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  1. KC SF Houston Jacksonville Buffalo GB AZ Minnesota Rams Chargers NO Seattle Philly NE
  2. The dude from Marin County has repeatedly been snowed under by the pass rush today. After the first drive, this has been thorough domination by the defense.
  3. Rutgers QB today was 5/13 for 1 yard..........against Indiana.
  4. NE Carolina DC KC Seattle Baltimore NO Minnesota SF AZ Tennessee Dallas Chargers GB
  5. Howie Kendrick former Dodger, GRAND SLAM!
  6. I do remember Bears fans literally drying out bars in Nashville back in 2012.
  7. Probably '14 or '15 cause '16 was on a Thursday Night.
  8. Jay Gruden and Dan Quinn will be walking the plank soon. Also Raiders are 3-2 at the bye.
  9. 0-3, brutal start for the Sharks. LaBanc did the "controller disconnect" defense on the Ducks 3rd goal.
  10. I wonder if similar to pass interference calls, maybe in the near future, teams could challenge roughing the QB calls?
  11. LA Philly Houston Baltimore NE Tennessee AZ Chicago Minnesota Carolina NO Chargers Dallas KC SF
  12. GB Baltimore Indy Houston DC Atlanta Chargers KC NE Rams Seattle Jacksonville Chicago Dallas Pittsburgh