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  1. I found a link giving a bit of a preview of how the field at Super Bowl LIII will look. https://theramswire.usatoday.com/2019/01/22/nfl-rams-patriots-super-bowl-field-paint-mercedes-benz-stadium/ I dunno if this belongs here cause I can't seem to find the 'Super Bowl Fields' topic here right now. If it doesn't, I'm hoping that one of the mods or admins to move it to the right one.
  2. I liked the 1986-1992 series of idents the best. And the truth about that logo....it was only blue on white and white on blue in print. In terms of on TV, the logo was actually glass, as in see-through. The logo also changed color in terms of time of day. It was like this. Morning(SignOn-Noon Local)-Rainbow Colors Afternoon(Noon-6PM Local)-Sea Blue However, the 2 above sometimes got reversed, where Sea Blue would be seen in the morning, and Rainbow would be seen in the afternoon. Evening(7PM-10PM Local)-Dark Purple Gradient Background Late Night(10PM-SignOff Local)-Purple On Black Background And a logo that was a one-year-only logo in this series. 1986 Exclusive-Black & Gold(50th Anniversary of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation)
  3. For anyone interested, I made this list just in case anyone here needed some help in finding out what's on where for the rest of the NFL season. I tried to be as complete as possible with this as well. Here it is. https://www.reddit.com/r/nfl/comments/ahsxg3/nfl_championship_season_tv_coverage_list/
  4. Does anyone know when Mercedes-Benz Stadium is going to start being set up for Super Bowl LIII?
  5. Looks like the Yankees may boycott ESPN Sunday Night Baseball because they want to air a game with the Toronto Blue Jays on July 8.(A Jays home date, by the way) 2 problems are.... A] the Yanks would need to fly out of Toronto to play a double dip in Baltimore the next day, and... B] TSN in Canada would not be allowed to air that game at all, because Sportsnet's Jays territory covers all of Canada, and to be honest, short of MLSE buying the Jays and their venue(and renaming it back to SkyDome ;-)), I don't think Rogers wants the Jays on a Bell TV channel ever again. =P
  6. I know that an all-Canada World Series would p**s FOX Sports off...not allowed to air any Americana on their own channel, and having to broadcast sarcastic Canadian culture for a week....and I'd be home laughing at the schadenfreude that they'd have to air to U.S. audiences. XD And SabresRule, just get Ovi loaded with some battery-acid laced stoli....that'll kill his nervous energy real quick. =P
  7. It's called 'hedging one's bets', especially around the playoffs. I wouldn't care which one won, just as long as they could win the playoffs, and use that win to oust Gary from power, and replace the Board of Governors(which to me is corrupt as hell) with a 7 or 9 member tribunal to run the league. So that way, roster equalization happened across the NHL, even if it means someone like Crosby's no longer signed exclusively to Pittsburgh, and is signed to the league instead. > = P
  8. What? I'm not allowed to comment on anyone who thinks it's okay to kiss the rear end of the current NHL administration, and tell them they're funny, when in reality, there's not much funny about the NHL lately? And hasn't been since 1994? I'm just here to represent those who don't think that anything that he thinks is good for the league at all, and to leave Canada's franchises alone, and get those ones back into serious Cup contention before the U.S .teams get that treatment. And, as a fan of all 7 teams here in Canada equally, I don't appreciate being used, disrespected, or crapped on for not wanting anything to do with anything the league wants that doesn't have Canada go first. After seeing nothing but Old Glory forced down my throat for 25 years, I think the taste of it sucks. > = (
  9. Give it to me, so I can take it, a pic of Bettman, an NBC logo, and a U.S. flag so I can burn them all. Garbage in, garbage out. Right? > = P
  10. Yeah....let's just sit by and do nothing for Quebec City...don't let them have any good players when they come back, and railroad the hell out of them for all eternity...nice, fascistic message being sent there, McCarthy. Appropriate name for such a message too, right? I hope that, when they come back, they raid the NHL dry, and poach at least 5 big names out of Vegas, as Vegas' punishment for skipping ahead in line over Quebec. And then Vegas' Cup hopes go down the toilet afterward. > = P
