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  1. Hey there. I'm throwing a bit of a hailmary here, but do you happen to still have the Kitna Jersey from the Bengals? I can't seem to find one anywhere so I've resorted to digging through old forums. I've got a friend who is a big Cincinatti fan, and my store has partnered with Jon Kitna's charity organization for an event. I'd love to find a jersey and get it signed for him. Again, it's a long shot! Thanks!

    1. Sport


      Sorry man. I gave it to a coworker's kid last season.

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  2. In case I was being a douche to you posting the 49ers beating the Bengals, and the Giants beating the Reds then I'm sorry. You seem like a good guy/fan so I don't want it to seem like I'm trolling you at all. I was just excited about the game today so that's why I posted the Super Bowl pictures. Again, I'm sorry.

    1. Sport


      No worries. Beat the :censored:ing :censored: out of St. Louis. Please.

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