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  1. I understand that it comes from the older crest but the shaping of that banner just doesn't look good. Something close to stoke or west ham would be more pleasing to the eye because this one is too awkward looking. I agree with what others have said that you should try and shift the cannon down a tad to fill the space more evenly. If you don't want to do that, you could possibly try to put the banner on top of the crest in that open space.
  2. Top class work on these last few Daryl. Really liking the colors of Santa Barbara and Ventura. The home kit for Santa Barbara is my favorite of the last two.
  3. Looks much better now. I would maybe try and use their regularly colored crest to include some red and then use it as an accent color on some of the striping or maybe the collar. I'd also make sure that the shorts and jersey side stripe is either all gray or all white
  4. I would eliminate some of the excess ads and just go with the front sponsor. I would also take out the gradient and just make those parts have a solid color.
  5. River Hudson looks great. The second jersey is very similar to Bayern's home kits from this past season so I might try another kind of vertical striping. As for the crest, I have only one change in mind really because it looks good already. I would enlarge the waves to the size of what either Southampton or Southend United have in their crests since right now I don't think it would be able to be applied in smaller sizes.
  6. I think the shorts stripe on the home for Jersey City should be black like the sleeve cuffs, the way you have it match on the away. Also I feel the numbers should be lowered a tad on both teams and possibly enlarged. Not sure on the enlarged part, I would have to see a double digit number version first
  7. This. I would at least like to see it as an option and if it doesn't look better then what you have will be good. Great work on these last few.
  8. I think some of the detail on the shell of the armadillo, especially the jagged spiky areas, could be enlarged because as of right now I think that it would be hard to see and reproduce in a smaller size. Otherwise I like he simplicity of the identity.
  9. Exactly what I was about to say. Just a color switcheroo and trading the sponsor for a number. The stripes could work but I would try a different style.