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  1. Mahomes' doppelganger on Wales just got tossed for going studs up on an Italian.
  2. What a day for Wisconsin, first Germany, now Bucks win today.
  3. Yeah no non delay of game penalties in Vegas in the last 8 periods vs Colorado.
  4. That's great he is doing better. Happened in NHL before(Jiri Fischer and Rich Peverly). Finland scores the upset for their first ever win in a tournament. Looks like Belgium is off to a solid start as well.
  5. Go Habs Go! Hopefully they can do it. I remember I didn’t think the Senators had a prayer against the Pens in 2017, but somehow were a goal away from moving on. Anybody but Vegas please.
  6. Avalanche lacked killer instinct and blew the game. Can they get steal a game on the Strip?
  7. This sucks https://twitter.com/SFGiants/status/1401947666003619840/photo/1
  8. First time since 2006, no LeBron, Curry, or Kobe(RIP) in the finals
  9. Rantanen with the snipe, and the Avs survive. Definitely a much better game by Vegas. First time they are ever down 2-0.
  10. Davis: Out for game 4 with a groin pull. Don’t screw this up Suns!
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