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  1. I love this idea. Pirates, Reds and Cubs look beautiful. My only gripe is I see more Denver Nuggets than Marquette for the Brewers Unis
  2. You don't understand, people are freaking out because Jordan is a basketball brand. The jumpman logo even features a freakin' basketball. So are they going to put the jumpman on the jersey or a different Jordan logo? Remember something, Nike began as a running shoe company and now today they are widely known and accepted as a major brand across many sports. While I agree that the Jumpman doesn't seem right on a football uni lets not sound the alarm just because Jordan has been known as a basketball brand
  3. Before everyone completely loses their minds how do we know this isn't the same Nike uniform we're expecting just with the Jumpman logo??
  4. "Get out and support your troops with your favorite team's special camouflage jerseys! Most proceeds will be used to fund those currently in the military, veterans and their families. And by 'most' we mean 'somewhere in the range of 10%.'" Though admittedly, I don't mind these in and of themselves (practice-only) and in Browns colors, but this is a slippery slope if I've ever seen one. Geez someone is a bit pessimistic
  5. Bit of a homer pic but the Phillies and sixers red white and blue. if anyone should get red white and blue as a color scheme its the Philadelphia 76ers
  6. ... "hip-hop" style? "In the 1997–98 NBA season, the Sixers drastically changed their logo and colors in an effort to appeal to a more youthful, hip-hop oriented culture. The iconic 76 logo was dropped, and a new logo was introduced, featuring a bigger 76ers script, with a single star behind the number 7 and a streaking basketball below. More controversially, gold and black were introduced to the color scheme,along with red, white and blue." -
  7. I was tempted to the the sixers "hip-hop" style of unis and logos but even though they were unveiled in the 90's they're really more associated with the 00's
  8. YES! This is it! The snobby white boy alt (there's you're name for it Adidas) is perfect as an alt
  9. I'm not sure how i feel about the white road shorts. I mean when I look at them I see a snobby SOB you just wanna punch. However I love the color scheme and the stripping
  10. I just read through all 24 pages of this thread. These are incredible. my favorite has to be my sixers and that darker blue
  11. Someone make this a team now!