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  1. "jaden and willow are the future"

  2. it smells like the rubber gloves dentists use in this classroom

  3. preparing myself for spanish class this semester.

  4. One of the most important things in the world to me is being a friend, role model and brother to…

  5. You shouldn't work as an unpaid intern. #PayForWork

  6. Birthday Dinner

  7. This is working better. The general idea can probably turn out nicely but I don't think the letters themselves are very appealing right now.
  8. ?? should've got Batum more involved.

  9. hey it's @OpTic_Scumper.

  10. @nalthao @andrew_dunn #letscollabfam

  11. "wanna shine? i got the flash light here, mayne."

  12. It look me a while to understand that it was P-G (even tho I knew it was a Paul George logo). The P is recognizable but my mind wants to make something of the added positive shape below P rather than the negative shape that makes the G. Your curves and edges seem to be contrasting weirdly as well. You need some fine tuning on the small details.
  13. LOVE this... New Logo and Identity for SZFE by de_form:

  14. loved my internship at @WrayWard this summer. #FORMinternship was a major success. thanx for everything.

  15. the headphone jack is a thing of the past.

  16. yesterday

  17. Tyga?


  19. @kedavis10_ finally!

  20. @ALEXXFIGS would dump the drop shadow, align most things to top line on nav-bar, and use black-only credit card icons :)

  21. Wade still deserves a statue outside AA Arena tho.

  22. Hibbert is a better defender than Al so he's an upgrade for the bench.

  23. ccccheck it out.

  24. RT @BleacherReport: B/R Featured: "I'm just a soccer dad now." - infamous draft bust Adam Morrison…