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  1. Dodgers get Trevor Bauer. Kinda like the Red Wings adding Marian Hossa after they won it all. The best get better.
  2. So when I posted about the Arenado trade last week, I didn't realize that it was the Rockies sending the 50 million to St Louis instead of the other way around. Good lord. Seems like with Goldschmidt two years before, Arenado should've been a Rocky for life.
  3. St Louis gets Nolan Arenado from Colorado. 2nd time in 3 years getting a star player from the NL West. Return appears to include 50 million in cash.
  4. I don't think they're an item anymore. Buffalo is looking good early, 9-0.
  5. Does the USA network still produce original programming? I know shows like Monk and Burn Notice are long gone.
  6. Geez, Kevin King has been embarrassed repeatedly today.
  7. Double digit point swing there. Interesting only going for 1 instead of 2 for Cleveland.
  8. 21-nil now. Pittsburgh can't do anything on either side of the ball.
  9. According to Doc Rivers, Dwight Howard will play point today. Lets see how it goes with Philly and their 7 man lineup
  10. Raptors score a franchise high points in Sacramento despite missing Lowry. At least Halliburton appears like a stud so far for the Kings.