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  1. Wow. Pollux, nice answer. Very thorough. I think it is nice of folks who know what they are doing to spend so much time researching and giving the correct and detailed answer to someone. Very nice of you. Well done.
  2. Yo, Lil (version 4) You might want to slow down a little.. try to help out figuring out fonts, instead of asking all the Qs
  3. Gary Coleman as a Padre! Awesome! My favorate so far. Ok, is someone going to post Garth Brooks, now? Bah. Country music sucks.
  4. Odd. Only Vinny and Banks shared a number.
  5. I like them, js. Vectorize anyone?
  6. Hard to imagine anyone around here wanting this, but in the interest of completion, there is a pretty good place for NASCAR templates. New crossover opportunity? http://www.bhmotorsports.com/developer/405
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