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  1. Yeah I thought but the same thing at first, but it looks so good this way. I don't feel that I have enough feedback yet to update Group C, but I'm thinking that Germany and Greece won't need it. Anyways here's Group D: Russia vs. Poland Easily the best game so far. Two power houses coming down to a game winning touchdown. Russia wore their blue jerseys, while Poland wore their white jerseys. Russia: Russia has a very similar set to what I had them wear in my Olympic Football series. You'll understand why their is a little bit of black in the uniform once you see the secondary. Speaking of the secondary, if you like this set you'll hate the other one. Poland: Poland's helmet and jersey are almost identical to what they wear in real life. I tweaked their current logo and added wings. A very clean looking set in my opinion. Netherlands vs. Italy Our first upset of the series. Netherlands pulls off a shocking upset in convincing fashion. Netherlands wore their trademark orange and Italy wore blue. Netherlands: I'm not exactly sure what I was thinking with this geometric pattern all over the place, however it does look good in my opinion. Aside from the pattern it's a very basic set. One thing I really like about the pattern is that it's very subtle, you may not even notice it in a real broadcast. Italy: Italy has a very similar set to their real life uniforms, hence the writing on the pants. All I really did was take their current identity and modernize it. Thank you for viewing, please let me know what you think. I'm also still taking feedback on Group C which is back on page 1.
  2. Not a fan of using two purples. Aside from that the actual concept is beautiful
  3. Thanks. The reason I used a grey facemask is because nothing else looked good in my opinion. I have played around with a green alternate for Germany, it could happen. Don't worry, not every team uses their flag colors. This is a concept, not real life. I could care less about their gdp I'm not sure what you mean by a scoreboard, as I already have one. I haven't dealt with broadcasting yet but I may later in the series. As far as America being involved this is the Euro Cup, I could do a world cup sometime in the future. I would like to answer your questions more accurately, but I need more specifics. Update is coming very soon, as is Group D.
  4. So here's how the Group Day's work. I will post the score sheet like I did for the qualifiers, and then two matchups at a time. This will simulate the fact that Groups A&B and C&D would play on separate days if this were real. And yes, I know that C comes BEFORE D in the alphabet. Germany vs. Portugal Germany does what they were expected to do and starts strong by blowing out Portugal. Germany wore their black jersey's with white pants, Portugal wore red helmets, red jersey, and green pants to help contrast from Germany. Germany: I honestly feel this is one of my best concepts ever, I spent a lot of time stumped on Germany and they ended up being the last team completed. I was going for a rugged look that still was modern and classy. I tried a lot of different things for this team, and I really like the result. Portugal: You could call this team the Oregon of this series, you could also call them an eyesore. This team features a 2 helmets (red and white), 2 jerseys, and 3 pants. Their main colors are red, maroon, green and gold as an accent. They also have a very interesting blue and white alternate. Greece vs. Denmark Greece played better than expected, but Denmark pulled away late. Denmark wore red, and Greece wore blue. Both these sets are pretty much what you'd expect. Greece: Greece has a very simple and self explanatory look, not much else to say. Denmark: I'm not quite sure why I decided against having a logo for this team. They were hard to improve on from my last series, but I tried my best. I kept there amazing helmet that they actually use in real life. Group D matches will be posted next. Please give feedback.
  5. Tried out the dragon scales, and it looks great. I tried using it in every place possible. It looks better on the red jersey, but here's the update. Wales: Dragon pattern added on the numbers and gloves.
  6. I tried out you're idea for Belgium's helmet, but it took away from the cohesiveness of the look. I haven't tried the dragon scale pattern yet but I plan on doing so. Anyways here are the updates for Switzerland and Croatia, I decided to show the full sets now instead of later since these teams were eliminated: Switzerland: extended the bottom part of the cross, also put the plus on the helmet. Croatia: tried the Tennessee idea, and it worked out beautifully Thank you for viewing, please give feedback.
  7. I would get rid of the puck all together. Otherwise I think it's a pretty good concept.
  8. I'll see what I can do with Croatia's pants, I really like that idea. I'm not sure quite sure how to simplify Belgium's helmet stripe, but I do agree that it looks really clean on the pants. So it seems that people are in an agreement that Wales doesn't need grey, but before I do that I would like for you guys to see their other looks. Not saying that I'm not open to it,I just want to make sure that it would improve their look. I'm aware of the fact that the bottom part wouldn't usually be seen, but it still seemed like a nice touch to me. I was originally going to have a plain look for Switzerland, but I decided to do this as a small detail. A lot of things that are on uniforms aren't seen from a broadcast view anyways. If I were to remove the white splotches do have any suggestions on what I could do for them? Thanks, appreciate the feedback. Day One of the group stage will start very soon. Updates are on the way as well.
  9. Personally I would've eliminated all the gold from the Celtics logo, but you did a great job on updating a classic. With the Raptors it doesn't make sense how the neck has a more flowing look while the head has a very boxy 90s look. I'm also not a fan of the wordmark, it looks like something out of a spiderman movie. But that could be the black backround.
  10. I hate to be the only one to disagree, but in my opinion.... These seem to lack creativity. I'm not trying to sound harsh, but aside from Golden Wave's sleeves and Oak Grove, All these teams look the exact same to me. The only differences are the colors. The only times you stepped outside the box were with the Chargers and the Prattville Lions. You seem to have some experience and it does look like you thought about what you're doing for each team. However I really encourage you to try to be more creative and unique. Also, what's with all the monochrome yellow?
