular white helmet, as well as the garnet one.
  13. The West Point baselines seem way too busy, maybe lose the flags.
  14. What ruins it for me is the amount of chrome and the oversized helmet logos.
  15. I think it's just laziness with the name. They must've figured out that it rhymed, and then called it a day. It's just unfortunate that the Sand Gnats, who had a great identity, packed up and left and took off with it. Then again, a MiLB team would never leave a city and have a Browns-like deal with their logos/colors/name.
  16. Well, the name isn't getting much love right now here in Savannah. Who knows, it might just need some time with people. On the other hand, I think it's an absolutely terrible name. The team is going to be the butt of many jokes regarding certain body parts…
  17. Probably a lot of events. 8 home dates + 2 pre-season gone from the NFL can't possibly be dire. London Jaguars. That's all that is.Too much of Shahid Khan's personal money has been spent on upgrades to EverBank Field, so a permanent move of any kind away from Duval is utterly and completely ridiculous.
  18. Definitely seeing the Twins play outside just seems weird. And also the Marlins not playing in a football stadium is something I can't get used to either.
  19. This could be very unpopular-I hate how people use gold/yellow interchangably. For example the Packers, Steelers, Penguins, Lakers, Pirates, A's, among other teams wear yellow, not gold. Notre Dame, the Naval Academy, West Point, the Saints, Georgia Tech, Purdue, Pitt, Vanderbilt, and others wear gold.
  20. Interesting take on my Jags. I was thinking that you were gonna do the helmets with a two-tone finish like their real ones.
  21. Eh, I don't know what to think of the change. They still aren't as good as Waffle House in my book, logos aside.
  22. Landover, MD's NFL team is the REDSKINS.

  23. REDSKINS is the name of the team that plays in Landover, MD.

  24. The NFL team for Washington is the REDSKINS. It's their name-nothing is wrong with it.

  25. This d-bag thinks I'm racist because I used the REDSKINS' team name. What a dumb :censored:.

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