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  1. Kim K's 12 Step Program to an Art World Takeover (@wmag)

  2. (2) why are we assuming a planet 40 light years away would A: understand us B: NOT have life in animal like form like ~dinosaurs

  3. "RT for _ and Like for _" tweets are the worst. Likes always win because no one wants to RT your stupid poll.

  4. put yo' pinky rings up to the moon

  5. ?

  6. CONCEPT: eating cheetos with chopsticks

  7. this presidential race is so inspiring. it really reinforces the idea that ANYONE can become president of the united states.

  8. expressing my own feelings and thoughts is cool but finding a way to help others do it is more challenging and fun.

  9. Patrick McCaw is going to be awesome.

  10. @Ezell704 @bradford_NBA @TonyBelk8669 quit working for me.

  11. I like the Cavs black uniforms alot and I don't really have a problem with the court. Although, I think their white, gold, and wine uniforms are some of my favs in the league. The black (or navy) could look really cool but I'm not a fan of the outlined text and some of the other graphic choices on the court.
  12. @lmastro thank you! @erwinpenland rocks!

  13. RT @6PAPl: gucci mane speaking the truth. all these old heads need to understand the youth and stop judging

  14. @bmichael hey my email is

  15. ?

  16. @portaleight my parents logging on to the online grade book was DEATH

  17. ??

  18. for some reason I associate boot cut jeans with women who make ceramic artwork.

  19. Nah put him back

  20. bootleg rookie josh norman is trash


  22. *rapist