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  1. Yeah, this looks great. I noticed that you make it look a bit angry, compared to the dopey look it had before. Nonetheless, I did my own version of the owl the night before. Very simplified and used current colors & shadowing.
  2. Fantastic work! I would love to see what you could do with this one! Temple University -circa 1960
  3. Yeah I agree that they should put in more team names. I think the best bet would to be to put in all of the city names & then the announcers can just call them by that. & I think they could easily put in an option to upload your own logo. They had a feature like that in NHL 99 for PC I believe. Only it was for putting your face in the game (which EA FIFA 13 currently has). Even if they don't put an 'upload logo', they could do what the WWE Wrestling Game and COD do and have the option to create your own logo on the game using shapes.
  4. OK, this has been driving me nuts. I constantly have the urge to pop NHL13 in & create my own team to play as, yet when I go on, I have to settle for filling out this preset template of lousy jerseys, and lame stock logos. Absolutely no creativity involved! It's so boring!! Am I the only one?! I love playing those NHL games but this needs to be added to NHL 14 or I'll go insane! They need to get more advanced Create a team, and Create a player modes, with the option to choose from and recolor any of the current NHL jersey designs. They need to give us the option to upload our own logos (and not just the one of the front, I also mean the shoulder patches, logo on the pants, and even the collar and a special event patch. On be a GM mode you should be able to go in and Create a new jersey for an existing NHL team as a special event jersey! You should be able to relocate the team, and design new uniforms for them as well. They also need to give the player the option to design their own goalie mask. Whether it be like WWE 13 where you can design in from pre-cut and colorized shapes, recolor and add text and logos to prefab mask designs, or upload a mask from their website using some type of template that give you the option to design and then upload it into the game via their website. As many of you on here are artistically inclined, like myself, I'm sure you agree, Right? Btw, there is a petition here where you can sign if you agree. I will send it to EA if/when I recieve enough signitures! https://www.change.o...-team-in-nhl-14 Thanks!
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