  11. Without actually watching this, I can tell one thing.... It was just their own way of trying to game the system and screw Canada's NHL clubs over. Same old crap from all of the U.S. teams all the time. Ho hum. Same old crap every year from the NHL. Nothing different ever discussed, permitted, or tolerated. > = P
  12. Yeah....because the way the rules are written for everything in the NHL, Canada's 7 clubs(VAN, CGY, EDM, WPG, TOR, OTT, and MTL) are not, at any time, permitted to come out ahead of the ones in the U.S. That's called having the heel driven down into the neck of the teams here, and making sure they don't move, all while having the figurative gun pointed to their heads permanently, and the only thing spoken being 'Wanna see if it's loaded?'. Things would probably be better if the teams in the U.S. couldn't draft players for 5 years, to allow Canada's teams to catch back up. In any event, I offer no congratulations to Vegas at all, and hope that Tampa and Washington murder each other. Because the Stanley Cup Playoffs are a stinking gong show without the teams in Canada being in control over the narrative. > = (
  13. And those who are sympathetic to the Booins still haven't had their butts properly kicked around the moon for 2011 yet. > = P
  14. I guess we know where this is headed....WPG, one of Canada's 7 home clubs in the NHL, loses Game 7 on the road in a U.S. market. Typical. Whiteout ends on Wednesday night. 25 seasons with no Cup Parade down a Canadian city's streets. Same boring pro-U.S. crap as usual. Rules changed by the NHL head office against Canada's clubs as they go along. Screw that. #CANADAFIRST > = P
  15. Hi. During some internet trawling a few hours before I made this post, I ended up finding this below. Edd Kalehoff's 'Knock Wood' sports theme. Some of you may be wondering what it is. Well, it's a song that was the 1991 Labatt Blue Jays Baseball on TSN theme. It was created by Edd Kalehoff, who is also famous for making the 'ABC Monday Night Football(Heavy Stuff) theme, as well as assorted tracks for 'The Price Is Right' game show. For me, this song was Nintendo Hard to find for a LONG time. I actually thought it wasn't even online. But I did, and figured I'd share the link here. Which also makes me wonder what other sports themes you guys here are up there fort the best one ever made? In any event, I consider THIS sports TV theme song itch finally scratched off my body. =)
  16. The only way I see a team here in Canada winning a Cup again is to give the players on U.S. teams injuries so brutal(broken legs/necks, concussions, popped eyeballs) that those players miss about 18 months of action. But let's face facts...as long as Gary keeps writing the big cheques, then the Canadian teams, and their fans, are his personal slaves. It's a better idea to overthrow him out of office, break up the Board of Governors, and never allow the U.S. teams' owners to have any say over the NHL's fate in Canada again, or allow NBC to have any voice over how the schedule is set up anymore. NBC should be subject to what CBC/Rogers wants to dictate, not the other way around. The season should start in September, the weekend after NFL Kickoff, and end no later than May 31. But I guess I'm being a bad little boy for telling the truth, and yelling rat to the type of tyrant Gary is. >=P
  17. I don't want Rogers/CBC airing the Cup Finals in Canada if 2 U.S. teams are involved. To me, that's subliminal advertising of U.S. 'culture' on Canadian TV. In fact, I'd go one further, and say that if 2 U.S. teams make it to the Cup Final, then the whole series is blacked out on Canadian TV and all online streams, even if extreme financial damage to the NHL is the end result. That way, we don't have to watch Gary Buttman use the Canadian flag as toilet paper, to wipe his ass with, and then throw it in the Cup when he's done with it. 24 years of no championship for Canada's franchises. Makes me want to go to the HHOF, with a sledgehammer, and destroy the Cup they have there. The Cup means nothing if it promotes U.S. financial power on Canadian TV...there's a word for that. It's called propaganda. To those here, don't watch the Cup Final, and don't keep giving Gary your TV money. >=(
  18. #GO:censored:YOURSELVESCLEVELAND From every Toronto pro sports fan tired and fed up with your :censored:. > = (
  19. All moves of Canadian franchises to the U.S. All were harmful to Canada's pro sports image. The end. > = (
