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  1. 5th one for sure. It incorporates the star signifying badge of a ranger and it still shows the laces shining piercing through
  2. The Mariners logo, not a fan. No disrespect just honesty. Kaz is right the trident m and compass conflict each other greatly
  3. The alternates for the DiamondBacks are perfect! I think the usage of the db snake eyes logo is phenomenal, and the revamp of the current black alternate worked out perfectly along with the recolor of the away. The only iffy thing about the D-Backs designs is the thick "double-decker" script on the home jersey.
  4. I don't know if you are taking requests or not, but the Padres seem like they would be a nice team for this series. They have had three very different color schemes, logos, etc. throughout their history they've had the ugly yellow and brown (which god awful by itself but could be turned into something nice) and the orange and brown and now the navy, white and light beige. Again, I don't know if you're taking requests or not, but wanted to put this out there.
  5. To be honest I thought the pirates uniforms were perfect before the combination, but the stripes on the hats? Not a fan at all. One alternate with that in the combination? Fine. But all of the uniforms with that? Cool idea but bad result. I like how you kept their black alternate with the yellow P on the left side of the chest. Maybe adding a different version of that to the rotation would help. I'd say keep the black alt with the yellow P and change the colors around on that same jersey to recreate a fan favorite an another nice alternate uniform to the mix. And for the brewers? Love'em.
  6. Marlins are perfect. They are just great, way better than their real ones. And the braves are perfect as well. Love the leaveson the sleeves. Reds are great too. I like the cubs and mets logos but their uniforms are dissapointing. Nats and Phils are god awful in my opinion. But this series os the best I've seen so far, and I've been on this website since 2008.
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