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  1. Coming up with the surrounding detail to make it as Texas-themed as possible was really the hardest part for me. “LI” is a very difficult roman numeral to work with as it isn’t as exciting or eye catching as say “XLIX” or something earlier. When it comes to the older concepts though, particularly XLI-XLIV, those weren’t really “in your face” as well when it came to concept or theme, especially XLIII which I really still don’t see the Tampa connection; I read somewhere that the theme was supposed to be land meets sea, but that still seems like kind of a stretch. Anyway, I greatly appreciate the feedback; it really means a lot coming from an experienced graphic designer. I’m already working on different concepts for LII in Minnesota; I’m just trying to keep getting better and better and improve upon each design I make.
  2. Good lord, please tell me they're not seriously going to use this?
  3. Thanks everyone for the feedback; I've added the text at the bottom to indicate location and date.
  4. Well, Super Bowl 50 is now upon us, and that means the NFL should be releasing their Super Bowl LI logo for Houston in a couple weeks. I figure I would post my design a couple weeks early since Super Bowl fever has officially started. If there is one word to describe my design, it would be “dynamic.” The logo constantly leans forward and has a sort of “moving into the future” style. The giant lone star carries the roman numerals and leads the way as the NFL moves into the future. The colors reflect the colors of the Texas state flag to give it a true Texan feeling, and the large roman numerals are a reminder of the Super Bowl’s “larger than life” mentality. Hope you all enjoy!
  5. fouhy12 is correct, XLIX is a design I created and posted on these forums.
  6. Super Bowl XXXII was the first to paint the team boxes. I believe for that game, it was similar to the way they did it this year except there were no logos in the boxes, and the cross section lines were white. Actually my bad, I just looked at a picture and it wasn't a criss-cross pattern, it was like a triangle pattern and the logos were present.
  7. I am starting to lose all faith in the NFL. Really? Why is the Seahawk endzone the same as last year? And with regards to the Patriots endzone: what is this? college football? Who is in charge of the field design? and why do they think this is a good idea? It's probably the same goon who thinks it's a good idea to have a standardized logo every year for the Super Bowl. I mean for God's sake, at the very least, go back to outlining the 50 in red and blue and the 20s in the team colors. There are not enough words to describe my dislike for this field and the fields of the past 4-7 years.
  8. Oh my God, you hit the nail right on the head with this field. This field lives right up to the NFL's moniker as the No Fun League. You forgot to mention how they didn't even paint the sideline boxes for this game as well; once again, it was probably due to laziness. I especially hated how big the Broncos wordmark was, because it made their logo be very small, like it was just kind of squeezed in there. I wish they would have done it like Super Bowl XXXII and XXXIII where they stretched the wordmark and had white lettering with an orange outline. This field is just pitiful. Also, I appreciate the love for my Super Bowl XLIX logo; I was actually going to recommend you use it for when you do XLIX, but you sort of beat me to the punch; I'm glad you like it. I already posted my logo for L as well which has gotten some mixed reviews, but I like it, and I am already working on LI as well.
  9. This thread is awesome dude, the only thing is that your helmets for the past few SB's are a bit off. I've been making fields as well for some time, and for XXXI-XXXVII, I came across this direct overhead shot of the ravens helmet for XXXV. I blew it up a bit, and then traced over it. The lines are still a little jagged, and I didn't add the white outline around the helmet (I couldn't find the version where I did). The brim of the helmet is a little higher, the facemask is a bit longer, and the overall shape of the helmet is a little different Here are the pics...
  10. @29texan Thanks for the feedback; I did not make a logo for XLV, but I did for XLVI and XLVII; I can post them here if you want, just let me know. The only problem is that they are not as "polished" as my recent logos due to the fact that they were my earlier attempts at making logos, so I was still pretty inexperienced at it, but I still don't think they're terrible either. Just respond and let me know if you want to see them, and again thanks for the feedback.
