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  1. 46 minutes ago, MattMill said:

    Has anyone done a mock up of their regular set but in creamsicle?



    Flip the red and orange

    Would pewter and orange clash too much?

    We already know what Orange and brown looks like.ūüėā

    But really they need to minimize the pewter in the uniform if they can't get shade/gloss right, and I hate that.

  2. On 1/16/2020 at 8:43 PM, Gothamite said:

    I admit that my definition is more restrictive, and others would expand it to cover those teams.


    My initial intent was to group the teams that adopted very similar striping patterns after the Packers adopted it.  Within a decade the look had become commonplace, and became iconic in the NFL. 



    Even the Lions, who didn’t have white anywhere else  on their uniforms, wore the traditional Braisher stripes. 

    And there you have it: maybe we could qualify ‚Äútraditional‚ÄĚ Braisher stripes as opposed to ‚Äúmodified‚ÄĚ. ¬†The traditional is color/white/color, but modified could incorporate any dark/light/dark of proportional¬†thickness. ¬†That would encompass both participants in Super Bowl IV:




    Never knew the Chiefs had a helmet stripe or at least partials that are faded. 

    looks like they had them on there and changed their minds.

  3. 55 minutes ago, kmccarthy27 said:

    I am curious of 2 things because of this:


    1) Will FX, FXX and FXM get rebranded?


    2) Will they go back and re-edit a new Fox-less intro to the older movies that get frequent DVD/BluRay releases like Die Hard and Home Alone. 


  4. 44 minutes ago, leopard88 said:


    The other part of this is that expansion left the league with 31 teams until another expansion team was added.  That led to the addition of the Texans in 2002.


    If memory further serves me, the league really wanted Team No. 32 to be in Los Angeles.  However, no one in LA could get their $&%$ together, so the team wound up in Houston.

    Yeah, you're right. if i recall they had 3 stadium proposals but  they were all disorganized and that is how Houston got 32. 

    also, I guess Cleveland was shooting for a similar thing. 

    "The deal, finally struck at 8 EST last night, capped a long day that began with NFL officials trying to persuade Mr. Modell to sell or turn over his team to Clevelanders and accept an expansion team in Baltimore in two years.

    Mr. Modell and Mr. Moag forcefully rejected that idea, sending the bargainers back to the table, and, eventually, to agreement.

    "I think they hoped Maryland would give a little more, but our agreement is our agreement. The state of Maryland has stepped up to the plate," Mr. Moag said.

    Mr. Modell's team -- to be renamed through a fan contest -- will play this season and next at Memorial Stadium while a $200 million stadium is built adjacent to Oriole Park. The team will move into the stadium in 1998." 


  5. 14 hours ago, the admiral said:

    I guess what he's thinking is Modell keeps running the team, or owns the team in a blind trust while other people operate it, until a Baltimore expansion team is ready to come on line, at which time he starts owning the Ravens and the Browns get spun off to the Lerners or whoever else. I don't know.


    But you're right that there was no guarantee that the Browns would come back through an expansion draft. If I remember correctly, there was talk that the Buccaneers would move to Cleveland without a new stadium in Tampa, in which case you've really got messy record books, and probably a Browns team as star-crossed as the one we wound up with.


    Bottom line, NFL teams never should have been allowed to move after the merger. 


    1 hour ago, leopard88 said:


    If memory serves me, Cleveland was guaranteed a team by 1999 (in addition to being given assistance for stadium funding).  The only unknown was whether it would be a relocated team or an expansion team.



    The Washington Post backs me up on this (from February 10, 1996)..







    Hence why i said teenage self.ūüėČ I guess the naive 14 year old¬†was thinking if you've guaranteed Cleveland a¬†team by 1999 be it relocated or expansion why not just give an expansion team to the city without a team (Baltimore) with Modell as owner, he¬†gets everything he wanted and Cleveland gets to keep their original club with a new owner and I think i figured the league would own the Browns til new ownership was found. Which wasn't gonna happen overnight because plenty of folks want/wanted into the NFL club.¬†I guess seen it as almost the Ravens being spun off I.E. San Jose Sharks/Northstars.


    Fast forward talking to people that were in the league at the time and with more knowledge about it then myself, The NFL had zero interest in expanding at the time since they had just added Charlotte and Jacksonville. They were worried of it "diluting the talent pool."  Relocation was their first choice but ultimately they had to settle for expansion since their options had new stadiums deal or relocated to cities not named cleveland.



  6. Washington Senators ( II )

    replaced the previous club of the same name and colors but still considered a new franchise with separate records from the twins.

    That or a shared history is ideally the way to do it. The Cleveland deal doesn't really bother me but it did open pandora's box, with the CHA/NO deal is a cluster:censored:


    Something my teenage self (and even a bit now) couldn't understand at the time was why the league did not just give Modell the expansion team ( the actual one that requires an expansion draft.) or even let him take so many players with him and find new ownership for the Browns for building a new stadium and moving forward instead of playing with the history books.


    That being said i've come across some people in their 20/30's in recent years that were not aware of the browns being 2.0 and not the OG's


  7. Unpopular opinion¬†‚ÄĘ the Brown's helmet needs to go in a different direction.¬†¬†

    Historicalish - White helmet w/ thick seal brown center stripe bordered by two burnt orange stripes with brown facemask.

    drastically different -   Seal Brown helmet w/ thick burnt orange center stripe bordered by two white stripes with white facemask.

  8. 17 hours ago, Old School Fool said:

    The Rams only wore Red for one year, there's no real history to it, it was just them trying to find out a look.



    I thought they wore Red and Black for 1936/37/38 give or take? Obviously I'm in no way arguing for them to be a red team just because they wore it for a few seasons. I always felt they did it in 49 to identify closer with SC and the LA area. Just an opinion I have no idea why they did. . 

  9. On 12/25/2019 at 9:26 AM, Teal said:

    The Rams are going a slightly lighter blue from what I can tell. I don't have the exact nike colour atm, but to me it looks lighter to the naked eye. 

    Say.... Dodger uniform blue?

  10. @dont care  Ideally I agree wouldn't want them to leave the pewter helmet but it is unique to them. But as we all know the NFL's one helmet rule has effectively eliminated Bruce so moving to a white lid would open things back up to throwbacks .I'd  Pewter, red & creamsicle tattered stripes and make the logo normal sized.

    @Ice_Cap your concept is pretty on point with what i'm thinking just switch out the black for pewter or at least keep it on the uniform with the big stripes and facemask. 

  11. I'd be happy if they went back to the Modern Classics but with white helmets add striping with the current/classic red & creamsicle and the prev pewter as your pallet, little if any black. The white helmets would be ideal for throwbacks as well it would set them apart in the division.

    Perhaps a modern block if ya wanna get fancy but besides that i'd say it would be perfect.

  12. Well it seems pretty clear they are trying to slowly phase out the silver with their most reason combinations.  I thought they did look clean yesterday, but the combo they wore against Houston the week before is pretty bad IMO because of the helmet being so light it kinda made it unbalanced. I'd stick with Silver or white pants with the white jersey in their case.

  13. On 10/2/2019 at 10:39 PM, McCarthy said:

    yeah the plume feather is weird and always was, especially the way it made their helmets look from the back,


    Hear me out, What if you did an inverted set of these? 

    Even if modernized still get the idea with updated Bucce logo. Red jersey trimmed in creamsicle & white, White trimmed in Creamsicle & red on the red, The above ones as throwbacks/3rd jersey with an option of creamsicle pants because monochrome creamsicle.