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  1. HRC4

    Fantasy Football Edits

    Update the Big Ten Tournament logo with my league's colors. This would have been a lot easier if there were equal number of teams. There isn't, so this took more work than it would have otherwise.
  2. HRC4

    Font Creation

    I will check that out. Thanks
  3. On the Rams, the horn stripes on the shoulders should be opposite of each other to make a loop, right?
  4. Those Pistons colors make we want to throw up, but not your fault. It's disgustingly awesome.
  5. HRC4

    Font Creation

    I messed around with FontForge for a bit. Might have to dig into it more. Thanks
  6. Love the striped hat in an overall solid design.
  7. The ideas of the concepts are pretty good, but the presentation is lacking. Inconsistent thickness of lines and pretty basic shapes and fonts are a little underwhelming. Look at the old Jazz mountains font and the detail that goes into that. Maybe make the C in the Clippers logo the blue color and the spokes black. Just a couple suggestions for improvement.
  8. I have a pdf of a font that I want to create into an actual font that I can type out rather than copying and pasting each individual letter every time. FWIW, the font in question is a custom private entity and not downloadable anywhere, but I will only be using for personal private use for fantasy football leagues that I am in. Any advice on how to proceed would be great. I've already tried FontForge but that seems to be more in depth than I need it to be since I already have the letters individually created. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  9. Tighten up the space between the A and the V in Ravens. Wordmarks look great with those 2 letters next to each other the way their parts are slanted, but without moving them closer to each other there's a huge unnecessary gap that isn't present elsewhere.
  10. This takes me back a few years when Bill Bellamy, Queen Latifa, and Dean Cain would hit the hardwood for Rock N Jock Basketball on MTV.
  11. Curious why the different stripes from the gray pants compared to the red pants
  12. Now we're cooking. Here's Cleveland