  11. Hey everyone, thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it. Yea, you guys are right with whole "anniversary" thing, I'm not sure what I was thinking there. Don't feel bad for ripping this logo apart either, I'm happy to take any criticism. Designing this logo was tough for a number of reasons including the fact that L isn't exactly the most attractive roman numeral, and it is totally asymmetrical which made it a huge pain when trying to figure out where the word "Super Bowl" should go. I tried the three conventional ways you see in other SB logos: have it go across the top of the roman numeral(s), go across the middle of the roman numeral(s), or have the roman numeral(s) sandwiched between the words "Super Bowl," but all three just looked unbalanced and goofy, so I figured I should try something that has never been done before and put "Super Bowl" underneath the roman numeral(s); it was the best way to make the logo look balanced as well as making the L stand out more. I was really just going for something simpler but still bold and clean looking without trying to do too much, something that reflects the NFL's golden game being played in the golden state. I will admit though that the golden gate bridge concept was something I put in kind of last minute, so I might go back and rework that sometime later on, and as far as using regular numbers like the NFL is, I have always been a roman numeral guy, so I don't know if I will try to work it into this design, but you never know. Right now I am already working on LI, and starting to think about LII in Minnesota. All in all, this is something I do for fun, and I appreciate any feedback you guys give whether you think it's good or bad; it really means a lot!
  12. Don't worry, it's not. It's just the added text you see with other Super Bowl logos, only this one I just made a little more descriptive; it's not actually part of the logo.
  13. Hey everyone, today the NFL released their logo for Super Bowl L, or "50" as they're calling it for that game, and I think it is total crap. Since they released their logo a year early, I figure that I will too. Here is my design for Super Bowl L, keeping the consistency with the roman numeral look. You can find my logos for XLIX and XLVIII respectively here: XLIX: http://boards.sportslogos.net/topic/97090-super-bowl-xlix-logo-concept/ XLVIII: http://boards.sportslogos.net/topic/94135-super-bowl-xlviii-logo-concept/
  14. Sure thing, here you go: http://boards.sportslogos.net/topic/94135-super-bowl-xlviii-logo-concept/
  15. Thanks guys for the feedback! I appreciate it!
  16. Hey everyone, I posted here a long time ago my logo for Super Bowl XLVIII, and now that this Super Bowl is history, here is my logo design for Super Bowl XLIX in Arizona next year. Hope you all enjoy!
  17. I don't get the blue streaks at the bottom. Are they supposed to be oceanic waves? Because I don't think they fit in with the whole "New York City" concept. Yes, they represent the waves coming in from the Atlantic Ocean. It's supposed to connect with the Statue of Liberty crown at the top giving a sense of "washing ashore" into America, into New York, which has always been thought of as the "gateway" to freedom/liberty etc.
  18. Thank you everyone for the positive feedback, I appreciate it! JMurr…Yes, you are correct that the top of the logo is modeled after the Statue of Liberty. There are so many things that can be used in a New York styled logo, but I felt the Statue of Liberty was the most recognizable. The “cold” colors I used reflect that it is going to be a cold weather Super Bowl as well. The roman numerals provide that “overwhelming” sense of being in the big city. The abstract wave at the bottom sort of compliments the Statue of Liberty at the top, to show how New York used to be the gateway to America from Europe and all over. usern3mo…I actually wanted to put a football in this design, as I used one in the design I made for XLVI, but I just couldn’t find a good enough spot for it in this logo, so I just decided to leave it as is. As far as the Red and Blue stars go, the three stars in my logo reflect the old World Trade Center towers and the big star in the middle reflects the new Freedom Tower. When designing this logo, I did make a design with the left and right stars being red and blue, but I just didn’t like the way it looked. If I was going to do the red and blue stars, I would have put them in a different spot. I sort have just decided to scrap that idea since the NFL decided to scrap it, but it doesn’t mean I won’t consider it for future logos.
  19. Hello, I'm new here, and I have hated the new Super Bowl Logo system that is currently in place in the NFL. So here is my Super Bowl XLVIII Logo Concept. Hope you all enjoy!