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  1. The shoulder numbers are red on the uniforms being used on the field. Maybe the jersey in the video was one of several iterations of the new white jersey.
  2. The uniforms are supposed to be worn against LSU so it doesn't seem likely that they'll be all white.
  3. The cleats are part of the Parley line from Adidas. Shoes made from recycled bottles. Some guy on a canes board said the uniforms would be line with that theme before the cleats were worn today. Looks like he was right.
  4. Miami broke in special cleats today. The base color of the shoe is white and the highlight color is a green that is closer to aqua than traditional Miami green. An alternate for the LSU game seems likely.
  5. Nike has their elite class of schools that are always the first to get new stuff. Maybe Adidas has their schools in tiers as well.
  6. It is. GT already took to twitter to tell everyone it was a placeholder.
  7. Miami has Mark Richt to thank for the permanent switch to the throwbacks but those were in production long before Richt got to Miami. He said himself that the current set have nothing to do with him. Richt said the production cycle takes about two years. Miami is getting new uniforms this season. The new set will have his input. The official Miami equipment room account has hinted that a "U" at the base of the collar will be one of the changes. That is about it as far as hints go.
  8. They also aren't wearing all-green today. It was originally announced that the all-green look would be today but that has been changed. Green over white today. The home game against Syracuse will feature the all-green look.
  9. Nebraska may leave Adidas after this season but this is not a Ripon deal if you look at how Adidas treated the final year for both Michigan and UCLA. When the uniforms for those two schools came out there was no promotion from Adidas. They pretended like they didn't exist.
  10. The Miami uniforms will be unveiled at 5pm ET. It says that time on the shipping container they're being housed in.
  11. It'll be a change for the entire team. Black cleats will be in the rotation this year. New uniforms are supposed to be unveiled for the FSU game.
  12. Line that player up side by side with another player with the same accessories but a different apparel company and the number of logos will be equal.
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