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  1. I still think about this thread from time to time and what fun it was breathing life into old logos and seeing what others would come up with!
  2. I agree with both of you that there is a sense of sweat equity attached to our designs. The original design may not be ours, but the updated logo has a new feel and life which we created. It only gets tricky if money is involved. Take that stellar Florida Gators logo for example. I would 100% say that Ren should get any credit for the use of that logo...but can he sell shirts or hats with that on them? As a creative, I have a love hate relationship with copyrights if you couldn't tell! Great at work on both the Bronco and Gator! Maybe in my ever-elusive free time I'll try one or two to get back in the hang of illustrator. I may even have a couple that I started but never completed.
  3. Before I get deep, there has been a lot of great work posted on here! I'm mad at myself for not keeping up with it! The last couple of posts have brought up a topic that I always struggle with. When do we as the artists own the work? I like to think that as soon as you put pen to paper (or pen tool to digital art board) you own that design. However, when you are doing a logo update you aren't creating a unique design, you are improving an existing one. So do you own the rights, or does the school? See Shepard Fairey's HOPE poster for example. I was always taught growing up that the only way to cheat in art is to put your name on someone else's work. Unfortunately, that's not how copyright laws work and it's not that easy to understand. In this case, someone clearly took Ren's logo and started using it for profit, which is definitely a no-no in my book. Im curious what Ren and others think on this topic, especially with the theme of this thread!
  4. Man, I have not visited this page in what feels like ages! Good to see Ren has still been turning out amazing updates
  5. Not much of an update, changed the hat and some of the shapes a bit. I realized there was a redesign done in '95 so I decided to do a version similar to it and I like it more than the original haha
  6. Dang Ren! I'm gonna have to wait until you cool off a little before I do another! Nice work
  7. What team/sport does this logo belong to?It's the Nova Soctia Voyageurs, formerly of the AHL. Sorry about that!I was just watching hockey night in Canada and they made a reference to the Nova Scotia Voyageurs! Never knew of them until their logo got posted. Funny how that works
  8. Here is the Minnesota Muskies logo...and because I was feeling fun I decided to try it in a different color way that I stumbled upon while searching google for Minnesota Muskies logos. Then, I was having so much fun, I created the Minnesota Musky-Wolves! I saw the old T-Wolves logo and thought I would try to replicate that in the Musky logo.
  9. Thanks Ren! I'm grateful to have found this thread and that you are gracious enough to let others post their work. It's nice getting to stretch my legs in Illustrator when I have some free time. I love sports logos but never have gotten to design any so this is a cool way to try!
  10. Felt like tackling the Oregon logo that was posted a few pages back. Changed the bowtie and updated the hat with the O. Not sure about the shadows I added on the second one...I still haven't come near Ren's expertise on that area! It feels like it could use some more but everything I tried felt forced.
  11. Virginia Squires Kept the geometric design of the original with the simple shapes. I created a new version that included some color in the face and hands, and then tried a third version replacing the blue with black. Its not the traditional Squires colorway, but it has a cool look to it with the black.
  12. Updated this old Colonels logo, made a colored version with a bit more detail and added a Colonels style jersey. I'm not sure if it's designer's fatigue, but the hand/horseshoe area might need work....thoughts?
  13. As promised, here's the Lobos logo with a bit more pop to it. I did one version without the slobber since I'm not its biggest fan!
  14. I didn't add the scarf at the bottom, I liked the look of it better without. Detailed version coming soon. Thanks for the compliments Hontas and WSU151! Glad you liked the Illini redesign
  15. Hopefully I didn't steal this Illini logo from you since we had the same thought about the Rice logo Ren! The blue and orange colors in the redesign come from the colors in their current logo.
  16. I found an old Rice logo that hadn't been done yet, thought I would give it a go.
  17. Thanks for the kind words, and the Texas welcome! I decided to do one more to hold me over for the weekend. I ran across this image while I was looking at the Brooklyn Dodgers logo and thought it had an awesome feel to it.
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