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  1. BC26

    Bison Logo

    Here is another shot at it
  2. BC26

    Bison Logo

    I tried to fix up the original bison some. Adding more to the neck and trying to make the nose slightly bigger without over doing it. The other one is almost like a Bills concept.
  3. BC26

    Bison Logo

    Here's a bison logo I've done. I've gotten a few idea from other logo's to help with how the body look. I'm new to this so any C&C would be great.
  4. BC26

    Penn State jerseys

    I tried to mess around and come up with a new concept for penn states football uniforms. This is the first thing I've uploaded on here so I'd love some feedback. Thanks!
  5. Please do more than just he Patriots. These are sick
  6. http://www.bethanywv.edu/files/3013/5774/5166/4827AthleticLogo.gif Someone please make this logo look more modern or realistic