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  1. Try cayenne pepper instead. Salt's too generous. And Infrared, I do contribute to the convo....my contribution is not making posts that look, or feel, like blind romanticism with teams outside of Canada. I prefer to look reality right in it's ugly face, and call it out when I think it's being stupid. I'd like a lot more fans out there to not have blinders on when addressing people like Bettman, and the ones who are inside the U.S. NHL clubs. Kissing a** is not the thing anyone should do to them. Kicking it is. And not letting them get off without someone taking them to task when I think they're up to no good(which is constantly). Sad to say, but that's true. =P
  2. You had no business even talking about that piece of crap Pickton anyway. In you talking about him, I wash my hands of it. Because I can see through a lot, and you bringing him up was a rather stupid deflection. I eat deflection for breakfast, for the record. =P
  3. Why? The Cup is not in Montreal's possession, where it should be. I mean, if the Habs are supposed to be hockey's true holy figures, then shouldn't they be like the Prophets, from the TV show 'Star Trek-Deep Space Nine', and BE gods? =P
  4. Then let him preach his own gospel in this topic, GDAWG, and don't be presumptuous enough to preach one for him. And I'm pretty sure he will anyway without your needling of him to do so. =P
  5. Gary's not hurt me, but he has injured Canada's standing in the hockey world, trying to reduce us to a 3rd-tier non-entity. And I don't really like it much when groups or people want to commit slander and character assassination toward Canada. That doesn't really fly with me. So you can call me an a**hole all you want to, but I'm an a**hole for the right reasons, not the wrong. =P
  6. They played their home games in a U.S. city, thereby protecting Bettman's useless a** for another frickin' year, and promoting the idea that Canada should be the U.S.'s hockey slave forever. I'm one who believes in purity, and until any of either Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa, or Montreal win the title again, and on NBC, and shoves Old Glory back up Bettman's crack where it belongs, then I'll back off, even if the U.S. team, who would lose that series 4 games to 0(my preferred result), is made to look stupid on the Peacock Network, in front of the U.S. TV audience. =P
  7. I know who he is. I just don't want to talk about him. In terms of the hockey topic, it's not right for the U.S. to mistreat Canada in any way when it comes to both competitive balance and roster balance. I don't want the U.S. holding any advantage at all over Canada anymore. Period. =P
  8. The only pig I'd farm would be Gary Bettman, seeing as how I'd be more delighted at the sight of him eating from a trough not filled with Canadian money. That he uses against Canada's pro hockey interests every year. =P
  9. If you can Photoshop any U.S. flags out of that pic, Morgo, you'd be doing me a solid. As well as anything that's either black or yellow. Canada would thank you. >;-)
  10. And so the 26th worthless and useless season of the NHL in a row meets it's predictable end....yet another irrelevant U.S. city helps Bettman maintain his iron grip on power in the league. To the fans of the Booins, you continue to have my contempt forever, and that contempt won't be lifted until the Booins throw a Cup Final on purpose to Vancouver, and lose in a 4-0 sweep where the Booins score 0 goals. And then, the year after, purposely lose to Toronto the same way, to give up your unbeaten run against them. To the fans of the Booes, I don't agree with the fact you had to slit Winnipeg's playoff throat to win your championship. You won't get any respect from me until you lose the Campbell Bowl to the Jets, even if it means the Booes purposely lose that series to Winnipeg 4 games to none, with Winnipeg getting 4 shutouts in a row. There's no need for the NHL to be controlled by those without Canadian birth certificates and residency anymore. Mostly due to the fact that the U.S. is going to be forever worthless and useless to the NHL. Because, to me, the U.S. has no genuine soul for hockey. Enjoy those wallets of yours getting fatter and fatter, while living off of Canada's hockey teat, because no team in the U.S. has genuinely earned a d**n thing they've ever gotten. Corrupt, decadent, and rotten to the core. Go drink Bettman's KoolAid all summer long, cause it's only a matter of time before it starts to taste like defecate. >=P
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