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  1. Like make the shield a different shape than a square
  2. It pretty good Only thing I dislike is that the league logo is a bit to simple
  3. I like it only thing I found weird is the nameplate
  4. Umm I think somebody stole somebody super bowl logo from this site
  5. Well these jerseys are better with the gray facemask helmet than the yellow ones
  6. For two reasons. One, to copy the mets mosts hated alt. Two, 4 letters BFBS
  7. Hi, I've been a long time lurker up here(2 years) and I decided to post some concepts! My hometown is Portsmouth, Virginia. Home to some famous people like LaShawn Meritt and Missy Elliott. I like to post all 3 of the high schools going from furthest to me to closet. First school is Woodrow Wilson High School Presidents! I used Under Armour's create a uniform for all of them! The home uni is blue with orange and white accents.The font is ment to look presidential on all 4 unis. The away is white with blue and orange accents. The orange alt has white with blue and orange accents. The homecoming alt might remind you of the black Mets alt that I know some of hate! But I think this looks good on Friday night on homecoming! I decided to put no outline on the numbers because I think that will clutter the look! The pants are interchangeable with the white, orange, and blue looks BTW thanks for looking! mockup (1).pdf mockup (2).pdf mockup (3).pdf mockup.pdf
  8. How bout my school Our name are the presidents
  9. Sorry bout that post right there my phone was being retarded The battle at bristol uni match up is looking good to me
  10. This looks good u can clearly tell its still USC