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  1. You need to look up the definitition of odd, because that's not odd at all. Odd would be secret, hidden link on that sends you to a site where, for $10,000, you can go to some evil Eastern European country and kill a midget with a hockey stick while wearing the Wild Wing costume.
  2. You have to change his face. He doesn't look like a Native American at all. He still looks like a white cracka.
  3. Still looks cartoony. And like the above poster said, it looks like an emo MySpace photo. Which isn't a bad idea - a team called the Emo Indians. That's hilarious. And I'd add that the character doesn't look like a Native American at all. Looks more like a white guy.
  4. It could be money issues for some schools. They might not have the funding to put logos on all the helmets. Not all programs are created equal. I like solid helmets sometimes.
  5. In the time it took you to type that internet rant up, he made like $50,000.
  6. I am from Tempe but am in Buffalo visiting friends and family if you must know. How do I know, I saw it! I took a picture but how do I attach a picture (I do not know how to do it). There's a joke here about not being shocked someone from ASU doesn't know how to do something, but I don't feel like coming up with it.
  7. I actually own a Bengals helmet and there is room between the stripes for a signature.
  8. Do Carolina's white uniforms bother you, too? There's no silver in those uniforms, but their helmets are silver. Also, the Chiefs have black in their helmets (and no yellow), but their uniforms do not, yet you like those.
  9. But it still fits. The stripes on the pants are mostly black with a thin gold stripe and a little teal. The numbers on the jersey are mostly black with a thin gold strip and a little teal. Nice.
  10. They need a logo on the sleeve, but otherwise I like them.
  11. Remember, they did it last year too. Might not look so bad with a darker shade of green and a black trim instead of white. If it's not Kelly Green, it's not Irish enough. What if they include a patch of a potato getting drunk off a pint of Guinness on the sleeve? Oh, how I love making fun of part of my family.