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  1. Agreed. Hope it is only a Super Bowl thing. Can't imagine them doing this for every game and every team throughout the season.
  2. I thought this was the sharpest looking Super Bowl in a long time. Easily the best since Colts vs Saints 10 years ago.
  3. I was kinda surprised they debuted the new graphics now instead of waiting until the fall. Typically Fox doesn't change their graphics during the Super Bowl or playoffs, unlike CBS and NBC. I got to assume CBS will roll out new graphics next year too since they've already used their current score bug/graphics for their last two Super Bowls, which is a rarity.
  4. The new FOX score bug looks like the ESPN 2006-2007 and 2015-2017 MNF graphics rolled into one. I like it, but don't necessarily love it.
  5. TNT using the same graphics for the sixth straight season. It's getting old and stale. Was hoping for something fresh.
  6. Duke wearing their bland 2015 Final Four unis tonight. Yuck. I wish they would just stick with the traditional look.
  7. The Final Four court, via the March Madness official Twitter account.
  8. Never has a team looked so beautiful and yet so awful in a Super Bowl like the Rams did tonight. My god, that game was wretched.
  9. Sounds like CBS will be debuting new graphics, but not a major rebrand like last time. Seems to be more of tweak than anything. Interested in what the augmented reality graphics that they are talking about in the link above look like. Richar Deitsch also mentioned it in his Super Bowl preview over at The Athletic.
  10. Do we have any idea what the new Rams unis debuting in 2020 will look like? I've always been under the assumption that they would just go back to their pre-millennium look with minor tweaks.
  11. Better than all of the recent ones. I still can't tell the difference between this year's and last except for the additional "I".
  12. It's official. Rams are wearing their throwbacks in the Super Bowl!
  13. As a football team, I have nothing against the Saints. I am completely fine with either team winning tomorrow's NFC Championship Game. But I am pulling for the Rams because their throwbacks (which are now their official home unis) are so much more pleasant to look at than the Saints all-black look. I am irrational, but so are the Saints for thinking gold pants are somehow bad luck because they lost while wearing them in week 1.