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  1. Really like the shockers, look forward to the changes to San Antonio and South Carolina, they really look to similarto me. Love Memphis' colors but not the uniforms. Tropics were my favorites.
  2. Wow great work. I can see Cologne in the Alabama uniforms but they really yell Troy to me. Pearl City is what the Dolphins should look like. Look forward to more
  3. Love the work and thanks for Cam's inclusion on the Pro Bowl uniform. The Gladiators remind me a little of Troy University.
  4. Love the addition of copper to the Cards set. Very nice. Look forward to the Newtons's too!
  5. great work.... would love to see #1 and NEWTON on the Panthers uniform. Guess that might be too much ask for. Bucs are my favorites
  6. would love to see light blue pants added to the Panthers set....Great Work!
  7. Really like the navy on the Rams set don't go royal.
  8. by the way the bear is not and has never been a symbol for Alabama
  9. Alabama has many other mottos/nicknames to go with as well 1. Alabama The Beautiful 2. Alabama...State of Surprises 3. The Yellowhammer State