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  1. So I am guessing if players snatch most of these up available single digits so be it? What happens to the next crop of rookies coming into the league in (22) and (23) that are gonna want those singles as well not to mention other QBs, Punters and Kickers who are locked into those numbers.
  2. Why are the seats in PB stadium teal/green and not orange?
  3. Very well done, touches much of the clubs history and isn't gaudy. Cardinals you are on the clock.
  4. isn't fox still in 720 lol?
  5. Remember this isn't just about the folks sitting at home on their couches. You've got announcers, coaches, spotters, officials not to mention fans in the stands that much prefer legible numbers.
  6. Love when a thread is Jag Jacked!
  7. I remember you used to have the GM logo on the keys, seat belts, dashboards.
  8. I've always liked the Ravens uniforms. When they first started I felted they emulated Jaguars style intentionally or unintentionally with the triple colors and full animal on the sleeve. Styles that were new innovative very 90's with a unique color since only the Vikes had purple at the time but not a trendy teal either. They did drop the bird for the shield but and forced to change the primary, But they have essentially maintained the same uniform since 00 and still look like they belong in 2021. Its pretty cool for a such a young franchise, something I wish Jacksonville would've done Carolina has maintained but is starting to look dated IMO.
  9. So was this the logo General Motors had planned for after their Chapter 11 reorganization? I mean its screams like it.
  10. I hated that uniform, the piping had no point. Also I was never gonna like it with what it replaced. When it happened the talk was ownership made the move because it was a cheaper uniform as a money saving option. I still miss the prowler.
  11. I've grown to like their simplicity but especially compared to the previous few sets. I'm fine without the gold or at least very minimal. ( See mustard jerseys ) that being said the numerals need contrasting outlines and give us some back double/triple stripes on the sleeves and pants. The team still uses the previous font on social graphics and website, so it's definitely not out of the question to see it make a return but the return to teal is a wonderful start after the team trying to phase it out less than a decade ago. Something like this with the modern striping yet simplified uniform.
  12. Brent and Austen Interview: Jimmy Luck, Jags Head Equipment Manager
  13. it's obvious looking at the two colors that they aren't the same.
  14. Mia has a brief with Jags equipment mgr Jimmy Luck.
  15. I wanna say the side panels were a 97 preseason thing, still have of those jerseys that was reversible lol.
  16. Yes, very much so different. I know they call it " panthers blue" now but I remember it being called "process blue" at some point. I wouldn't say its Carolina either its not the same shade as UNC blue, its richer and darker.
  17. So get 19K and say oh sorry guys were keeping black after we already said TEAL IS PRIMARY.
  18. I wouldn't say full new unis but perhaps some touchups. ( stripes and refinement ) I used to think they would bring gold back but I honestly don’t see this at this point.
  19. By request Tags did Bud Adams a solid to retire the Oilers name to prevent any future franchise as well as the city of Houston from using it. It was a pity move without question but what makes him a bit different than Art & Cleveland is that Bud started the franchise, brand from nothing bringing pro football to the city.
  20. As someone who attended the 96 Jags/oilers game it was without question one of the most weirdest experiences that I can remember, the atmosphere was so lethargic. This could be compounded with my age at the time. But you could hear so much from the field which isn't that crazy now as of the 2020 season.