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  1. ?

  2. RT @SheaSerrano: OH :censored:

  3. Isaiah Thomas looking healthy in his individual pregame workout.

  4. So you'd rather have 3+ options for the true title of "Alt 1" and "Alt 2" than "City" and "Statement". Okay. Why bring up the "soul" of a name of a uniform when "soul" has nothing to do with Home/Away/Alt. The "Nikefied" names certainly have purpose and reasoning...your point is invalid.
  5. You're just being salty. It's 5 words. For one, you know what "classic" means. That's pretty straightforward. The rest are just as descriptive as "home" or "away". What about "home" means white? In the NFL it tends to mean dark. What about "away" means anything? Not like everyone wears the same color when away. "Statement"/"icon" is just as descriptive. GET OVER IT.
  6. But in what way is "Association/Icon/Statement/City/Classic" ridiculous? It's just a title for a uniform. You can call it whatever you want to call it but for organizational and marketing purposes Nike had to give the uniforms some sort of title.
  7. How is it "ridiculous"? What difference does it make? Get over it.
  8. dEnNiS sMiTh jR shOUlD bE a KNiCk ?

  9. UNC Charlotte needs to be a Jordan Brand school.

  10. The blue isn't necessarily -inconsistent- but rather different based on color profiles (RGB version v CMYK v PMS etc etc)
  11. RT @Lakers: Spotted: Yeezy enjoying some #LakeShow on a Sunday night.

  12. I love him.

  13. Instagram models loveeee Halloween. It's the one night of the year they can pretend they're someone with talent.

  14. This picture will speak so many different words when we find out what the future holds.

  15. RT @MaxwellOgden: Dwight Howard's first four games w/ Charlotte: 10 pts, 15 reb, 2 blk 20 pts, 15 reb, 1 blk 8 pts, 22 reb, 4 blk 15 pts,…

  16. I'd try making a digital version more similar to your sketch. The line weight works a lot better in the sketch.
  17. My forever mood is Malik Monk singing The 1975 in his car while recording an Instagram Story.

  18. BLAAAAAKE! #ItTakesEverything

  19. The NBA season starts T-O-N-I-G-H-T.

  20. I find it unlikely that a shy lizard would travel to LV and fall in love w/ hockey - but are people in LV REALLY ca…

  21. Jeremy Lamb >>> Brandon Ingram. Good night.

  22. @truTVjokers

  23. LMAOOO