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  1. 2-0, 5-3, and 12-0. Uh oh.

  2. Come on Hawks!!! Let's roll!!!

  3. Dude, for an Inkscape user, what you've done is incredible. I use Inkscape and I have an incredibly tough time just trying to make a logo.

  4. Follow me on Imgur!

  5. Four 4th quarter blowups. 2-4 start. Loss to the Rams and Panthers. Goodbye, 2015 Seattle Seahawks season.

  6. I'm kinda getting tired of Rodney....

  7. Just one half yard away... one dang half yard away. I'm gonna go nuts. I still can't believe it. They were on the edge of a super bowl victory......and they blew it. Bevell shouldn't have decided to throw it, and Wilson shouldn't have thrown it into the open to a covered receiver in double coverage!!!!! This is going to scar me for the rest of my life.

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      Okay, so now what I've heard is making some sense. It was based on the Patriots formation that they decided to run that play. The Pat's corner just made a good play.

  8. NFL Field Concepts! Seahawks and Steelers so far. Thanks to pitt6pack for all your help!

  9. The latest: MLB Diamond Throwbacks, follow the series here: And the Imgur album here:

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      Here are direct links (so you don't have to copy/paste): and

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      Okay... that didn't work...

  10. Vikings fan in Detriot? Oh oh.

  11. You know what's worse than a bike with a flat tire? A bike with two flat tires. #Whoops