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  1. RT @hue_morse: Full trash can in the apartment. Spoiled milk in the jug. Ice in his veins. @q_oseland78 strokes it from 6 stories up. #Half…

  2. RT @Deadspin: Fox has been using this photoshopped Teddy Bridgewater image to represent Sam Bradford for more than a month…

  3. RT @KatyJshamax11: Awesome day for a walk with Buck.

  4. RT @KatyJshamax11: Bonfire, hot tub, glass of wine, heaven.

  5. RT @WinonaStClubBB: First #MeetTheSwamps today is the [belated] BIRTHDAY BOY @MaxJensen11. Jensen specializes in folding laundry & cap-gun…

  6. RT @boburnham: This looks like a vice principal debate. Thoughts on grinding at school dances gentleman?

  7. RT @MLBGIFs: Just gotta own it.

  8. RT @CanadiensMTL: A couple of quick line drills to start. Check out the new lid on @CharlieLindgren, too. ? #GoHabsGo…

  9. RT @pescami: I'm not going to see this, but I'll be first in line for the big screen release of "Google Calendar"

  10. RT @EmWerfel: Every time a restaurant has Pepsi instead of Coke a part of me dies

  11. RT @WisdomReact: The ice cream man did him dirty ?

  12. @EmWerfel I'm literally laying right next to you cool

  13. RT @GoldytheGopher: Can you name all the #TwinCities locations and landmarks in my #DanceVideo ? Full video at: htt…

  14. RT @dbrodesigns: Good look at the Wild’s identity just in case no one saw this @sportslogosnet @icethetics

  15. RT @SciencePorn: So sleek. So innovative. Much wow.