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  1. Oddly enough only 2 teams from California will make it(St. Marys and UCI). The announcers said last night how UC Irvine beat St. Marys this year so they could be considered the best team in the state. What a bizarre season.
  2. UC Irvine will punch their ticket, utterly destroying fellow OC school CSU Fullerton.
  3. ASU loses to Oregon. Interesting to see what happens with them since they do have some solid wins(Kansas, Miss St, Utah St, and Washington), but some awful losses(Princeton, WSU, Vanderbilt, and Stanford).
  4. Damn, Cleveland has to be the favorite to win the division now.
  5. Cardinals: Adding players who were studs during the Bush administration.
  6. Not a good weekend if your basketball team is associated with Steve Kerr and your opponent was from the Phoenix area.
  7. Montreal hasn’t won in San Jose since 1999, so his wins have to be in LA
  8. I remember being able to hear a Padre game up here in Northern CA before at night. Guess that’s makes sense then.
  9. Brian Burke has ranted about them this year as well.
  10. Watched Suns-Kings yesterday, battle of top 2 picks. Marvin Bagley had his best game so far and beasted whenever the Kings fed him the ball. Meanwhile Ayton seemed to be doing damage whenever he touched it, but he got fed it very infrequently, and Phoenix went down again. Seems like a pretty dire situation in the desert. Booker is talented, but seems to be more of a stat sheet filler and cared more about complaining to the refs and doesn't play D. That fanbase seems to have a lot of apathy now, with the way losing has seemed to set in annually. Phoenix is obviously a transplant city, but the Suns are their oldest franchise by 20 years and would seem to have support in general(then obviously the Coyotes). Yet now when say the Warriors go there, its basically seems like a Steph Curry fanfest.
  11. A couple notes: Arizona is flat out trash. Also Bill Walton just put a cupcake with a lit candle in his mouth.
  12. Also Sam Boyd doesn't have the infrastructure like a replay system, etc to host and would require several upgrades.