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  1. it's currently more of an illustration than a logo
  2. take the outline off the claw marks, it would look much better
  3. Love your Jets concept, however the letters in JETS are too far apart in the logo.
  4. I haven't updated the USA football sets because all the feedback (or lack of) was positive. I'm still taking feedback on USA football so let me know what you think of those. Anyways here are some Atlanta Hawks concepts, I decided to use a richer shade of gold for the trim to avoid having a similar color scheme as the Rockets.
  5. Not a fan of the shade of blue or the font. Otherwise this is a great start to the series.
  6. I've had this concept stored in my computer for a while, and felt it was time to share it. Some of you may remember my "If football was in the Olympics" thread. Well I'm not sure if I want to do a second version of that series or something similar. But I do have a second version of USA, which is what I'm showing you guys today. The reason I never updated Philadelphia was because I didn't feel it needed one from the feedback. Almost all of the feedback was about whether people liked the color scheme or not, which is an endless debate with the Eagles. The reason I didn't add silver pants was because I wanted to stay within the NFL's rules (as stupid as they are), which only allows for three pants. Anyways here's USA Football.
  7. Ditch the font, also on the helmet make the stripe go all the way to the end of the helmet. Other than that this is fantastic
  8. I think black pants should be an option they have, also a red alternate would be nice to see.
  9. when I first saw these concepts I wasn't too much of a fan, but after seeing it in the on the field looks, the Cards need these immediately. One thing I would change is I would get rid of the flag on the sleeve.
  10. I like it, it's modern and classic at the same time.
  11. the eye needs a litte bit of work, but for the most part it's pretty good.
  12. I don't see what's the big deal with Philly and Washington both having RWB as there colors. 2/30 is a pretty good ratio if you ask me. It's also hard to complain considering both teams have pretty good unis.
  13. Try making the eye and ear flow together more. You've got a lot of good pieces to this logo, but they don't fit together in a puzzle if you know what I mean.
  14. I appreciate your feedback. Serious question: do you think the Jets' current uniforms feel like primary uniforms? I'm not really sure if the jets unis feel like primary uniforms. I guess the fact that they've had that look for a while helps there cause.
  15. These are good concepts, but they seem nostalgic. I understand you prefer an older style, and that's fine. However some of these concepts are simply regressing to what these teams wore decades ago without bringing any creativity or any new ideas. If you're going to use this style you need to be very careful to avoid making throwbacks and not original concepts. Not trying to sound harsh, its just the fact that some of these concepts like the jets or dolphins feel like throwbacks, not primary uniforms.
  16. too many teeth, also you should try this in there current colors
  17. As a challenge you should do the jaguars
  18. 1. Iowa State 2. TCU 3. Missouri 4. Miami 5. Kansas
  19. With Auverngne Volcan all the text should be the same color in the primary logo, also the line consistency with the basketball is a too straight. And the basketball should look more real and less of a flat illustration. It would also look better if the mountain and ball were the same color. with the league logo it would look better if it didn't use 5 colors. In general I would simplify your logos to get a cleaner look. Love the uniforms however.