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  1. I don't know what you're talking about because they've never used something for that long.
  2. You need to make the "O" a different color. There's too much teal going on.
  3. I love the faded detail you have in the eye. It kind of makes you look twice.
  4. That's pretty sweet man, good job!
  5. I think you finally have a winner. I'm glad you moved the wordmarks over the logo since the shark curves down.
  6. Can someone please break down how they even decide the MLB schedules? I know there's interleague play every year now but does the AL West play the NL West one year and then the next they play the NL Central and then the next year the NL East?
  7. Wow, great concept. It's too bad you spent all that time creating these just for a fantasy team instead of the real thing.
  8. Have you seen any of the political threads on this board? Sorry for not clarifying my post but I meant about the cheerleader topic. Do people really have passionate opinions about whether the Giants should have them or not?
  9. Forgive me for not knowing this but did you just create the wallpaper or did you do the logo as well?
  10. What made you decide on these colors?
  11. It would look even better if they hadn't outlined it in black.
  12. Tank, I've gone to your sight many times and after doing so I only have one question for ya. Have you ever considered just having a white background instead of having watermarks on every page?
  13. Is there really enough people on this board that care enough to even have a passionate opinion?
  14. They should have put the Viagra down on his shorts!