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  1. Bucco Bruce is very hard to see with the pewter helmets. I think an outline will help with that.
  2. Honestly...I'm having a really hard time seeing the actual jet with your wordmark.
  3. Your Mavs concept looks like a Spurs uniform.
  4. The Rams wore Red & Yellow in 1949 as a tribute to USC.
  5. That Miami Seahawks jersey is a nightmare for color blind people (like myself).
  6. So there's no promotion/relegation?
  7. Fun fact: The Providence Steamrollers are the last franchise to win an NFL championship (1928) and later become defunct.
  8. ATolly66

    New Jets Logo

    If the Jets played baseball this would be perfect.
  9. 1. Ronde Barber wore #20, not #25 2. I think you Bucs' numbers are too far apart.
  10. Your Bills throwback looks like a Patriots throwback. Try using blue numbers instead of red.
  11. These are good uniforms. Where did you get that font from?
  12. For the '84 Wranglers ... I think the AZ Cardinals should rip off a few concepts
  13. I think for the Pats set, you need to include blue pants.
  14. Honestly, I think the Patriots would look better with white helmets instead of silver.
  15. I've been waiting for Dan Synder to change his team name to the Potomacs. I would laugh so hard if Vince McMahon steals that from him.
  16. Great designs. My only concern is that the numbers are too small on the jerseys.
  17. It's kinda hard to absorb the whole design without seeing the back of the jersey.
  18. I think a sleeve logo would work for the uniform.
  19. ATolly66

    Louisville Rugby

    In a vacuum, I love the crest, however, why isn't the school's Cardinal logo featured anywhere?
  20. i think someone else also had the idea of putting the bronco hair on the sleeves, and you both decided to use orange hair on orange sleeves, which makes it hard to see. Try blue hair or blue sleeve caps and the orange jerseys.