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  1. They've abandoned this typeface though, yes?
  2. The pencil isn't obvious until after being pointed(always intend your puns) out. The 3 signaure scallops where the wood of the pencil meets the coating are absent so that's delaying the uptake. I'd leave those in place and remove the "collar" from the lighthouse. Add one or two beams of light emanating from the lead. For colors, you'd be good to go with some yellow to drive it home.
  3. Actually, there's a reason behind it: the planes themselves. Some of the planes they've ordered have composite fuselage parts, making their standard silver plane skin impossible to duplicate. So they went ahead and replaced everything in a full-fledged rebranding. They could have just started painting their planes silver and not screw the whole look up.
  4. As much as i hate Iowa, they've kept that look going a lot better than the steelers have.
  5. I think you'll change your mind when you see it with the missing elements added back in.
  6. I have to disagree about it being boarding. Fanelli saw the hit was coming and turned his back, plus Liampas never left his feet. Clean hit all around, just a very crappy situation for everyone. I agree about the suspension though. It's ridiculous. Boarding, as defined by Hockey Canada: Rule 6.2 Boarding and Body Checking A Minor penalty, or, at the discretion of the Referee, a Major Penalty and a Game Misconduct penalty, base upon degree of violence of the impact with the boards, shall be assessed any player who body checks, cross-checks, elbows, charges, or trips an opponent in such a manner that causes the opponent to be thrown violently into the boards. Just sayin'. I don't think the second part applies though. There was nothing particularly violent about the hit (outside of what's considered "normal" in a hockey game that is). Had Fanelli gotten up no one would have given the hit a second thought. Fair enough. To each his own. I thought the way he got thrown into the boards was violent, and I think the voice of the crowd gives you their point of view. It's really a borderline call and I think we can all agree there is no way Liambis should have gotten a year ban. No I don't think we can all agree on that. It was boarding, this goon has a history with dirty hits, it was boarding, and it was boarding.
  7. Every major pro team in Texas has a star in their logo, if you count the spurs six-pointed star...
  8. I don't know about that. As a Gopher fan, I have always found this look to be pretty awful.
  9. Close: but I submit 1. Twins 2. Wild 3. Gophers Hockey 4. Vikings 5. Gophers Football 6. Timberwolves If we are going to split up the gophs, then add hoops. I know that Gopher hockey is a tough ticket (as I said, in some part due to the small arena). But I really think Gopher hockey is not even close to the vikes. 1. Vikes 2. Twins 3. Gopher football (three years ago, would have been dead last) 4. Wild 5. Gopher hoops 6. Gopher hockey 7. Wolves. I know my last four mix the sports up (puck, hoop, puck, hoop). That's due to the fact that the "newness" has still not worn off the wild and that the Wolves are so bad. And yes, I put Gopher hoops over hockey. Remember, the arena is at least 4,000 seats bigger and they still pretty much always sell out the non-obstructed. And I know there is going to be more to cheer about with hockey, as the gophers are always a Nat'l title threat. But the ferver was outstanding during the Clem years (before they were proven to be so tainted). The sweet 16s and Final Four drew a lot of excitement (OK I was in Madison for the final 4, but that's the sense I had). If this was the Monson era, I'd move them to the bottom, but Tubby has generated some optimism and excitement (and better play). Obviously, it's all an art and we have our own perceptions (and as Jigga points out, some bias) and our interpreations. One of mine is how much the town would be buzzin if a team won it all. We certainly were buzzin in 87 and 91. I think a Super Bowl title would be the big one here and I firmly believe a NCAA hoops title would generate more than an NCAA hockey title (of course, an NBA title would be big, so that could arguably move the wolves up, but as a snapshop now, the current lack of interest is too huge). I have considered your well thought-out and articulately stated position and I reply with the following assessment.
  10. Close: but I submit 1. Twins 2. Wild 3. Gophers Hockey 4. Vikings 5. Gophers Football 6. Timberwolves
  11. All of this. There is no consistency there.