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  1. Curious if I could get a two team split one with the Carolina Panthers & WVU football? Thanks!
  2. Anyone know where I can find something similar or the actual font for the new WVU uniforms? I have noticed some graphics floating around using it or something similar to it.
  3. I understand that, I figure you all take it a little more personally then most casual fans like me would so let me rephrase it not my collection but my facesmile, and its cool if you dont like my point of view of it, its not like im trying to win you over or get you to start buying these types of jerseys, im just giving my personal opinion of these types of jersey since thats what everyone on this thread is talking about, these are jerseys i will wear on occasion, its not like i am running round flaunting them to everyone i know sayin check out my authentic jersey cause its not and i knew that when i purchased it, its something for games & to wear to the occasional game party, i would love to have it come from an nfl shop, but with as much as there charging for jerseys now it makes it hard to, every so often you find a deal here or there for some legit ones but in any case i was just giving my review of what i seen and have from these types of places, legit or not i have both
  4. Here's the Carolina one. As far as a WVU one with the new helmets, i'll have to wait until I can get some better images of the helmets to work with. Love it thanks man I will see if I can find you some better shots of those helmets and post them
  5. looking forward to see the jags new uniforms, thinking its about time carolina follows suit soon as much as i love the design of ours now, maybe update there uniforms i love to see black helmets matte i wish, colors still the same but the design different if they did i would like to see a change to the pants strips jersey strip and helmet to the claw mark look kinda like cincy uses in college maybe claw mark look on the shoulders of the jersey and pants legs and helmet kinda like this with logo still on the sleeve and all
  6. got to say I dont mind buying from these shops I love collecting jerseys of my favorite teams, heck I know a shop local here in town that buys these and sells them for a jacked up price, I was big into finding deals on team twill/sewn jerseys on ebay which is where i got a lot of my Panthers reebok jerseys from or from the team shops but then things got pricey and hard to buy with going to games bills etc, so I tried to find deals which is when I ran across these wholesale websites My review of these sites which I have bought several jerseys from: They are good for the casual fan who can't afford to spend 200 some dollar on just one authentic jersey or 100 on screen printed ones like me that eventually with wear and tear are much harder to maintain then sewn/twill which for the most part is what all the jerseys from these shops are twill/sewn. The jersey I have gotten there have been small flaws but nothing so major I would never wear it, only my Panthers Nike jerseys had the small flaws but anyways they have the silver blue silver shoulder stripe but the ones i ordered from there ended up being white blue white which i think looks good as well so in my eyes no big deal. Just like a lot of you have picked apart these jerseys, your right there are several bad ones listed on the sites but if you look hard enough you can find some that are not so bad. 70% of the fans are not obsessive about jerseys and wouldnt notice the difference. You have to really look at these jerseys before purchase, like my panthers jersey unless I can see the sleeve logo I wont purchase them also if you order NCAA jerseys they sell them with the names on the back which I think is neat since NCAA does not allow that from official shops due to NCAA rules about marketing players, I have had no flaws in the NCAA jersey I have gotten either. i did have one pretty bad order once where the sleeve logo was really wrong or not fully colored, the one bad order I got because i tried a different site me & my buddy went in on a order he got 3 vikings jerseys and celtics jersey in womens for his daughter, i got 2 panthers jerseys and ordered a wvu blue austin jersey when I received it my buddies order was fine his jerseys looked great just like what he would have bought from the official site. The mistakes were on my side of the order, my jerseys the teal was miscolored, the logo on the sleeves didnt look right on the Panthers ones and then the austin jersey did not come in they sent intstead a blue #1 Michigan Braylon Edwards jersey which the jersey was fine but wasnt what i ordered when i tried to get back in contact with them they wouldnt reply to me. Outside of one bad experiance I havent had problems with getting in contact with other sites or problems with the jerseys But all in all I have replaced a lot of jersey I had with these I suggest if ordering them order in bulk like 2 or 3 at a time you will spend the amount of one 100 screen print you get brand new out of the store when you include shipping. I started using these shops about a year or two ago, Here are the wholesale jerseys I have 3 Panthers Nike Jerseys, Blue Steve Smith, Black Cam Newton, & White Cam Newton, 4 WVU, Gold Geno Smith, Blue Tavon Austin, Grey Geno & Tavon
  7. any chance to get some WVU ones with the new matte helmets they just came out with the Gold, White, Blue & Carolina Panthers one with the new logo
  8. any chance in getting some more WVU 2006 Sugar Bowl, 2008 Fiesta Bowl, & 2012 Orange Bowl, also same as the guy above would like some Carolina Panthers ones thanks
  9. Can someone make these same style helmets but as wvu 3 new helmets thanks very awesome being a avid WVU fan gotta say I love that the numbers will be more visable on the WVU uniforms they will take some time getting use to but I like the simple template they used with the matte helmets which i have been begging for, im happy with the colors for the helmets and that they didnt go overboard and add the stripe again i like the just flying WV plain look, my only complaint maybe some flying WV on the sleeves of the jerseys but the way they implemented the canary and mining history and with the mountaineers run free on the back collar i am very happy with these, my favorite is the gold & white though
  10. Can someone make these same style helmets but as wvu 3 new helmets