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  2. These are awesome keep it up! You might want to add some kind of colored alt jersey to Winterfell though as they are all gray right now
  3. I love what you did with the MWC great job. I really like UNLV, Hawaii and Wyoming. Personally I think Wyoming has a disgusting color scheme but you did a great job with those stripes with the barbs they look awesome. Only minor gripes I saw were the spears on the SDSU shoulders look a kinda funky the way they are a bit warped on the front. Also Im conflicted about the SJSU number font. It looks just a bit off to me but its not bad
  4. Since I keep posting new crossovers here Im just going to call this my crossover thread now. Heres the Nashville Predators football uniform http://imgur.com/a/nuMXA
  5. Ive added side views of the helmets for both sets
  6. Thanks for the criticism guys. I enjoyed making that last crossover so I decided to try another. Heres Manchester City as an american football uniform http://imgur.com/a/W4QuV And please keep the criticism coming. These are only the first and second concepts Ive ever even attempted to make so I'll always listen to new ways to improve
  7. Hey wonka thanks for the criticism. As far as the side striping I actually thought about how they would look when players wear their jerseys in different ways so I considered moving them up to the chest area even with where the stripes on the undershirt are but I decided against it because I wanted to keep the two sets of stripes from the original jersey separate. Also that would look identical to Northwestern's current uni's. So i just kept it as it was on the original. And with the up close of the shoulder area that was just in my original template and I didn't bother to take it out but yeah I'll remove that next time if I don't plan on putting much in that area. Thanks for the advice for next time friend
  8. Heres my first uniform concept. I just took apart the Dallas stars uniforms and put them back together as Nike pro combat football uni's. Only thing I really changed was white pants with away uniforms and the logo with the D on Texas instead of just the D with a star on the helmets. Hope you enjoy http://imgur.com/a/wWtx3
  9. Im not blaming anyone for not going out in that. Doesn't look fun