  20. I've come up with a few simple ideas for re-alignment for the NHL, to keep things fair for teams in the U.S. and Canada. 1st, I wouldn't have the NHL expand to 32 teams without Quebec City in the equation. If QUE can't get in, then Las Vegas waits too. No preferential treatment can be given to Vegas ahead of Quebec. My alignment for the teams, with 4 divisions, goes like this. 4-DIVISION ALIGNMENT Eastern Conference Division 1 Quebec Nordiques Montreal Canadiens Boston Bruins New York Islanders New York Rangers New Jersey Devils Philadelphia Flyers Washington Capitals Division 2 Ottawa Senators Toronto Maple Leafs Carolina Hurricanes Florida Panthers Buffalo Sabres Pittsburgh Penguins Tampa Bay Lightning Columbus Blue Jackets Western Conference Division 3 Winnipeg Jets Edmonton Oilers Detroit Red Wings Nashville Predators Chicago Blackhawks St. Louis Blues Minnesota Wild Dallas Stars Division 4 Calgary Flames Vancouver Canucks Colorado Avalanche Arizona Coyotes Las Vegas Anaheim Ducks Los Angeles Kings San Jose Sharks In this format, to make the playoffs, I'd qualify teams based on division, where you'd need to finish in the Top 4 within to make the playoffs. No wild-cards or crossovers. The 1st Round would return to the Division Semi-Final format used up to 1992-93, with Round 2 being the Division Final round. The matchups would be 1V4 and 2V3 in the DSF round. Now, if there were to be 8 divisions, I'd place the teams like this. 8-DIVISION ALIGNMENT Eastern Conference Division 1 Quebec Nordiques Boston Bruins New York Islanders New York Rangers Division 2 Montreal Canadiens New Jersey Devils Philadelphia Flyers Washington Capitals Division 3 Ottawa Senators Carolina Hurricanes Florida Panthers Buffalo Sabres Division 4 Toronto Maple Leafs Pittsburgh Penguins Tampa Bay Lightning Columbus Blue Jackets Western Conference Division 5 Winnipeg Jets Detroit Red Wings Nashville Predators Chicago Blackhawks Division 6 Edmonton Oilers St. Louis Blues Minnesota Wild Dallas Stars Division 7 Calgary Flames Colorado Avalanche Arizona Coyotes Las Vegas Division 8 Vancouver Canucks Anaheim Ducks Los Angeles Kings San Jose Sharks In this format, to make the playoffs, you must finish in 1st or 2nd place in your division. There are no divisional crossovers. The 1st round is the Division Final round, with Round 2 being the Conf. Semi Final round. In the CSF round, I'd have the team from the best division in the conference play the team from the worst division, and the other 2 would play each other. The best division would be the one who's 2 teams, with their reg. season points totals added up, would give it the rank of 1st place division(i.e. From Div. 7, Calgary gets 119 points, and Arizona got 100 points, both teams got 219 points, while the 2 teams from Div. 5 got 174, Div. 6 got 185, and Div. 8 got 192). In the brackets, it'd mean the winner of Div. 7 would play winner of Div. 5 in the CSF, while the Div. 6 winner would play the Div. 8 winner. To accommodate the 8-division format, in order to cut down on travel lag and costs, I'd END all play between each conference in the regular season, meaning the Canucks would not play the Canadiens in the reg. season anymore. To help keep the TOR-DET rivalry alive as best possible, I would have Detroit and Columbus switch conferences each season, meaning the Leafs and Wings would play each other in the reg. season every other year. This would mean that the Prince Of Wales Trophy and Clarence Campbell Bowl would have their significance rise greatly, and I'd also have the Eastern and Western Conference winners hoist those trophies, to celebrate the fact that they were the 'Beasts of the East/Best In The West', and to have those conference titles mean as much as the ones from the NFL do to their winners. If both teams hoist those trophies, THERE IS NO CUP FINAL HEX/CURSE! The Stanley Cup Championship Final series would see both teams flying blind against each other, with no current season past to speak of weighing them down. My preference would be the 8-division format. I'd also suggest that the rosters for every team in the NHL be re-distributed as well, to provide for proper roster balance through the whole league. Each team would have a player that would be as good as the others in their respective roster positions league-wide. It would mean that the playoff races post-trade deadline would be as even as possible. It would help to address an issue that the teams in Canada can't make any decent playoff runs that are seen as deliberate. Most of the playoff runs that Canadian teams have made since 1994 have probably been seen as accidents that weren't supposed to exist. Sorry this was so long, but I needed to explain this in detail.
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