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  1. Gold: 13 Silver: 22 (the logo screams 1967) Bronze: 1
  2. Haha, exactly. I would always choose to wear a long sleeve shirt, but I think the short sleeved make better concepts for sure.
  3. Thanks a lot! I have to be honest, it was tough to stay away from the Ohio St theme (thought about a tribute 3rd jersey) but ultimately decided against it for the reasons you mentioned. I am working to finish the remaining 10 concepts (as they take a bit of time) but if I can get around to it, I will definitely give your idea about the Nationwide Eagle a shot and thank you for the feedback.
  4. Football Cooperative of Columbus Check out the club brand book here: FCC Brand Book. Or here if that link doesn't work: Issuu Club History When the NACL announced that Columbus would be one of the founding members in the top flight of North American soccer, the investors lined up. Because of the huge influx of potential buyers, the NACL made the controversial decision (at the time) to set up the club as a cooperative--meaning the owners would also be operating the club. As with most co-ops, the social aspect of the business was hugely important and FCC poured over half of their profits and earnings back into the Columbus community. With so many parts of the city flourishing in part thanks to the soccer team, the supporters continued to grow and grow. With revenue booming, the club could also invest in star-caliber players and the success on the the pitch followed the success of the city. The Archers finally made the breakthrough in 2011 when they finished 3rd in the group and qualified for the Continental Cup. The frenzy culminated in 2013 when The Archers rode a magical season to the top of the table finishing as Champions. Although they have never made it past the quarterfinals, FCC has won a game in each Continental Cup they have been to. Voted as the top supporters in the NACL, and a team on the pitch to match, Columbus is synonymous with soccer success in North America. Club Stats Seasons in NACL: 10 (2005-present) Best League Finish: Champions (2013) Continental Cup Berths: 3 (2011, 2012, 2013) Best Continental Cup Finish: Quarterfinals (2011, 2012, 2013) Current World Ranking: 8 Kits Home: The home kit features thick red and white stripes with thin black stripes in between on top of black shorts and socks. The club traditionally wears black on the primary kit as the other colors of the club are reserved for the third kit (also worn at home). Away: The away kit is always a perfect contrast to the home kit featuring blue and white in order to contrast the other two kits. Although the current kit features a blue shirt with white hoops and white shorts/socks, the amount of each color varies by year. Third: The third kit is typically loud and unique considering FCC color's scheme but always features all three of the club's colors. This year's kit features red stripes on a yellow shirt with blue accents shorts and socks. Despite being a third kit, the club never wears it on the road and instead reserves it for all home weekday matches.
  5. Thanks! I am definitely partial to simple designs for soccer crests since they tend to be traditional and have a longer history but there is always a fine line between simple and underwhelming -- so I'm glad it came across well. Thanks a lot -- glad you think the Art Deco worked. Its a little bit of an older style so wasn't sure if the crest would look dated or not.
  6. Miami Beach Soccer Club Check out the club brand book here: MBSC Brand Book. Or here if that link doesn't work: Issuu Club History Founded in 2005 by a real estate tycoon as a present for his art and football loving wife, Miami Beach Soccer club has been one of the more successful clubs in the NACL. Finishing in the top half in 7 out of 10 seasons. In 2008, the club finished level on points with the eventual champion and finished as runners-up solely based on point differential. The heartbreak ending to that season led to a bit of a letdown in the next few. Feeling that the club had come so close, the club did not invest in new players and instead relied on a team virtually unchanged for four years. The group was characterized by slow starts and late charges but ultimate fell short of the Continental Club each season. Finally, in 2012, some new blood helped the club put together a complete season and Miami Beach went on to win the Championship by a comfortable margin not only scoring the most goals, but also conceding the fewest that season. Despite the club's success domestically, Miami Beach Soccer Club has never made it out of the first round of the Continental Cup. Club Stats Seasons in NACL: 10 (2005-present) Best League Finish: Champions (2012) Continental Cup Berths: 3 (2008, 2012, 2014) Best Continental Cup Finish: First Round (2008, 2012, 2014) Current World Ranking: 15 Kits Home: The home kit is all blue and has remained all blue for 10 seasons. The kit is usually clean in order to really show off the unique blueish green color of the club and this year's version has a coral collar and accents. Away: The away kit features coral stripes on a white shirt and coral-hooped socks. The team usually plays with the level of coral on the away kit, sometimes using an entire coral kit, while other times opting for just coral shorts. Third: The third kit shirt features MBSC's turquoise accent color with black socks and shorts. The striped zig-zag pattern is meant to invoke an M while featuring a pattern of lines that one would find in vintage art deco designs.
  7. Totally agree -- that raccoon head is awesome and would make a great hat. Its got a bit of a Timberwolves vibe, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. Only feedback I have is that the blue dot on the eyes seems a bit disjointed (like the blue dot was the last thing that was placed and was just kind of placed on top) -- not saying that is what happened, but I think there may be a better way to incorporate. Maybe the eyebrow line is the top layer (so that it cuts off the top part of the blue dot)? Really like the secondary logo.
  8. This is great stuff -- and I think the jersey swaps turned out really really good. It definitely adds a layer of realism and there is nothing like seeing a 2D uniform design come to life. I especially like the Zephyrs concept -- a unique color scheme to baseball for sure, but one that works pretty well. Keep up the good work and can't wait to see more!
  9. I really love the idea of heraldic supporters here and think you executed it beautifully. I would suggest going back to the circle shield design though because the tree design doesn't really fit with the new shield shape. Or change the tree design. As for as the name goes, banners either above or below (or both) might be a really nice option and would fit in really nicely with the heraldic supporters. If you went this route, you could downsize the tree/cross a bit more. Nice progress so far!
  10. Stanford Cardinal Home Kit: The home kit as a super clean all-white kit with red accents and a red stripe on the shorts. The inside neck reads "Fear the tree" the schools motto. Away Kit: The away kit is the exact color opposite of the home kit, a cardinal color with white accents and a white stripe on the shorts. Third Kit: The third kit as a "Cardinal Green" alternate that plays up Stanford's tree design. The kit is all-green with sublimated trees along the back bottom of the shirt. The S crest is also changed to feature just the tree and the back of the socks also feature the tree in white.
  11. Wow -- thank you so much! Those are extremely kind words. Would you mind if I answered your questions over DM? They would probably be a little lengthy so I'd prefer to keep it off the thread, but happy to do whatever!