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  1. Lastly we have the Carolina Hurricanes: So there's all my old concepts from Feb. 2016. Hope someone Enjoyed at least one of these.
  2. S.T. Louis Blues: Probably my favorite alternate i made.
  3. Columbus Blue Jackets:
  4. Anaheim Ducks: Just some minor changes.
  5. Calgary Flames: Went a little Mcdonald's with that alternate.
  6. Tampa Bay Lightning:
  7. Pittsburgh Penguins:
  8. Toronto Maple Leafs:
  9. Next up we have the Arizona Coyotes: I don't quite remember what i was going for here but i still like it better than their current set.
  10. Hello everyone. So around about February 2016 i began working on a NHL Uniform Redesign series of concepts i planed to post on here by March 2016. I had about 17 of the then 30 teams done at the time but long story short life got in the way and they sat on this computer that i hadn't used since, so i decide why not post them now and see if anyone would enjoy what i had so far. As you could imagine all of these were done on the old Reebok template on ms paint. I planned on every team having a Home, Road, and at least one Alternate uniform. Hope you enjoy what i had already! First team up (in no particular order) are the Chicago Blackhawks : As you can tell i didn't change much except made the sleeve stripes on the home jersey match the waist stripes. As for the Alternate, i basically brought back the 91-92 black jersey that i personally like a lot with minor tweaks.
  11. JT17

    IHL 2017

    You made an odd choice of colors look amazing. great job on every team so far. my only suggestion is a little more white on that third.
  12. JT17

    IHL 2017

    Houston is just amazing. So fresh and so clean.
  13. JT17

    IHL 2017

    I love everything about Indy espically the colts uni. I think it'd be cool to see in pacer colors or some sort of Indy 500 night or something. Great series so far.
  14. i would love to see this as an San Jose Sabercats logo update but sadly Sabercats are no more great work though i dig it. i could see this on the ice for sure.
  15. 1: A's white cleats of course and Oakland Seals white skates (even though some people despised them including players). 2: The little bird or whale tale under the bridge and cable car #'s. Also the Santa Cruz warriors beautiful "Surf City" alt with surfboard girl #'s and the boardwalk on front.
  16. Beautiful! CAL and Hawaii are my favorites so far really good job
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