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  1. I've had difficulty getting behind the AAF team names as they just don't work for football. Take the Atlanta Legends. Does anyone really get the name? Why not just call them the Kings, Monarchs or something along those lines? The Apollos? Our team are the Birmingham Iron which have a very bleak color scheme and they won't even put their logo or numbers on the helmets. I hate their logo anyway as maybe something like the old Pittsburgh Maulers logo would work better but in the Irons colors? And maybe call them the Ironmen so the curling iron and ironing board jokes will stop lol. Great work so far MJ. We can always dream they might listen but so far it looks like they're totally ignoring fan feedback.
  2. The AAF has identities slapped together at the last moment, they didn't have adequate practice time, they didn't give their production teams behind the scenes time to prepare so that their presentation is full of glitches and this isn't actually a Spring League as advertised since it began in Winter and lasts just ten weeks. Spring begins March 20th which means 6 games will be over by the time the first Spring game starts in week 7. I won't say I like this league and supporting it just because it puts a team in my state is a rather flimsy excuse when they also put teams in Atlanta and Phoenix where they don't even need them. All the teams are located in the South because it's actually a Winter/Spring League and your chances for warmer games are higher in the South. With the warm spell most of us have had in the South, they lucked out big time. But even for that, the stadiums are practically empty and the constant drone of how great the AAF is during the games really wears on you after a bit. Ebersols partner in forming the league made a huge gaff on week one saying this league was created to provide opportunities for minorities? What opportunities are needed when the NFL is 63% to 68% black already. There aren't many other minorities in the league and that statement, if made about whites, would be viewed as racist. I actually want to support this league and I do watch the games. Overall, they're pretty good if you can get beyond the team names and bad production quality. As for Vince McMahon, as long as he stays out of the league as he's promised and if he starts later in the Spring to bring us a Spring/Summer league, I think a second run of the XFL could work as long as he gets backing like the AAF has from the NFL and other supporters. But he can't do like the AAF and ignore what makes teams successful. In Birmingham, we have the Iron. Hard to get behind a team where you inevitably become known as the Ironers and images of cleaning clothes pops up. And contrary to what they say, I love kickoffs and the chances for an explosive return. I haven't seen any more injuries during returns than at any other point during the game. The points system is also a flop as we're all familiar with the 6pt td and 1 or 2 pt try afterwards. That add's to the strategy of the game. if they want innovation, create a penalty point. Something that's so flagrant it warrants punishment, take a point away from the team who caused the violation. Don't give it to the other team as referees sometimes can't tie their shoes let alone getting a call right. But that is an innovative idea much like the goal post in Arena Football keeping the ball in play if there's a missed fg or pat. They changed things that don't need changed and the few changes they did make that I agree with (the league providing medical personnel instead of each team as an ex), it really has nothing to do with the game on the field. But, I do sense this league will survive for at least a few years as the backing it has seems strong enough to keep it going. I see the XFL as having room to survive as it could easily take off when the AAF finishes their season and play until the NFL starts it's season. They're promoting that we want year round football even in the NFL now... that won't happen if there's no Spring/Summer league to do it.
  3. Thanks Pengin. I was hoping for that as I wasn't trying to improve anything, just clean it up like you described.
  4. Just playing around as I only have basic software to work with. But this came out pretty good. Could only find a small Texans logo and a pennant photo to work with. If anyone has already updated these, I'd like to see your work .
  5. How about the Brooklyn Horsemen? Found this on a shirt but confirmed it's their logo on this site (Hopefully lol) It would be nice to see some of the more obscure teams done
  6. Thanks for the heads up as I'm too accustomed to not being able to do that.
  7. Yeah, will correct lol. For some reason I keep calling them Predators because I was a fan of the AFL Orlando Predators.
  8. I was looking for the logo of the Orlando "Panthers" from the old Continental Football League and all I could find were images on glasses and a car tag. So I took the car tag and did my best to create the original logo. I'm sure many here are far more talented and could do a better job on this and maybe do some of the other CoFL team logos that seem elusive? Hopefully this isn't so bad you guys will laugh me outta the place (Corrected as I keep calling them the Predators as was just pointed out to me lol)
  9. Hey, does anyone have Rezlands templates or a link to where they might be found now as his Deviantart account is completely gone. I had them, harddrive crashed and poof lol. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. Thanks BucksFan5. Hey bhdesigns4, can you send that link my way as it seems the templates area went poof.
