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  1. Here's a picture from outside. The whole endzone is colored.
  2. I like the idea of team slogans on the endzone sidelines, nice idea.
  3. So I usually post my Super Bowl logos for the following year immediately after the Super Bowl, but I've just been real busy these days, but hey, 10 months late ain't so bad I guess - just in time for playoff season. Here is my logo for Super Bowl LVIII for Vegas. It's an obvious homage to the "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign in Las Vegas. The dark blue represents the night time life of the the strip and the pink and and light blue are more supposed to be "neon red" and "neon blue" representing the NFC and AFC. If I get Super Bowl LIX for New Orleans done by Super Bowl Sunday, it'll be a miracle. Anyway, let me know what you think. Peace.
  4. My money's on no outline, because you know, dull is trendy.
  5. Meanwhile, just came across this....
  6. A look at the Super Bowl logo and wide shot of the field with Super Bowl logos. It looks like the SB logo's a little bigger than the past and the addition of you know, color, makes a nice difference.
  7. Things I like: Color I love that the NFL finally realized that the trophy in the middle made no sense as it looked like an extra roman numeral, so I'm glad they stuck it behind the roman numerals this time I also like that they actually included a theme for the location (palm trees/sunset) instead of having the stadium for example. Things I don't like: Still essentially the same template Too many "realistic" effects (how the heck do you paint this on the field or embroider on merchandise, etc.?) Also don't like how the trophy is visible behind L and the V; it's too distracting to the eye
  8. Bummer. I just googled it, but still a good job to whoever edited the image to put the overhead shot of the field on there.
  9. Overhead shot of the field. All in all not a bad looking field, but of course could be better, and more consistent...*cough...chiefs helmet...cough*
  10. Looks great! I just came across this picture of the Rams endzone; it looks like they're going with a darker shade of blue for the helmet.
  11. It's only a matter of time before they stop coloring in the endzones altogether and it's just the logo and wordmark (or just wordmark) with no background color.
  12. No, the last Super Bowl to paint the 20's/50's was XLI in 06/07 with the Bears. Nonetheless, I miss those days as well. Why does the NFL have to be so lazy nowadays?
  13. I like that they went with the helmet colors for the team boxes to contrast the endzones, but I'm disappointed again that there are no conference logos in the endzones; it looks like something you'd see in a college bowl game. Would also love to see them go back to outlining the 20 and 50 yard lines in team colors; it's been ten years now since they've last done it.
  14. Super Bowl XXXII was the first to paint the team boxes. I believe for that game, it was similar to the way they did it this year except there were no logos in the boxes, and the cross section lines were white. Actually my bad, I just looked at a picture and it wasn't a criss-cross pattern, it was like a triangle pattern and the logos were present.
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