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  1. MY EYES... Ze googles, Zhey do nothing!
  2. Update is perfect. GO VIKES! Have you thought about a non-purple facemask? It's my least favorite element for the Vikings.
  3. Most fans of the team would look at your with puzzlement if you asked them this. In their opinion, there's nothing wrong with the TC mark. The T is emphasized, the C is unobtrusive. It's a great mark that is absolutely unique in MLB: No other team has a mark on their primary that does not correspond to their official location name or team name.
  4. Plus where are the wings on the helmet ala Michigan? You're doing a concept that's supposed to be cutting edge fantasy(since it will never happen), so go all out. Put some wings on the jersey sleeves, incorporate a new secondary logo for the shoulders. Be daring with the stripes.
  5. You can see extra white background with additional lighting elements above and below the hands, so yeah that's likely what it will be. Maybe the river will "flow" and other lighting animation will result.
  6. Well the defenses that play the Rams won't have to guard against runs to the left.
  7. Notice on the image I posted, it has an asterisk with "HOME" next to it. Does this mean teams have the option of a home and road BP cap? Detroit will need one for each.
  8. I'm surprised it's not in copperplate, myself.
  9. There's nothing NOT to like in this kit. It is clean, well designed and the accents are perfect. My only gripoe if I went looking for one is the socks on the alt. They seem off to me. I don't know if they work with the bold stripe jersey. Perhaps take the stripe from the lower sleeve and use that on the socks similar to the running star motif on these breezers?
  10. Perhaps we'll see Brett wield his horn while Aaron tends to his G spot. I hope there's a graphics guy at ESPN that was laughing his ass off for pulling this prank.
  11. In the spirit of the Thrashers, it's definitely on the edge. However, I don't think it works. I would like to see them use the 4 feathers as a left shoulder logo though and the C with the Tomahawks on the right. I think the 4 feathers could be a great tertiary logo in many respects.
  12. Shun the non-believer! Shuuuuuuuuuuuuun.
  13. I never would have thought it possible. I'm happy that all the kiddies that get their picture taken with it will have a barrel of brandy at head level.
  14. I would love to see the Husky silhouette on the sleeve. Tt's too good of a logo NOT to use it.
  15. I would go with a single halo that encompasses both the upright of the L and the peak of the A, myself. Also, it seeems like the L is truncated. I would have the horizontal of the L over the A instead of behind and have it terminate on the other side of the left slant.
  16. That's the one where those two Iowa Hawkeye fans decided to ruin their careers/marriages.
  17. And they already have the Miller Lite End Zone Party Deck at Mall of America Field at Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome. There's also the TicketExchange by TicketMaster Touchdown Club at Mall of America Field at Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome.
  18. According to this blog post, the Vikings will be in throwbacks Monday night. Star-Tribune So Favre will be wearing a Packer uni? Falcons, actually. Longwell will be in his Packer uniform. Darren Sharper is coming too, but he's going to wear his Saints gear. Direct your misguided hate at him. I guess the concept of "trade" and "free agency" has finally been realized by the people of Wisconsin. PROTIP: It's here to stay.
  19. I really like the logo on that alt. The black numbers would have to go white but I do like the update.
  20. Joe Louis Arena.... You're kidding me, right? Not at all