  11. Thank you guys for the feedback, it seems to be in a bit of a shortage at the moment so I really appreciate it. As far as Wales goes, I see where you guys are coming from. However grey pants are an option as well as a red jersey. I thought of giving them multiple helmets, but I wanted to avoid that as much as possible knowing that a lot of these teams will only see 3 games. If I gave every team multiple helmets, a lot of teams would have looks that would never be used, resulting in a waste of my time. If you guys think that grey should be 100% percent eradicated no matter how it's used, then I will remove the grey. I think you guys are right with Belgium's striping, thickened it up a bit: I also updated their other sets that you'll see later on in the series. I found it interesting how Croatia and Switzerland weren't commented on. Not sure if that is because they were good concepts or because they were eliminated. Once again thank you for the feedback, Day One of the Group Stage will be starting soon.
  12. I'm pretty sure that those alternates aren't used anymore.
  13. Croatia vs. Belgium Belgium would advance in the tournament with a strong 2nd half to defeat Croatia. Croatia would wear their primary red jerseys with white pants as Belgium wore their yellow secondaries. Croatia: A very simple and self explanatory uniform for Croatia. Features a checkered pattern on the sleeves. Belgium: Turns out that Belgium already has a logo, and it's a good one. I tweaked a few things about it but it's essentially the same. As far as the uniforms I tried to get a bit innovative with the striping across the chest and the waistband. Normally this team wears red, but due to Croatia wearing red they wore yellow. Wales vs. Switzerland Despite Switzerland's talent, they struggled to get going in this defensive battle. Wales would debut in the tournament wearing white with their green pants, Switzerland wore monochrome red. Wales: I really had a lot of fun with there color scheme. I know people are going to say that I went a bit overboard as you guys see what else they'll wear throughout the tournament, but I love their set. Wales is one of the few teams to not have player names on the back. Switzerland: After the tournament is over I'll show all the sets that weren't given a chance to be worn. Switzerland has a very simple but unique look to it as it uses space on the jersey that usually isn't used. Because of there simple flag design, they were allowed to replace their flag patch with their logo. Here is there monochrome red set, arguably there worst look. Please give feedback. Thank you for viewing.
  14. So here are the groups: Group A: Group A features an elite squad in France and host country Sweden as the favorites to make it out of the group. Ireland had a solid year as they qualify. Croatia pulled a huge upset over Finland to qualify and will play Belgium in an elimination game. Group B: Austria proves to be the strong favorite as they don't have much strong opposition. England played well as always and Spain was a pleasant suprise. Switzerland lost a few games they should've one and faces Wales in an elimination game. Group C: This group features two powerhouses in Germany and Denmark, as both are popular picks to go all the way. Greece was close to leaving the tournament this year due to the economic situation, however they will compete. Group D: Group D is easily the strongest group. Russia, Poland, and Italy all sport very strong teams that could beat any team in the tournament. The Netherlands have a talented team but have severely under preformed this year. This post will be updated as the simulation progresses. Let me know what you think, teams will start being posted very soon.
  15. So today I present to you my first series in a while. In order to avoid the urges to quit a series this series has already been 100% completed, however there will still be updates. Before I keep talking about the formatting and specifics of this series I present to you... First of all this is a continuation of my Olympic football series. So it is a given that in this world American football is much more popular than it is now. I was originally working on this year's IFAF World Cup, but one it was moved to Canton and Germany and Austria left; I left too. I know that there already is a European tournament, but that doesn't happen to 2018. So I decided to create my own, and I chose Europe because I had more countries to work with. The tournament will consist of 18 teams in 4 groups, where it is then narrowed down to an 8 team tournament. The series will start with to games that will narrow it down to 16, where the group stage will begin. After all the uniforms are revealed then the simulation will begin. I'm going to try to go fairly quickly as I don't want this series to take to long. As far as uniforms go there are a few regulations. 1. Color v. Color is allowed, similar to how it is in soccer 2. All teams will be supplied by Nike (that could change in the future), therefore I tried to make sure the uniforms looked like something Nike would do. Which is why some teams look similar. 3. NO TV NUMBERS. As jersey sleeves get shorter and shorter TV numbers get too much in the way of design, and I can't think of one time they've helped me identify a player 4. Each team must have at least 2 jerseys, no more than 4. (there is no helmet or pants limits) 5. Teams will wear 2 patches, a flag patch on the left and the logo above on the right 6. Player names are encouraged but optional As this is the first installment of this, I decided to keep the logos very basic and simple as I wanted to focus on the uniforms. Some teams already had good logos, while for some of them I decided to borrow their countries soccer crest. The teams were chosen based on a couple things. 1. How good they currently are at Football now 2. How good they are at Rugby 3. How sports oriented the countries are in general 4. Would they be fun to create a concept around 5. An element of randomness (sorry Finland) I tried to make the groups fairly even, but with a bit of imbalance to create more realism. This post has been fairly long and I feel like I've covered all the bases so far. The Groups will be posted later today or tomorrow, then the first two qualifier matches are next. Thank you for reading all of this if you did because I know I wouldn't. Feel free to leave feedback and correct any of my typos (please no grammar nazis, I already know my grammar's horible).
  16. I like both, but white vs. cream is not a smart idea. I would keep the design the same but make one of them either grey or a color.
  17. I love the uniforms, But I'm not sure that 2 bear logos are necessary. If you do keep the secondary then make the ears more rounded.
  18. I understand what you're trying to do with the nats, but as a nats fan the curly W is a must. Even though it looks like the walgreens
  19. I like the Spurs very clean and simple, how they should be. Personally I would've incorporated the fiesta colors.
  20. sorry about the typo guys, didn't notice it.
  21. Yes, I was serious when I said that. I didn't mean that I wanted it like how it's been over these last couple years of chaos. Personally I would like to see something similar to our basketball uniforms.
  22. As a terps fan, I feel there should be more of the flag involved. As far as Northwestern you did a perfect job, clean and classic.
  23. The one thing I don't like about this concept is the pattern on the hat. It looks like it says "SVR".