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  1. Yeah, this looks great. I noticed that you make it look a bit angry, compared to the dopey look it had before. Nonetheless, I did my own version of the owl the night before. Very simplified and used current colors & shadowing.
  2. Fantastic work! I would love to see what you could do with this one! Temple University -circa 1960
  3. DCVisualArts


    Are you being serious? Couldn't tell bc of the face lol If so, I'm sure I can put something together
  4. DCVisualArts


    Yeah, I'm not a Hawks fan either. I just had an idea & went with it lol. Great idea for the Blue shirts, I'll definitely put something together (although I dislike the Blues as well, haha)
  5. DCVisualArts


    Oh man, that'll be a tough one lol Any ideas of a good shirt that people would want to buy?!
  6. Thank you Morgo. Very much appreciated!