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  1. Hey folks. I just wanted to let you know about something I was doing that might be of interest to you. JR's Jerseython for charity I have a fairly extensive jersey collection, so I am wearing a different one each day to work, until I run out. There are many I haven't had an excuse to wear, and quite a few still have the tags. You can follow along and see the daily photo as I go through my collection by becoming a fan of my FB fan page, at (also I am using this event as a charity event, asking for donations, either per jersey I wear, or a flat donation. I am also "buying" jerseys that you no longer want with a donation to the charity. You can still follow along even if you don't donate. I received a really nice message from Joe Bosack of his support, which was really cool to see. Hope you join and that you enjoy!
  2. Strange. New bulldog logo, which is good, as the old one looked like a melted candle. Otherwise, very little new here. The stolen G is the same, the colors, while it was said were "tweaked" look the same boring, tacky red. The font that Nike threw on them is proof that local designers should be put on design projects. That is far too modern and sleek of a font. Looks like it would go perfectly with the word "Tech" beneath it. Really odd choice, but since Nike probably didn't use anyone form the state, or even the southeast, they couldn't be expected to know that. At least its clean, straightforward, and not ridiculously patterned like bubble-wrap.
  3. This is going to be great. Anybody have a trophy they don;t want I can have, to get a new plate engraved, and send to whoever gets the "worst uniform?" (I will love if it ends up being Georgia Tech)
  4. I just wanted to say, 236 page threads suck. What a terrible way to go about showing updates to 212 colleges. Samir: Yes, this is horrible, this idea.
  5. The Bowman looks more legit... because its a shovel pass/pitch
  6. For the sake of someone giving you feedback: It looks fine. I saw nothing offensive to it. Had a bit of a WordPress Template feel to it, which is ok, but it would be hard to sell web design from it. The rotating samples are good. The tweets make it look updated to visitors, and more importantly, to Google.
  7. Bad Nike Design Talk about a redundant statement of redundancy. Sparty is cool and distinctive in college as the green and white team. I respect teams that can stake a claim on a primary color and white. Adding gold and black is diluting the brand. Hearing there IS some historical president does assuage my concerns a tiny bit, however, Nike fumbles yet again.
  8. Georgia Tech continues to trample their heritage and previous good looks by announcing yet another new jersey.
  9. I hadn't seen their logos all represented without the black, or with the "Knicks" ball. Am I incorrect, or is this an ammended logo set?