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  1. Can't believe that we are to the point where we are making field concepts for a potential Browns Super Bowl. Before this year, I never saw them win a playoff game. Now I doubt that we are getting there since we do face the Chiefs this weekend, but man it would be amazing if we did make it.
  2. Here is the video of the field being changed from the Fiesta Bowl to this field
  3. Here is what Washington will be going with for Week 1 and probably the whole season.
  4. Well at least according to their website, this is what we should expect the Redskins err Washington Football Team this season.
  5. Sideline boxes same color as end zones. No helmet for the 49ers, just their normal logo.
  6. Looks like a 2 bar helmet. So no updated helmet which is good.
  7. I know this may seem like a small thing, but Miami doesn't have the dirt behind the end zones anymore. Just wanted to let you know that. You have it right for the Dolphins fields.
  8. So I don't know why I can't enlarge it, but there is a weather cam at Hard Rock Stadium and it seems they are getting to work. Looks like the NFL 100 logo that was on the 25 this year will be on the 50.
  9. This is the best I could find. This is from the Rams Twitter page.
  10. Did a mock up on what I think the field is going to look like. I wish this would be the field, but since the Rams only used this field with their Color Rush uniforms, I don't think it will happen
  11. And we are getting the most boring Super Bowl field out of all the options.
  12. Hey pitt6pack, With this field, there were two small lines on each yard line above the numbers. Here is the best photo I could find of it
  13. Didn't Three Rivers have the baseball cutouts for 96-00 or was it just for 94-95?
  14. I wonder if they will go with the standard numbers or use the Vikings number font that is already on the field?
  15. Hi, I was just wondering if you could make a Championship Signature with Michigan State's Football Bowl wins and Big Ten championships with Michigan State basketball national championships and Big Ten championships and finally Michigan State hockey championships. Thanks a lot!
  16. Here was the field for the Panthers first season in 1995 when they played at Clemson Memorial Stadium
  17. Not the NFL, but after watching the ESPN 30 for 30 on the XFL this was the field that the teams used in its only season.
  18. RIP to all these beautiful fields if the rumors are true that they are moving to LA.
  19. Another suggestion, 2000 AFC Wild Card Game Tennessee Titans vs Buffalo Bills and everybody knows what happened with :16 left in the game there is no full game footage but I think this might work.
  20. Minnesota Vikings @ Los Angeles Rams in the 1977 NFC Divisional Playoffs. They didn’t get the normally balmy weather one might expect in California. Instead it poured, which meant the field was wrecked — hence the game earning the name the “Mud Bowl.” Minnesota Vikings running back Chuck Foreman ran for 101 yards and Minnesota beat the Rams 14-7. Here's the full game
  21. App State vs Ohio in Camellia Bowl Thanks!