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  1. Hey....atleast its not papyrus..
  2. Astros fan here. I've seen the 'Stros navy alt's twice now. The orange hats and side panels make it look very amateur. I love the blue and orange comeback, but they're missing the boat with a few things. IMO, I don't like the bright orange alt on the road - it doesn't look good with grey pants. When they wear that orange alt at home, however, it really pops and looks great. I would like seeing the navy alt on the road, with a navy hat of course... And bring back the classic Shooting Star unis for a Sunday alternate!
  3. Wow, San Antonio looks great. I've only been following this thread for a couple weeks, so I just now caught up. Everything has been incredible - great job!
  4. --I was 9 when the Packers lost to the Broncos in SB32. I remember crying into my dad's shoulder after that game. --Not a Kings fan, but I remember feeling sick to my stomach for Sacramento after the 'loss' to the Lakers in the 02 WCF --Just about any Green Bay Packers playoff loss in the past 8 years --Although the Astros came back and won Game 6, the Pujols moonshot in Game 5 of the 2005 NLCS ripped my heart out for the time being --Most recently, the Astros Game 4 meltdown against KC in the 2015 ALDS. Luckily, I coach, and was out on the football field during the collapse. I refused to watch highlights
  5. NFL: Best current helmet: Rams Best current color set: Packers Best current white set: Chiefs Best current non-throwback alternate: Chargers Best currently-worn throwback: Dolphins Best 2015 Color Rush: Titans Worst current helmet: Jaguars Worst current color set: Buccaneers Worst current white set: Cardinals Worst current non-throwback alternate: 49ers Worst currently-worn throwback: Redskins (would look great with the correct helmet) Worst 2015 Color Rush: Jaguars Most blandly inoffensive and mediocre overall look: Eagles MLB: Best current main cap: A's Best current white set: Cardinals Best current grey set: Yankees Best current color set: Royals Best current non-color alternate: Phillies Best currently-worn throwback: Astros shooting stars Worst current main cap: D'backs Worst current white set: Rangers (major identity crisis) Worst current grey set: Marlins Worst current color set: Braves Worst current non-color alternate: Indians Worst currently-worn throwback: White Sox
  6. NFC East - Giants NFC North - Packers NFC South - Saints NFC West - 49ers AFC East - Bills AFC North - Steelers AFC South - Colts AFC West - Chiefs
  7. What the Astros should've done is introduce the 'shooting star' unis as a Sunday alternate. IF you absolutely HAVE to have a navy top, maybe use it as a road alternate? The navy will pair better with gray pants, as opposed to the orange top/gray pants PS: Long time reader, 1st time writer. Happy to finally be playing along!