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  1. If you want to creep up to Victoria, we have a field in Beacon Hill Park. Vancouver also has a field in Memorial Park, I believe.
  2. These are gorgeous. What template is it?
  3. Why is there the outline of the Hurricanes logo on the jersey?
  4. Why is the outside stroke rounded?
  5. I don't think there is a single river within the Bays United area. There are creeks such as Bowker Creek, but otherwise I don't think a river is a good symbol for Bays. The wave is pretty iconic. I'm a former Bays player (12 years) and am currently coaching for Bays now, so I take offense to the random river Jersey looks great, I would just switch the shorts to black as that's our secondary colour.
  6. Cordova had Claremont as well, played a number of games there.
  7. It still baffles me that Gordon Head didn't keep their brand. They were as big of a club as Bays and Gorge.
  8. I made the other one! I actually want to revisit my concepts and see if I can come up with something more modern. As for your version of the series, unfortunately I think you need to keep working on the LISA logo. What's the point of having a certain element when you can barely even see it? I think you need to work on the integration of the maple leaf. There's also quite a bit of awkward negative space between LISA and the ball.
  9. Rovers logo can be found on the bottom left of the logo presentation
  10. Did this one as pro bono work for the group. Everyone involved is ecstatic and I'm glad to help local soccer. The Swanguardians are named after the stadium the Rovers play in (and the Whitecaps used to play in), the Swangard Stadium. Would love feedback.
  11. Changed the colour of the pants and added some black to the jersey. Will keep working on it, try and get it perfect.
  12. Great work man. This is the Sports Templates template right? Congrats on the job btw.
  13. Perfect example of "Keep it simple, stupid."
  14. Ignore my Canadian ignorance, but does Tennessee have a lot of oil?
  15. Couldn't they make a B logo with a devil tail? That looks horrible.
  16. Disagree on the grey versions of Minnesota and Vancouver. Otherwise great work.
  17. There is a HUGE lack of comments for how great this series is. Just a heads up: the designs are great. Everything is very clean and well executed. I might be a little harsh, but that's because I am taking your talent into account. For Montreal Home: I feel like the primary colour has become black, when it should be blue. For Montreal Away: What does the X cross have to do with anything Montreal, or Quebec related? I think this might have to be worked on. Maybe something more "T cross" related similar to the flag. NE Home: Very clean. Nike logo is far too big, and the crest itself is big, but I actually think it looks better this way. NE in my opinion have the weakest crest in the league, but the size is actually an improvement. Home jersey is one extra element from being great. NE Away: Might be slightly too similar to DC. Still i appreciate the effort in making it different and unique. It is close to being a homerun. Whenever I have more time I will try and get more criticism for all your work in this thread. All around great work. Thanks for this series.
  18. These look very sketchy. Did anyone successfully download these? How are they?
  19. Most templates are SVGs or PSDs, meaning you should use Photoshop, which is the industry standard. Both files have layers included in the document, meaning users can easily customize each layers which the creator creates for easy editing. Gimp is indeed free, but has its limitations. If you want your end product to look like you use a free program, then use a free program. For beginners it makes sense. If you get the hang of it and want to turn a hobby into work, then I suggest dishing out the money for the Creative Suite. I usually design logos and crests, and most jersey elements in Illustrator, and bring them into Photoshop to finalize jersey designs. The process is usually 80% Illustrator time, and 20% Photoshop time. NEVER EVER, EVER design logo work in Photoshop. Photoshop creates rasterized documents, which means that it cannot be scaled to a larger size than the original is without losing quality. It uses a pixel system. Illustrator is vector based program meaning that shapes and elements are based off percentages rather than set numbers, so shapes and elements are able to be resized without losing any quality. That's basically a "explain like I'm 5" of the two programs. If you want more informations, access and advice on whichever kind of template feel free to let me know. I'll do my best to let you know.
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