  11. I find that highly doubtful. Actually, the NFL itself confirmed this is the arrangement that has been agreed upon if the league actually starts. The NFL is not affiliated with the USFL in regard to control or investment and the NFL expects that the USFL will have it's own funding. The Spring / Summer format is also a go. As to why the league isn't playing, leagues like this don't just form as it generally takes years to form a new league even at the semi pro level. The AAFC, the AFL (now merged with the NFL), WFL and even the USFL all took years of pre development. Adding to this leagues problems has been the forced removal of it's CEO who was just recently convicted of embezzling over a million dollars from two San Dieg companies. You can search the net for the information or just check their updated information on Wiki which is accurate Jim Bailey is now the leagues CEO and a long term NFL exec which may reveal greater interest among at least some NFL owners to support this league because there's a growing number of NFL players who did not go to college. They won't play in 2014 which may be why there is confusion about the Akron franchise as they may begin play with the NDFL to get the team on the field and develop it further since that league as the NDFL is a development league after all and it already exists but at a lower level than the USFL is hoping to establish. Been following the USFL news feeds because we don't have a pro team in Alabama and many of us would like one even if on a lower tier as long as they have television airtime which is a key focus of the new USFL and one reason it's taking so long to get the league together. Will they succeed in getting on the field? I can't say they will but I can't say they won't... just watch and see I guess.
  12. I live in Alabama and have always thought it odd that people think pro football would not do well here when it's done well here with almost every rival league franchise. It's been said that Alabama is the largest football state in the US not to have a professional NFL team of it's own and the reasons given usually come down to us being a college state... the exact same excuse often given to justify keeping the NFL out of Texas before it finally got a team when in Texas, high school football is king and can sometimes even out draw college and pro football teams. Now, the excuse is that Alabama belongs to the markets of other NFL clubs... ok, so then get rid of one of the New York teams that play in the same stadium if you want to use that excuse. What Alabama wants is the guarantee of a team and we will give the NFL a stadium. We don't want a replay of what St Petersburg did to try attracting a pro team and build a stadium so that by the time they got one, their stadium needed major upgrades and was pretty much obsolete. In my region, I'm considered as living in the Tennessee Titans market area... I hate the Titans because the name doesn't sound right and while the NFL tries to make this a Titans merchandising area, merchants have discovered that to sell Titans merchandise here, they have to pretty much take a loss. It's not that we hate Tennessee or anything, it's the teams identity itself as it was designed more specifically for the city of Nashville with it's wealth and does not represent the region in the same way that a team like the Panthers might do. In this regard, had the Seattle Kings group won the right to put a team in Seattle, I don't think it would have lasted because everything about it seemed wrong where the Seahawks seem a more generic, but appealing identity. Much as the team seems to have become more popular after moving to the NFC, sometimes it's simply a matter of identity and location which makes a team successful during the bad times as well as the good. The Jaguars are an example because how does the Jaguars identity reflect the city of Jacksonville? It doesn't as Jaguars aren't even native to the US unless you accept accounts that some have found their way into Texas. Then you have the lousy change they made to the helmet this past year and that awful logo that looks like someone decapitated a Jaguar... the image looks dead. Any wonder then that the teams in trouble regarding fan support? So, if you are a fan of the Seattle franchise, be very grateful you have the Seahawks because all those losing years would have killed the team or forced relocation if the right combination of identity and location were not established. PS, weren't they going to be called the Seattle Sea Lions before they changed the identity to the Kings?
  13. I discovered this site because I decided to create a fantasy football league with all new teams built around the actual history of pro football intermixed with fantasy. I began looking for logo's to use as a starting point to create the leagues franchises before developing a unique logo for each team based on the general idea I set for each team which, having one team per state and then leagues in other nations, is quite an undertaking for what will amount to something for fans rather than profit. Finding this site was a surprise as i had really never thought about all the various teams and logo's until I found this site as while I always knew there were many of them out there, I never really thought about there being a site to preserve all the teams and logo's let alone fans getting to create their own versions of the logo's or going back in time to find out more about past leagues and logo's. With all the controversy around the Washington Redskins right now, I've been divided on the matter as I don't see it as racist because a racist wouldn't name their team after a people they hate because then every member of the team and it's owner would be identified with that identity... kinda like saying a group of KKK members would adopt the name Washington Negroes for their team, that's just never going to happen. Since I'm not allowed to start new topics, I'll just reply and if I find things around the nation / world that may be of interest to people here, I'll try to add something to the conversation where logo's and such are concerned. Looks like a great community.
  14. I've always envisioned the Packers with a mouse mascot wearing a cheesehead.