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  1. But Stan Kroenke has a different level of wealth compared to some of his counterparts.
  2. That's a shame, But unfortunately it's about keeping up the joneses...literally.
  3. and yet they are the ones that decided to change to a navy helmet after about 40 or so years and at the time just under 20 of being the titans. They used the throwbacks during the AFL50 ( two helmet rule). point being they had plenty of time with the white helmet to do so as well.
  4. I would like to think they ( Nike ) would at least highly advise clubs about aspects of others projects in the same league they are doing. So they don't come out looking similar, and they're supposed to be the latest and greatest in uniform tech and design so of course they're gonna wanna know how they measure up to their counterparts.
  5. Curse of Bobby Layne and that's quite accurate, or the Bengals last playoff win coming against the Oilers, I definitely acknowledge we could have much worse. It just compounds the issue when it's a newer market with less success and small market at that which had pretty good success in the first 5 years ( which probably spoiled some folks) and since has found non double digit losing season seldom. Makes building that next generation of Jag fan more difficult.
  6. In an obviously unbiased option there should be no reason the Texans can't do a fluxback of sorts if they really wanted to do so. Add a difference shade of Columbia Blue that's not " Titan blue " ( the Oilers alone used difference shades) and the color rush would still have to incorporate the deep steel blue somewhere and if it were done with the current helmet they would look like the team in nashville and if they changed the helmet to white fulltime they would look fairly like their predecessors. Sorry, can't tell me Adams family has a monopoly on a color. The history, team name and logo of course as they should because they were the Oilers. that being said, as I already stated they just need to switch primaries and
  7. and me as well...FYI just because the organization is pretty terrible and the team inept in the sport, doesn't mean they don't have support or folks don't care. We would just rather our NFL team to win more than just over 40 games in a decade, and maybe 4 postseason wins since the start of the millenium isn't acceptable. 2017 isn't good enough
  8. i'm not 100% but pretty curtain that would be passable, but of course would reset the club's 5 year clause which is still out for a few more years because of the minor tweak of adding the team logo above the nameplace ( correct me if i'm wrong.) And someone else mentioned a Silver helmet as well! The idea is nice on it's own, but not for a team being in the same state as the Cowboys and at that point you've pretty much are sharing a color palette with a division rival with special animosity. Texans, honestly have a very clean combo as is, they really just need to switch the primary and truly embrace the battle red, because as it is now a get a bit of a NYG feel from them in the all blues.
  9. I'm the first to say he's not my favorite uni person, so I go elsewhere most of the time. but i don't know the guy personally and not gonna straight trash him. I agree we gain nothing going down this rabbit hole.
  10. It easily could be the case, because some of my fondest memories because of age, trips seeing big time NFL stars while the Bucs were in Creamsicle and Red ( before Jaguars) because they were unique and so many couldn't stand the uniforms at that time, mostly disappointment was tied to them. I can say with absolute certainty orange was a huge part of the Bucs identity when going to Sombrero. That being said like everyone I loved when they made red the primary ( which at the time was long overdue IMO) It had been a rumor but when pair with pewter and new logo, it was beautiful and was a nice progression from the previous set. I was happy they went back to the original colors this last go around and utilized more creamsicle. Creamsicle /orange has and will always be Tampa, just like Pewter. So yeah it may have to do with my age being in my mid/late 30's but I still think of them as Creamsicle, Red and Pewter even if even the first is about out the door.
  11. Yeah, they would had to add Columbia blue / Luv ya blue into their brand palette. Now i'd imagine it could be a small secondary color or IE trim or just in the logo and they could pull it off. But I'm pretty sure the powers that be in Nashville would pitch a fit.
  12. That's just ridiculous, 7 is a bit of overall kill.
  13. I do tend to think the Cards could pull off the cream or off white look and it would pair well with the cardinal red.
  14. I totally understand it being too cluttered, but I feel they are removing the wrong color, you have your dark color in pewter. It can replace black in most applications. Red and orange together is Tampa Bay, yes I feel pewter has mostly superseded orange but not enough to totally wipe it out from the uniform besides the logo and swoosh. Huge mistake.
  15. Agreed with @Gothamite, There is no reason Spanos should even own the team still, he's not NFL rich, everything you see and hear the organization is terribly ran. He and the brain trust thought it would be a good idea to relocated to the market of a former rival, not to mention only move a couple of hours away where you're still marketing to your previous scorned location.
  16. That's a good question and to be honest boston would probably just be SOL as I'm sure the team would've still been branded the New England Patriots and still representing the Boston area in the NFL's eyes. it's further than Foxboro to Boston but i'm sure it's still under 2 hours. So my guess is no unless a team made a stink, relocated to the northside Boston and the Pats gave up their territorial rights to the area.
  17. This is buggin me. Why does the Rams Royal look purple at times and other times a royal blue. it comes up in color picker as Egyptian Blue which has a purplish hue. 1E22AA
  18. My apologies, I meant ideal the way they are. .
  19. I agree with that I just personally don't think it should be the Patriots even if they did rock it for 3 decades + Bills are ideal, Giants are blue and so that leaves the new guys. Houston, looking at you.
  20. The uniforms shouldn't reflect the stadium, Raiders are moving to a fancy silver & black spaceship yet will rockin the same stuff they had in the archaic colosseum. The Cardinals do need to roll it back a notch but find some middle ground.
  21. The Jaguars far and away should be a black helmet team, but i'd be mildly intrigued by a teal or even white helmet.
  22. I was just about to say something along the same line, I really hope they don't end up looking drastically close to each other.
  23. That's getting the job done, ( even if it had to be fixed a few times along the way.)
  24. I understand the Pats wore it for years but i don't get the love for them wearing red full time. One: it's completely not what they are known for now with the exemption of uniform buffs or long time patriot fans & with so much great success coming sense going to a blue primary. Two: the historical aspect of a team named the Patriots wearing red makes zero sense to me.