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  1. @SpringerTV I would like to see in every wedding episode that there is a cake fight in each one & everyone involved gets cake #Cake

  2. @SybilWilkes I'm pulling for the Cubbies tonight #FlyTheW

  3. @wusa9 #offscripton9 I don't support Metro's new budget until they scrap the outdated fare by distance & go to a flat base fare #FixWMATA

  4. @Bipartisanism One word about this dude: Dummy

  5. @LeeSPerry We most definitely do, even if it's against the winless Browns, all regular season W's count. #RavensFlock is Worldwide!

  6. RT @NBA: It’s time to talk, listen, learn and respect each other. #Together https://t.co/HWtswF0szX

  7. @raylewis You need to give the current #Ravens those two words to turn things around and go deep into January. BTW, G.O.A.T. #RavensFlock

  8. RT @StellaArtois: Retweet for a chance to win our #ChaliceSweeps and invite guests to a memorable evening with Stella Artois. https://t.co/…

  9. RT @TheJohnDiMaggio: https://t.co/HvEdk10s53

  10. @MarianelaTV As well as a good pie filling for dessert https://t.co/BmKLJYKsY2

  11. @blicqer @Bipartisanism The best decision @DanaPerino made in her life

  12. RT @Shape_Magazine: 5 Ways to Lose Weight While You Sleep! https://t.co/VRrGjo9YNP https://t.co/u6QlZG8T0i

  13. @MarianelaTV here's the article https://t.co/mUahf4mCfg

  14. @GerrySandusky Unfortunately, I called it, now the #Ravens have to do their part the rest of the way to match 2000 & 2012 #GoRavens

  15. Happy #PurpleFriday #RavensFlock #GoRavens #ScalpTheSkins

  16. RT @MarianelaTV: Living your life the way you want is up to how you process your thoughts. Change your thoughts to change your destiny =) #…

  17. @SinFulCeleste the lingerie set in the pic look very close to Eagles colors #FlyEaglesFly

  18. @terpstationmd We have to get a special photo shoot with our Piggy & @MissPiggy which I bet she is wearing a @TerpsFootball jersey today

  19. @CollegeGameDay I'm looking forward to the day that the #GameDay crew comes to the DMV & College Park for @TerpsFootball #FearTheTurtle ?

  20. @MarianelaTV looking forward to @TerpsFootball on Saturday for #UMDHomecoming where we do our #ColorRush #BeatPurdue #StripeTheStadium

  21. @unsuckdcmetro And hopefully scrap the "Pay by Distance", or make it a "flat base fare to anywhere"

  22. Happy Birthday @usairforce #LetsFly

  23. @CollegeGameDay You should be coming to College Park, MD in the D.M.V.! #FearTheTurtle #GoTerps

  24. @RoadandTrack Just make it into an "Art Car" similar to what BMW was doing in the 70s & early 80s

  25. @terpstationmd The Notorious P.I.G. comes up #B1G

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