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  1. Ha. I read that as Bear Lover. hahahahaha
  2. Well on their way to 1-0 wearing them, which is all that really matters. Still think they should use one of my designs.
  3. HRC4

    Fantasy Football Edits

    Not my logo, but other than that, I'm proud of this one because it is my own creation besides the smoke background.
  4. HRC4

    Fantasy Football Edits

    I'm currently trying to teach myself after effects. Nothing spectacular here, but thought I'd share none-the-less.
  5. I like it better without Big Ben in there (even if it ends up being London). Also, is the gray outline around the moon a different shade than the outline around the clouds? A quick minor change, but I think I'd like to see that the exact same shade.
  6. Holy cow, I am looking forward to this series. That's a great start. One tiny nitpick is I'm not in love with the pointedness of the Hawk wing, but it's minor.
  7. I, personally, love the beveling. It adds some "flair" to an otherwise basic logo.
  8. B is my favorite by far. The leaves seem more intrusive in the other ones.
  9. Can we vote to completely boot Kansas and Rutgers? (jokes) No joke, your setup here has had me doing some statistical analysis for the better part of the past couple hours.
  10. This is fantastic. The following are just some picking nits that I see here, but I absolutely love this concept and presentation. It is quite evident that you put a ton of work into this concept. Kudos to you. * As a Sparty fan, I hate seeing Ohio State, Notre Dame, and Michigan all in our division, but I suppose adding Notre Dame and losing Penn State is pretty much a wash. Indiana might not ever win a division game in this format. * Losing the Red River Rivalry seems like a deal breaker (though, as you said, they could still schedule non conference). I stared at that map for about 15 minutes trying to move teams around, and it doesn't really work geographically, so I'm good with it. * Just like real life, the PAC sucks. * This point is without a ton of research, but Montana seems like a stretch. UNLV, SDSU maybe? * In terms of overall strength, it'd probably go: 1 SEC, 2 B1G (huge gap), 3 ACC, 4 PAC These are just some quick points. Can't stress enough, though, how much I enjoyed what you threw here together.
  11. And swapping the neon and the dark green And swapping neon and black
  12. Yeah. Definitely forgot to change it the first time. Didn't mean to post with green facemask.
  13. Ahem. Without a green facemask.